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Monday, March 27, 2006

What Chu Know about that..........

The weekend was pretty chill, watched the game on Friday night at KK's house....and I noticed that his breath is a bit tart.....ewwww, talk about smelling like crap (Tash said I was being mean)..I mean at first I thought it was my breath bouncing off his skin but noooo, he was a lil too close to my nose and I concluded that it was needlesstosay he won't be talking to me in close rang no more...I hate when people who have bad breath for no reason want to be all up in your face...I mean having bad breath for a reason (food, smoking which by the way I don't do lol I was talking about other people, etc) is just as bad but dang... dog is the craziest thing. He will roll around on the floor on his back just so you play with him, but I had to lay his tail out cause he wanted to pee on my carpet and he knew he was wrong cause he ran as soon as he saw I was looking at him. I usually take him out every 5 hours or so and he pretty much holds it till I take him out, but we had a couple of accidents this weekend. He's a big baby I know that much lol...whining everytime I leave him in his lil exercise pin..but like a baby I let him whine and then he goes to sleep.

Hmm what else ohh yea........those PATRIOTS are in the FINAL FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To say that my heart was pounding was an understatement. I mean I couldn't even eat all my food while I was watching the game...every time UConn scored so did we and visa I mean back and forth back and forth. It was killin me. Then it was down to 7.9 seconds and we were up and they scored putting the game into OT.....pure insanity!!!! We won, be it by 2 points but the fact still remains that we won!!!! In the words of a UConn player...."They played better ball...point blank".....and that's enough for me (smile) It feels so good being a PATRIOT!!!!!

The bosses are out this week on client I'll be getting a much needed break from all that OT I've been doing. Back to the norm of leaving at 5:30pm, that will feel sooo good. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

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I was pulling for GMU--always go for the underdogs.

March 27, 2006  

What chu know about that............I know all about that!!!!!

Tart breath yuck!!!!!

I will be glad when March madness is OVER!!!! Don't y'all throw stuff at me!!!!! I live with 2 basketball FANATICS!!!! They try and dominate the big screen in the living room and it's a constant battle over the t.v.s then I hate having their lil funky behinds all spread out over my bed...they hate watching in their OWN room cause well they are 2 teenage boys so you know what THEIR room looks like!!!!!

March 27, 2006  

im routing for GM, and then my follow-up team is LSU.. but i have faith in GM b/c this is the year of the upset!! i said that back when duke lost to GT.. GREAT stuff!

March 27, 2006  

ohh tart breath -- that is a rough one right there.

March 27, 2006  

I am so mad at your Patriots right now. They completely messed up my brackets. But now that they are in the Final 4, I'm gonna root for the Cinderella team.

March 27, 2006  

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww @ his breath

ewwwwwwwwwwwwww that you smoke! Your too pretty to smoke! Go get a patch or something! LOL

March 27, 2006  

I love that song, go to my site you'll see....

Heeeey, O!!

March 27, 2006  

i couldn't pull for gmu cuz they beat my tar heels. i'm still debating on whether or not to pull for da bastids.

March 27, 2006  

I don't know how you just sat there silent. I would have passed him a few breath mints!

March 27, 2006  

I was on the edge of my seat for the entire second half of the game. I was so happy that GMU won. They are going to give Florida a good game next weekend.

BTW, I don't know how far you are from Baltimore, but i am trying to plan something for the third weekend in May. Let me know if that's doable for you.

March 27, 2006  


Now that I have that outta the way... You could not pay me enough to believe GMU would make it to the Final Four.

March 27, 2006  

Tart breath...a big no no!

I'm glad you are getting a break from working late!

March 28, 2006  

BC is gone :(

March 28, 2006  

@lady..I don't smoke what gave you that impression..I hate smoke...I meant him LOL....everyone is saying that GMU messed up their brackets, that's what happens when you dont expect the unexpected LOL.....what chu know about that cause I know ALLL about that!!!!

March 28, 2006  

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