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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Why am I sick and tired of being sick and tired?

What am I going to do about it?

What the heck would you send me an email when you know you've messed up?

I'm trying to get over you, not dwell on you....

I am so ready to go home it's not even funny

Am I gonna see nurse dude this weekend (he is a cutie)

You didn't even tell me you were leaving to go out to sea, how inconsiderate

Am I really done this time

Why do I feel like crying

Does he think about me like I try not to think about him

How come people are so complicated

Why the heck does this lady in my office put herself into every conversation around her....and why does she eat so much butter...ewwww

I should go hear my mommie preach on Sunday but gas is high..and it's almost 3 hours away

My roomie is really stuck on her stupid boyfriend

I don't like him..he made my dog cry (well whimper)

Don't email me tryin to be nice now..the damage has been freakin loser

I can't believe this crap..........

Sometimes friends can be so annoying

I need to buy my nephew and god daughter some summer clothes

I'm full, I don't think I can eat dinner tonight

I need to buy Gizmo a new cage because sooner or later he is going to figure out how to jump over the door.

I try not to over analyze but I can't help it, it's who I am

Can't wait till my hair gets longer then again these lil curles are jazzy (smile)

I can't wait to go to Myrtle Beach

Should I buy a bathing suit for my mini vacation, I already have like 4 more wouldn't hurt plus I should buy a new one every year

I don't need anymore shoes...for real this time

What am I going to do this weekend

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Wow! You look very pretty on your pic. And you’ve got a cute pup to!

I don’t know what some people have to be so complicated or why some people are just so damn selfish!

Yes, what are you going to do this weekend? I hope something fun, something to take your mind off of things. You deserve it!

April 27, 2006  

Just relax and relieve your ka
And Gizmo is the cutest dog i ever saw
But back to that, just take it slow
Life is such a beautiful experience
just let things flow
Remember miss libra we rein supreme
We'll balance out, its a Libra thing
So keep on smiling and maybe give mister nurse a chance
Or you'll never know what could have happened with this romance

April 27, 2006  

I like the top pic! Don't buy another swimsuit unless the other four don't look right no more! STAY AWAY FROM THE SHOE DEPT!!! You can't use that money to buy the dog a nice comfy cage!

April 28, 2006  

"n" search...aww thanks I was kinda like hmm this pic is ok then again I don't know, that my baby....yea selfish people are starting to irritate the heck out of far I have plans to go sightseeing in DC on Sat with nurse guy so we shall see

nigue....I'm trying...thank you, he is a hyper lil thing LOL....sometimes life really is all about a balancing act..we'll see I'm beginning to get picky now (with nurse guy) though and I know that's not good especially since it's soo early I don't know why I do that

ladynay.....ok, ok I'll try not to buy another one I can't make promises (biting nails) but I will buy Giz a new cage before I buy more shoes LOL..that I can do

April 28, 2006  

plans for the weekend: how bout you party and bullshit....gizmo is a cutie.....but my snowball is the cutest, lol......jump over door??????are you refering to one of those child gates you put in the door way....after a while he wont try to jump over it, he'll get used to the concept that he's supposed to be in there....another thing you could do is place a chair in front of it....even if he can jump over the gate he will never make it over the chair....but cages do come in handy....

April 28, 2006  

no1special..we shall see it's like an exercise pen well at least that's what they call it at the pet store LOL....right now he just hops up like he wants to jump over it..I've thought about gettin a child gate might do that for when I'm downstairs and want him down there too...

April 28, 2006  

I don't like him..he made my dog cry (well whimper)
oh hell naw.

I don't need anymore shoes...for real this time
oh hell naw.

April 28, 2006  

Cute pics!

I am feeling you on this one!

"I don't need anymore shoes...for real this time."

April 28, 2006  

hey justctake one day at a time and live your faith in yourself

April 28, 2006  

just enjoy it!!

April 28, 2006  

Enjoy yourself this weekend and leave your worries behind.

April 28, 2006  

I am soooo rooting for nurse dude!!! not just cause we share the same profession......but cause he makes you smile!!!!! i can see you smile as you type!!

Have a great weekend!!!!

April 28, 2006  

If people weren't complicated I think we'd get bored. LOL. Take it all one day at a time. Remember life is too short to stress out so much.

Enjoy your weekend !!!!

April 28, 2006  

I love the pic. I could relate to so much of your post. It wasn't even funny. Good luck with everything.

April 28, 2006  

i read all of that... and all i could come up w/ was - your dog is soooo freaking cute!

April 28, 2006  

Why is you hair so long. Congrats on the hair Hope all is well.

April 28, 2006  

you're GAWGEOUS sista!

nurse boy deserves a little libra time. hook him up. LOL

oh, and i DAMN SURE agree with you about the friends being annoying. i got an entire lecture on "i told you so" from my best girlfriend today. i wanted to just tell her to shut the fuck up.

why do people feel the need to say "i told you so?" i have a decent memory! i remember when you said it, damnit!

April 28, 2006  

Aww ya'll just made me feel sooo special I've had a horrible day will fill in later but I'm determined not to let it ruin my weekend so I will deal with it when I deal with the rest of reality...on monday LOL

April 28, 2006  

Nice pic I love the hair. Sounds like you got a lot going on. It's ok to cry and if you're trying not to think about him you'll only think about him more. Go out girl!! and Have a good weeked.

Thanks for stopping by my spot.

April 29, 2006  

Hope your weekend is great. Hang in there with getting over "them" its a process and you seem to be on the right track.

April 29, 2006  

Look at you gurl. I remember when you first started bloggin'. Seems like just yesterday. I was one of, if not the first, to comment on your blog. Now look atcha. You got your own lil blog universe. ;o)

You go Libra Gurl.


April 30, 2006  

I know serial isn't it funny and you were one of the first to comment on my blog and you were one of the first blogs that I made a weekly where is your blog by the way I don't see a link to it....please don't tell me you've left....

April 30, 2006  

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