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Monday, April 03, 2006


....ok, ok for all you people that will leave comments in my section about Mason can kick rocks or go play in rush hour traffic lol...I could care less that we lost..granted campus was sooo off the chain that if we won people might have rioted lol. Mason students have always had school spirit but this weekend was madness, insanity I tell you pure insanity. So anyway I said weeks ago that even if we didn't make it past the Final Four..I was proud of them cause no one thought we would even make it there....and even though "the clock struck midnight", we wore the shoe well while we had it they can use what they learned this season going into next years and others who don't know us know us now and they won't underestimate the underdog again (smile) now enough on that.

Friday: Got off work kinda early and went home and walked Giz. Met one of the girls and we hit up the shoe store cause we were going out later that night. Met up with the roomie after that and went home to get changed up. Headed into DC to go to a bday party at Ozio. Man that place is packed and it's a nice Friday spot to go to, my roomies boss owns that spot and even though he wasn't there we didn't have to pay (and I think there was a cover) we just walked in the door and went upstairs. Man I had this Ole Blue Eyes martini..that thing was good!!!! That's gonna be my drink of choice when I go there. I had a glass of wine and some sips of my girls drinks (we tend to do that lol). So we partied and chilled out, it got hot in there so hot that my girl got overheated and we ended up leaving to go to another party that we got invited to at the EyeBar.....that's another hot spot that I recommend on a Friday night. The crowd was mostly asian and white and there were a few sprinkles of pepper (lol)..but in the words of my roomie...I didn't know those people had rhythm lol....needlesstosay we had some shooters in there and I had a vodka and red bull so I was a lil nice..not drunk but nice. Got a free Hyptoniq tank top and a lil drink book....I'm def gonna have to try some of them. After all that we ended up going to this diner down the street from home and ate and had a slumber party in the living room. Somewhere between all that I got hoarse.

Saturday: Didn't really get going till about 1 or so lol that's cause we were all knocked out. But I got up early to walk Giz and let him out his lil he was roaming around while we were sleep and a couple of times he decided to wake me up by licking my face...ewww nasty!! I dont' generally let him do that to me lol....he licks his balls I mean gross lol..but that's my baby and he's soo cute lol. We got dressed and I ran to the mall to find a shirt to wear when we went out later to H2O. Got home and me and the roomie met up with friends to watch the game....ended up at Buffalo Wing that place was packed beyond packed and we went to campus and watched the game in the cinema. I was soo hype that even though I was sad that we lost I was sooo proud of them for allowing the nation to recognize who we were and that we are the largest public university in VA.....admissions is gonna have a ball come Fall (LOL) after we bowed out, the roomie and Tash headed to H2O. I had 2 Tom Collins (emm so good), a cosmo and some Zombie. So yea good thing I didn't have to drive cause I was so nice I had to get up and dance so I didn't fall asleep when a song came on that I didn't like. I knew I was nice when I noticed that I was dancing more than my roomie. She was like dang are crazy and we saw this girl who looked like she took her table cloth off to make a two piece was too funny. I burned off some calories that night. Saw someone I use to talk to and caught up with them, which was nice..tried to remember why we stopped talking lol...isn't it funny how you do that. Stop talking to someone then see them later and wonder why you don't talk to them anymore..hmmm.....anywho. So yea got some dancing in and some drinking in and as my friend would call it pimpin in lol...I'm not a pimp trust me, far from it. Met this guy nurse he was a cutie..said I had exotic hair lol....I was like umm ok, great. Talking about I hope I get to know you long enough to see it grow longer....kept saying how my lips look soft and all that jazz. Come to find out he lived in Hpt for the last 5 years and his uncle actually lives like down the street from me..he just moved to MD in Oct...what a small world.

Sunday: Was knocked out, played around with Giz. Talked on the phone to the nurse dude. Sidenote: Aight so I know what I said about how I feel about Constant...however at this present moment I created this blog to be honest about how I deal with I don't care what you think or say about me (lol) is what it is. Come to find out we have lots in common. He was in the military..the navy to be exact and yes..I told him about it's not like I was hiding anything. He asked me if I thought Constant was cheating and I said if he was then he is doing a good job of it and what not. He said that he knows first had how those things go and all that. We just had a nice conversation and he ended up coming to chill with me and roomie....played with Giz and walked with me while I walked him. Talked about him being a nurse, interesting and how we both deal with the opposite sex. It was really nice we watched the Flava of Love reunion..too funny. He left since he had to be up early and gave me a kiss good night on the I feel Constant and I had have conversations about what's really going on with us and I told him that his idea of a relationship isn't once again we're back to square one....just when I think we're past it, he puts us right back there. And I can do bad all by great. I love him dearly but I'm too old to be tryin to play them high school games where I have to ask if we are together or not or I have to think if we are together. I guess he got mad after the email responses I sent him...he acting like nothing is wrong talking about when he comes to visit it's so late that all we can do is sleep...umm boo you come late cause you want to. You dont' have to see every single one of your boys when you come until he makes time for me....I'll be chilling.

I bought T.I.'s Cd..and I must say that yes I'm feeling it, listening to it now. I think one of my favorites would have to be of course # 6 (Ride with me) and #8 (Why you wanna). So as you can see my weekend was pretty eventful...what about you? Then again guess I can just stop by your blogs to find out lol.

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You had a lot going on...

My weekend was cool.

As far as the nurse dude goes...a girls' gotta do what a girl gotta do! Have fun!

April 03, 2006  

yea I wrote about the early part of my So check me out.

But I always have to give thumbs up to girls who don't drink girl drinks. So two points for you, Honey.

April 03, 2006  

@luvin me..yea I did what can I say a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do

@stilt...umm wow. I was just talkin to my girls about some white boys LOL

April 03, 2006  

cut my hair off, see blog

glad your weekend was a good one

April 03, 2006  

i was sooo upset the lost.. then after that.. i was sooo upset that LSU lost.. i just knew this was the year of the underdog! well.. now im rooting for FL.. we'll see!

April 03, 2006  

I love TI new CD as well....

April 03, 2006  

Glad your weekend was good!! I had a ball met a few bloggers and did it real big!!!!!

gotta get the new T.I. but I will have 2 hide my shit you know I have 2 teenagers............what?~?~ mommas listen 2 rap 2!!!!

have a great week gurly!!!

April 03, 2006 you are too funny...let me find out you doing big things.

April 04, 2006  

iM MAD i DONT HAVE MY CAR TO LISTEN TO THE NEW TI..i LUV HIM.....I wish i could sip on drinks but everytime I get to the bar I always forget the names so I end up getting the same thing..a Long Island...

April 04, 2006  

I'm tagging you

The rules are
1. Who ever I tag has to come up with 10 different points of their perfect lover
2. Mention the gender of target
3. The person tagged has to tag 8 people and leave them a comment letting them know they have
been tagged.

April 04, 2006  

Hey Honey!

Yes, I heard that T.I.'s CD was good. I have not heard it yet though.

I posted the HAMs on Monday. Check 'em out when you get a chance.

April 04, 2006  

I am mad you said go play in traffic! hahah! I copped that new TI, I'm lovin' it! Thanks for stopping by my blog before. Don't be a stranger!

April 10, 2006  

Miss Honey-

Please post a pic of the dog (if you haven't already)
and umm... I'mma need you to blog soon! :)

April 21, 2006  

Excellent, love it! » »

February 06, 2007  

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