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Sunday, April 30, 2006

What a relief...

....the weekend can be. After all that drama with Constant via email....him saying that since he had a lot on his plate since in June he is leaving for 6 months he felt he should get himself in the mindset so that I could find someone else and then he said that we could still be friends and chill if you think that means that gives you a free pass to us being butt buddies you have another thought coming, but I wasn't going to let that deter me from having a wonderful weekend.

Aight so after getting off work, I hung out with one of the girls and we shopped a lil, ordered some Chinese food and just caught up in general. I talk to her everyday on IM but we don't get to see each other too often face to face with all the diff work schedule's that we have and the other things going on. It was nice catching up with her and just chilling..... up and went to PetCo to get Giz a new collar since he decided to bite through his other one I also decided to try and see how he would do on canned dog food so we'll be testing that out and see how that goes. I got a retractable leash so I don't have to keep wrapping it around my hand cutting off my dang on circulation while he drags me through the neighborhood. I then proceeded to go where all blacks go for their electronic needs (my friends words not mine, lol) Best Buy and I now have a new toy...a Gateway Laptop (I also got two new cd's..Avants Director CD and Goapele's latest CD and both are actually pretty good). I had one before but I got it my freshmen year of college and it was just for me to do homework on and a graduation needlesstosay it's served its purpose and it was time for me to get a new one. Yes it was an investment and my last big purchase of the year but sometimes you have to do something for yourself.

(That's me in the car)

The roomie and I were bored so we decided that we would hit up H2O that night since it was suppose to the New Edition concert after party and the album release party for Ralph. I love when it's nice in DC cause people come out and they are dressed...well some of them. Now why would you let your friend go out looking a mess when you look somewhat presentable....people wearing jeans with no belt loops and their belly hanging over doesn't make sense...that is not CUTE!!! I mean I saw so many people looking aight and then you look at their friend and you be like dang, did you let your friend come out looking a mess cause you wanted all the attention. Tell me why we were standing in line and this homeless man comes up with a boombox and starts gettin it. I mean he was droppin it like it was on fire, dippin it low and pickin it up real slow....people were giving him money...not me, I ain't given no money to no male dance unless some clothes are coming off.....LOL. Then again in his case I don't think I would have wanted anything to come off.

So we get there thinking that we have to pay and we didn't, which meant that we could get some extra drink lol and on top of that wine was free till like 11 which was great cause you know wine creeps up on ya. There was so many people there. So I had a couple of glasses of wine and a Tom Collins along with a sip of something called a Whiskey Sour which was actually pretty good. So yea by the end of the night I was feeling real nice not drunk and not too not drunk.

Now tell me why we go into the room that I call the ugly room, it's the room that is in the front of the club and the last room of the club if you start off in the reggae room. I only call it the ugly room cause near the end of the night it seems that there are so many unattractive people in that room and for some odd reason it seems a lot more darker than the other rooms (yea I know the whole club is dark LOL) and overly obese people tend to be in there and I'm a thick sista but I get scared when I'm around that many people and half of them are big nasty and I don't mean big and cute like Monique or Shaq build I'm talking bout wearing a smedium shirt and you wear a 5XX. Come on now, I've dated a big dude and you can be big and confident without looking crazy, anyway needlesstosay being in that room makes me feel like I'm in the bank on the 1st or at the commissary on the 15th of the month...people are everywhere. But anyway roomie wanted to go in there and I was like nooo I don't wanna go in the ugly room and she starts laughing but guess who I see looking all delicious in a button down with a brown sweater on, nurse dude (he is a cutie, lol)....I had sent him a message earlier and he said he didn't get it...I ain't sweating it, it is what it is. He paid me a compliment (I had on some black gauchos, with a black shirt that was somewhat cut up in the front and silver accessories) and I paid him a couple (man those lips can kill lol) We said what up and he introduced me and the roomie to his friends and we went on about our way, but of course that wasn't the last time that I would see him. I heard Bobby was aight performing, he sang Tenderoni, and the whole crowd was hype..I was looking for wiggie(whitney) but I gues she let him perform and travel alone this time. So anyway me and roomie chilling, drinking and dancing and we see the roomies ex boyfriends friends. Now I had a lil crush on the roomies boyfriends' boy named B, but he was lil and when I have heels on I'm taller than him, however this wasn't reciprocated so I moved on. Tell me why last night he was all up on me and asking me if I was gonna dance with him or I gave him a lil taste and kept it moving. Then they played a sequence of slow jams and guess who I danced with through all of them.....nurse dude and he brought me flowers. Man he was killing in with his button down shirt and sweater and matching shoes, I love a man that can dress nice, it's so atractive.

EDIT: He later told me that while we were dancing dudes was looking at us, so he kept grabbin my butt to give them something to look at. Talking about yea that's mine..I was like umm not for real. I then told him that roomie saw some ugly chic trying to talk to him I told him and he was like what do I care, my baby was there. I was like boo you ain't gotta say that to get cool points and he said he wasn't.....personally he already has enough but I'm not gonna tell him that (then again he might already know). He kept telling me how cute I looked and how he loves my smile and he missed me (before that night we hadn't seen one another for our normal date it's been about a week and some change) I told him that I had fun, asked him if he had fun and how he kept saying dudes were tryin to push up on me and roomie (we didn't know we were just drinking and dancing lol)

Him and his boy were suppose to come over and hang after that but me and the roomie grabbed some food from the diner down the street..a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich can be the best thing at 3am. And him and his boy went home and was knocked out....why his boy had on some Prada shoes talking about his feet hurt, I was cracking up. I've never really heard a guy say his feet hurt. I tell ya it's funny how we kill ourselves lookin fly LOL My feet were killing even my toenails were hurting, of course they feel better now lol

Anyway.....yes he came over on Sunday. We played with the dog, watched some basketball, and in the words of one of my favorite bloggers (a diva in scrubs) we had grown up naked fun LOL.....and let me just say that the brother was WONDERFUL with all CAPS!!!! Man....that's all I can say about that right now, but just know that a sista was knocked out after he left. After that was over we took a bath together (he even washed my back, and played in my hair awww), and just talked about stuff and then I cooked dinner, we have plans to hang out later this week cause he wants to hook my roomie up with his roomie (sad but I hate when dudes do that lol, but roomie thinks his roomie is cute and I'm staying out of it) and if not he will be here on Sunday for the roomies (24th) bday cookout. I'm really diggin him and I've told him not that I'm really digging him, but just that I'm digging him and how we both hoped we could spend more time together, he agreed we shall see what occurs.

On a side note me and the roomie tried to cut Giz's toenails..why this sucka's nail starting bleeding it scared me so bad and scared him that he peed like 3 times like it won't nothing, poor lil baby I couldn't even be mad it was traumatic LOL. Man I will have to take him to a groomer to make sure that it's cut right and plus his hair is getting long, he is just fine now, I think he was just a lil shook up.

How was your weekend..then again I'll probably be stopping by to read them...have a wonderful monday!!!!

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My weekend was NOTHING like yours. I had heard that H2O was closed. Or maybe that was Dream. One of them dang clubs. My friends at home be telling stories! LOL

Glad you got "nursed" up! We all need it from time to time. :-D

May 01, 2006  

Goodbye Contstant...Hello Nurse Dude!

It's nothing like good luvin on the weekend(or any day for that matter)!

I'm glad you had a good weekend!

May 01, 2006  

ladynay..yea Dream is now LOVE, which is somewhat diff looking but not too diff that it looks like a totally new place.

luvinme....girl it was great!!! The luvin and the weekend LOL

May 01, 2006  

Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend.... well anything envolving "grown up naked fun" is always good

May 01, 2006  

LOL.. i saw the homeless dude before a few years ago.. he was outside of Platinum rocking.. and then he started doing comedy! had us cracking up before we went inside..

May 01, 2006  

I'm not a club person but I had so much fun when I went club hopping in DC last year. Way too much liquor consumed.

Grown up nakid fun, huh??? LOL.

For some reason I've been on this Bobby Brown kick. I love him! And Tenderoni is my JAM!

May 01, 2006  

Erase, Replace, Embrace, New Face. Oh yeah! Sounds like your weekend was very good.

May 01, 2006  

OK i'm so mad we were in the same the concert, me and bree headed to H20....we caught bobby b and ralph trasvant on stage @ h20..(as if i aint get enough of them at the concert).then raheem devaugh performed....

May 01, 2006  

nurse dude sounds DELICIOUS. i'm a sucka for a brotha with some nice thick lips!

i'm with luvin me...GOODBYE CONSTANT. in fact, you should change his name to INCONSISTENT cuz he ain't know what the hell he want.

roommate with roommate? *shudders*

it's cute for a minute, then when one of the couple breaks up, it gets awkward, especially if one of them got dogged out by the other.

i'm glad you had a great weekend! mine was pretty cool, too.

May 01, 2006  

I know about the UGLY room..but I'd say the reggae room was that......I always have fun when Im there......

May 01, 2006  

msnhim....yep let's just say I had a smile on my lips LOL he was killin em, I was like get it then when we left the club he was still playin his lil after party to the after party LOL I don't really drink too much anymore when I go out but I had loads of fun

mizz jj...girl you know I diss em and dismiss em LOL

no1...what you mean I missed an opportunity to meet a fellow blogger...I am heated LOL we could have laughed at the homeless man together and the horribly dressed people.

nikki...girl he is too delicious. Those lips (hold on....ok) emm and the way he kissed...ok let me stop for real LOL..yea he is officially my focus right now LOL

msnew....what kills me is you get madd attention in the ugly room and in the reggae room for that matter you are correct they sometimes can be viewed as the same LOL

May 01, 2006  

yep damn shame we missed each other....i always stay in the wkys room when im there....we wanted so bad to go to vip, but them biotches wanted $500....da hell....

man you should of seen this broad in this stripped red and green skirt, looking like it came from the 1980s....and these girls were killing me, they were basically dry humping these guys on the coach i was so disgusted....but i did take a pic

May 01, 2006  

no1....yea that's where I am most of the time....we will def have to compare schedules next time LOL so we can laugh together....umm she sounds a hot mess....dry humpin...ewwww!! Only HS kids do that, I mean if that's the only way you can cop a feel then you need some help...I take pics of people that look a hot mess when I'm out and about I just hope one of them doesn't jump me LOL....

May 01, 2006  

me and lil' sarccastik watch the nfl draft....ronnie devoe is here in the "a" in real estate...get yo' paper homie...

May 01, 2006  

By the time I gotto th end of this I see why you are so relieved! LOL! Glad you had fun girl! LOL @ the ugly room. I hate going to H2O on sat, there are just too many people.

May 01, 2006  

sarccastik..aww that's fun that you got to watch that with baby girl she probably understood more of what was going on than I did LOL

cool ac....girl it was too many people in that ugly room, we got there somewhat early so I got me a lil seat and got my drink on till I was ready to dance it out of my system LOL

May 01, 2006  

Girl... thanks for stopping by my page and showing some VA love.

I LOVE the way you've set up your blog and it is so easy to read. I see what you are saying with your boy Constant... LOL.

I like what you're saying about Nurse Dude, he sounds like a temporary prospect!! :-)

May 01, 2006  

do the damn thing Honey!

My weekend was cool. good drinks, good food, good company. Can't go wrong with that.

May 01, 2006  

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