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Monday, June 19, 2006

Big Sister

As you can see from various posts no matter how I think my life is somewhat drama free it always seems to follow me. A few of you have called it "As Honey Turns" lol, cute but let's hope I get a handle on this thing before I go insane.

This past weekend was of course spent with the family in Hampton. My nephew wasn't there because he was in Richmond with his Dad (loosely used). So no new pics and no new phrases to share. I never realize how much I miss all of them till I'm around them and have to leave and drive the dreaded 3 hours back home with the music blasting haha. My mom got in my car the other day to take my sis to work and was like girl that loud music almost scared me to death (I have to have it loud or I will go to sleep, plus I was listening to Mary, Mary..I love their latest CD).

So anywhoooo...thurs night we went out for one of my girls bday (she turned 24 on fri but we were all going out of town so we partied a night early). We had dinner at Cafe Asia in Arlington and then drinks at this club called Home in DC, which is 18 and over on Thurs night but open bar till 11 sooo needlesstosay we were a lil nice....the thing is there were only 2 bartenders at the VIP room upstairs which is where the 21 and over crowd is and you can only get one drink at a time so no ordering your drink and your friends as he was making drinks he was running them on the screen too I saw about $500 worth of drinks before I left to sit down. While partying and dancing or should I say shoulder leaning I get a call that some dude beat my lil sis up. To make a long story short of course I was hysterical...I mean that's my lil sis and no matter how lunaticy (is that a word) she is I love her all the same. I was ready to go down to Hpt and woop his tail Madea style. Don't nobody lay hands on the fam....he was about to see a side of me that he would never wanna see again. My other sister's boyfriend was there and my girls grandparents went to go and check and make sure things were cool and this guy that I call a lil brother went down there and handled it so things were cool.

However that Sat night she was right back over at his house talking about his sister in law took her to the movies...I was like girl what if he was over there, you could have gotten beat up again I know she was lyin I could tell but hey you can't help someone that don't want to be helped so I said forget it do what you want but buy some dang on Mace or learn some kickboxing or something cause the way you going it might be worse next time. I tell ya she is a glutton for punishment but as stated she's my sister and I love her regardless of the drama that she is forever causing.

Went to my lil godsisters graduation party/dinner. She is going to VCU in the fall I can't believe she is all grown up..I remember when she was just a lil thing..then again I remember when I was just a lil thing ahah....time passes by so fast I told someone this weekend that I think I will fee offficially old when I have my first child haha cause even when Ja-Ja goes to school I won't feel too old cause he's not mine haha, although my mom has told me more than once that he could be my son I said that must come from the old wives tale that if you pester someone while they are pregnant the child will come out lookin like you. I was always in my sisters face or tellin her to put the phone up to her belly so I could "talk" to him. That's my baby though can't wait to see him next time I go home.

Another phrase this weekend was oh my goodness you look so different. You've slimmed down....which is a good thing, I'm using that as my motivation. I've changed my goal and decided that I want to lose 40 more pds which will put me at a healthy BMI and will bring my total lost to 65 pds which is pretty darn good if I make it happen. So I have till the end of this year and the way things are progressing I should be able to do it if not by the end of the year by new years. I'm going to start walking and jogging more beginning this week so that should help along this whole weight lost thing. However when I heard that I looked diff I was like wow was I obese before haha I told my mom and she said no it's just that you look diff plus your hair is I take it all in stride and as motivation that I am in fact losing weight which is a good thing cause I do get a lil let down at times.

Me and the roomie found a townhouse we're hoping to find out if we got it sometime next week. It's right down the street from where we are now so moving shouldn't take too long, but you know how that goes..moving is always horrible no matter how you slice it. The other roomie supposedly found a place with her boo also down the street...great. I'm still a lil salty about that but it's her life she can do what she wants I've stopped caring. Just tired of hearing her talk wish I could tell her to shut the hell up.....only 2 more months of this and no more!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!! I'm not a bad friend it's just that a friendship isn't one sided and that's how it's been since she's met's so bad that I don't even want her to go to Boston with me for my birthday and she's from and her sis are going to see their dad in a play and he has a whole weekend of activities planned. I'm excited cause I've been tryin to go there since I met this freshmen year of college..I've been to Boston before but it was in the 8th grade on a field trip (we also went to Gettysburgh I'd love to go there again...yes I'm a history/tour buff haha). So we're flying out thurs night and coming back mon...I love my birthday and my friends always make it sooo enjoyable. Last year was the year of suprise parties...each of us got one, this year it's "tell me what you want and I'll make it happen" The twins wanted a cookout, the buddy wanted dinner don't know what the other members of the crew want (sept and nov) and I'm goin to Boston so it should be fun....we're also tryin to go to Miami for Labor day so we'll see how that pops off. I love my girls they are truly my sisters from other mothers...we have our moments but when I need them they are always there.

Me and D are suppose to go to Six Flags this weekend...he brought it up then again he has a habit of "forgetting". Yea uh huh sure. I saw him before I left..he used my car for the day and brought it back to me. Told me that I should think about being with him while I as away this weekend and that he didn't want to do half steppin if we decided to pursue a relationship. So I've been thinking and thinking and a little more thinking....we'll talk later on this week. He says I over analyze too much which is true if he says he wants to be with me I say why, if he says I'm cute I ask what is cute about me, perhaps that's me tryin to figure out if he's playin me...been there done that don't want to take that trip no more. But of course you can't tell if someone is playin you at least not all the I'll have to trust him and what he says. He hasn't given me a reason not to believe him. He says he knows he more than likes me and I feel the same but of course I have to watch myself cause I tend to open up sooner than I think I should so I'm taking this one a lil slower...hopefully not too slow LOL.......

UPDATE: We will not be going to Six Flags, he has to go to GA to pick his car up....great just great LOL..and next week I'm goin to TX for the 4th but that's yet to be determined as well...we shall see

Green Eyes called me yet again and I answered only cause I wasn't paying attention to the number (I was with eating) said he wanted to take me on a bike ride...I declined of course since I was out of town....called me boo and what not...why I don't know....have to tell him that there is no chance that we can start over unless he is a totally diff person who has totally diff looks lol which would mean that he is no longer him hahaha...anywho that's what's been going on with me..let me go find out what's been going on in your neck of the woods.

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Girl when is your birthday? Cuz u know im in the Bean so let me know when u slide thru..........:)

June 19, 2006  

Oct 20th and it's on a weekend so of course I'm gonna def be hittin ya up so we can hang out.

June 19, 2006  

That was my question, but not cuz I am there! LOL

Isn't it nice to have local homegirls?

June 19, 2006  

haha....well you can come be a part of the festivities as got time to plan bring pooka too's so good to have homies that are close by I would be bored without them.

June 19, 2006  

It seems so hard to live a drama free life lately! Well, anyway, I've been low key but I'm back to full force almost, pushing books too. Let me know if you'd like one. I'm pimpin' hard! Help a sister out. I can tell you where to get it. I have some on Amazon and on Ebay. I'll actually be in VA Beach and Newport News in July. Email me. I really want to meet you.

June 19, 2006  

I feel you about your roomie. I got a friend who I wish would stop talking bout her situation. I wanna tell her to STFU, but I dont wanna be a bad friend. Anyway, good luck with the townhouse.

June 19, 2006  

@t...tell her to stfu. lol

@libra...isn't it frustrating when you love someone who is cool with destroying her life? i feel so helpless in those situations. i hope your sister will be okay.

keep up the good work on the weight loss! you're an inspiration, sista.

June 19, 2006  

you go girl, slimming down and all...i know what you mean about the geez well how big was i thing...thats how folks made me feel when i lost weight last year...sounds like you got some great friends there.

so spill it, which way are you leaning with D?

June 19, 2006  

Sometimes it's so hard to be there for family, but, you just keep doing it because you love them...

What part of TX will you be visiting?

June 20, 2006  

princess....most def I just brought a book today I love reading so I'll be on ebay or amazon looking for your book when in july will you be in that area I'll most def try to swing through since I have fam down there.

tcas...she needs help and I promise if I hear one more thing about her being in a home buyers program I'm gonna tell her to STFU...I almost said it when I was out with the girls she was talkin to one of our friends and I told someone else hey how are you I'm tired of hearing about that damn program LOL mean I know but oh well.

nikki..yep and I'm getting it from fam and friends can't seem to get away from it. You know that something isn't right yet you still partake in it...I guess I could say the same for myself lol...

no1..I was like dang wait till I get a lil smaller then I'll really be hearing it hopefully that's motivation to keep the weight thing down..we shall see.
To be honest I don't know which way I'm leaning I over analyzing and I might just need to go with how I I would have to say I wanna try it out see how it goes, but the question is does he feel the same? Hmmmmm

luvin me...well I'm suppose to be in Houston but I might not come now cause the tickets was like $400 I ain't made out of money LOL....that trip will have to wait. Me and D might do something though will be spending part of the day today looking for us something to do that weekend. Fam taks a toll of ya sometimes cause you can't just drop em like friends then again yea you can but do you really want to lol

June 20, 2006  

I really hope everything will work out for your sister.

Girl, I can't believe green eyes is still trying!!! Glad you said no!

June 20, 2006 too but of course he's emailing me at work making convo...I haven't seen him though so I could care less.

June 20, 2006  

I love your determination to loose weight. I'm working on my own lil project too.

Having friends/fam that don't listen is irritating as hell. I've gradually learned to gauge the situation as to wether or not I should even open my mouth.

Tell ol green eyes to get a life.

June 20, 2006  

BMI's are sooo overrated, lol. Anyways, I'm going to need for you to eliminate some of the action you got goin on! You always up to something...Where's RN dude? Oh wait did I miss somehting in a previous post....let me go check it out.

June 20, 2006  

4ever..girl I have to do it, if not to be a lil bit healthier and gain it all back when I have kids at least I'll able to know what words and what doesn't work. It's soo hard like this morning I had yogurt and a special K bar for lunch probably a sub from Quiznos but dinner will probably be yogurt or cereal lol....girl do what you gotta do, let me know how it goes.

I've stopped trying to talk some "sense" into her cause apparently she knows it all.

Yea green eyes is slowing losing it but he's trying if I even cared LOL...I should be vengeful but that's not how I get down so I'll let him leave peacefully LOL

stilt....hey it is what it is. See what happens when you leave he is now D and we'll leave it at that till the next episode LOL and I'm gonna need me to do the same as well it's not like I ain't trying.

June 20, 2006  

good luck on the weight lost thing! and your lil sis is crazy.. and i hate to say it.. but most girls dont learn their lesson until it's too late.. hopefully that wont be the case w/ her. congrats on the new spot! hope you get it!!

June 20, 2006  

well.. I do enjoy reading the blogs... life is always full of drama... and sorry to hear about you lil sis but I know what you're going through, little sister or sister period or something you can't live with or without. as for you weight lost goal, thats dope...I'm trying to get motivated ..problem now is its moving time, sucks I never really realize I have a lot of clothes until its time to move again.

June 20, 2006  

Green Eyes just dont know when to quit.

I am feeling the new pic!!

June 20, 2006  

I enjoyed reading this post, first time here on your page. I see what I've been missing as for drama, that's something we all can never control. Hope your sis is ok.

June 20, 2006  

Sometimes a good friends tells you to STFU!

June 20, 2006  

Ok Diva I'm feeling the new pic :-)

Girl what would we do without a little drama in our life? And Home is off the chain, they should not have told a sista about an open bar but I think thats just for the month of June *at least according to the plugger* and girl ur little sis is crazy but like u said thats ur sister and blood is thicker than water. I'm glad u had yet another fun weekend

June 20, 2006  

that new pic is STUNNING!!! Go girl!!! Beautiful!!!!

June 21, 2006  

girl, you looking HAWT in that photo!

June 21, 2006  

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