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Friday, June 09, 2006

Freaky Friday

Sike not really LOL...

Me and the roomie are headed to LOVE tonight to get into some much needed drunk induced dancing LOL

This lady at my job talks too much..I mean how long can you talk about how you use to go to McDonalds cause it was behind your elementary school? That leads me to believe that your momma should have curbed your eating habits.

I'm soo ready to go home and it's only 3:38pm

What is blogger actin up in front of company LOL...(remember you momma use to say that to you)

I got a new phone (The V, from Verizon) I'm loving it, trying to stop playing with it at work haha..I'll be downloading songs in no time flat

This lady on the metro today had a weave in here hair that was straight but her hair was just as nappy as buckwheat and she had the nerve to have a hair pin in it....I feel sorry for that hair pin

My lil sis is going through a I don't know if I want to be with him phase (They've been together for 3 years on yesterday...he's 20 and she is yea tough to call it, he still has a nother year or so before he even thinks of marriage so yea) I told her that at least he wants to have himself established before he marries her..his words not his moms LOL

My other lil sis got a job....and she is still acting crazy didn't come home till midnight at least she left my nephew with my parents

She (youngest sis) was visiting me a couple of weeks ago and tried to holla at someone on my buddy I was crackin up when he told me

Why must she be the problem child..I mean you're almost 21 get over it.

I can't wait to see my daddy's face when he gets his digital camera for Fathers Day...he is gonna be psyched (yea I said it) but I'm sure I'll be spending the afternoon showing him how it works LOL..gotta love em

Nurse dude got his car stolen and dropped his phone in water...I called him at work and he sounded soo excited...kinda sad that I hadn't returned his calls how can I return your calls when I dont know where to call LOL....

My nephew is the cutest mom told him to ask me where Gizmo was he said Aunti...Gimo LOL and then blabs about goin outside LOL and his toe..then starts crying cause my mom was tellin him to come inside

I hope my youngest sis isn't gettin caught up with some guy....

Constant sent me an email saying he loved me (1st time he's done that) I being taken in LOL...NO, I have learned my lesson. Saying he's gonna try and show me how knowing me has changed him....umm it takes you going away to Cuba to know that

Cable is back more DVD's for a while

Why did my BC go up when I changed insurances....from $15 to $40 I might just go back to abstinence LOL..having sex is expensive LOL

I have to learn to be more open when I blog....can't suga coat the truth to myself...what's the point in blogging if I'm gonna do that

I love reading comments on my blog, is that weird LOL I think I need a new hobby haha

I don't care what these people think of me

I got Giz a shirt...he didn't like it..maybe cause it was too small LOL..but it was a M/ roomie said they come in sizes and busted out laughing....

He's teething and I have saved 3 of his teeth I think it's so cute..I have to hurry and pick them up before he trys to eat them..his lil gums were bleeding as he was trying to rip his new shirt off of his body LOL.....

I am soo not looking forward to moving...we have a couple of townhouses to look at so we'll see how that goes

Did I mention I am sooo stoked (yep there it is again) about my new phone

Rod says I'm the only black person he knows who peels (I got a sunburn from Bike week and my shoulders are peeling) it doesn't hurt well when I am scratching it to get the skin off it does LOL...I hate to have scabs or dead skin on me I will pick and pick..aight enough of that

I wonder if I'll see nurse dude this weekend....

Why this dude who is 25 said myspace is the s***...umm boo get a life....he called me just to tell me to check out the 2 new videos he put up..can you say crack head LOL and don't freakin call me at work on my cell talkin about can you talk...yea but I prefer not to...who you think I am some ghetto unprofessional

I wish I could have one big blog meeting in person cause some of you crack me the heck up LOL..did I just say heck what is with me and these words today

How come Friday comes and I seem to get a burst of energy

Will I run into some cuties tonight...then again I might not since I mentioned it...I wont' think about it again

How come payday is also bill day I have no money......errrrrr

I need to hit the gym to lose these last pds.......I wonder if I'll look weird haha

Time is going by so slow.

My bosses are tryin to hire 2 more people....great. I have to succumb to the needs of two more people that I know nothin about.

Grad school is lookin more and more like the right decision now.

I can't believe I'll be 25 next year ekkkk almost 30....stop!! I don't even want to think about that

I have to get Giz spayed....he's losing his man hood or should I say puppy hood LOL...nurse dude says I should let him get some one time.....he gets enough humpin my friends leg LOL

I can't wait till Donnell Jones CD comes out

I'm feeling Anthony Hamilton's Change your world song on his latest album why do I fall in love with love when I hear that song

I'm goin to cop that CD tomorrow R put me to that

Have a great weekend....

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psyched? stoked? Are you chanelling your inner Becky?

You aint weird for loving to read your comments. I actually left my desk and went to a cpu in the corner so I can see who was commenting on mine. I'm a little obsessed right now.

June 09, 2006  

i feel your pain on the moving thing. i have to do it soon, and i'm dreading it!
when i was a kid i used to peel when i'd been in the sun for too long. did you have on any/enough sunscreen?
what're you planning to study in grad school? (you probably aready mentioned this b4, but i'm new to your blog.) come over to the dark side! lol... just kidding, grad school isn't that bad, just stressful at times.
oh, and i love when i get notification in my inbox that i have a new comment on my blog.
have a good weekend!

June 09, 2006  

You cant complain about there being a payday which also bill day. At least you have a damn payday!!!! Yes I am hating!!

June 09, 2006  

Have a good weekend yourself and always remember......birth control is your best friend, dont leave home without it!

June 09, 2006  

have fun for me tonight :-)

June 09, 2006  

Moving is whack.

Everytime I move, I either find something that I was looking for the whole time I was living there (which is good)


Lose something and then don't find it until I move (see item one)

Best wishes!

June 09, 2006  

Why did I leave work at 3:30 friday and just about half the staff rolled out with me? I see we all couldn't take it no more!

Don't buy that dog no clothes! I am not a pet owner but I hear dog/cat/whatever HATE to wear clothes!

Sex is expensive! They are about to go up on my depo shots :-(

June 10, 2006  

I've been pullin' for nurse dude for a long time. I hope he gets it together and that he's alright. Hope you have a great weekend!

June 10, 2006  

Just passing through. Hope you have a good weekend.

June 10, 2006  

I love readin' my comments, too! Have a good weekend!

June 10, 2006  

I really need to make a trip back to D.C. to visit Dream/Love or whatever they are calling my club theses days.

June 10, 2006  

"How come Friday comes and I seem to get a burst of energy?

How come payday is also bill day I have no money......errrrrr"

Are we having identical thoughts? Um...Yeah! LOL. Fridays are a gift and a curse I tell you! LOL at going to Love tonight. Chances are, I was doing a two step across the room. LOL. Maybe I was at Pearl??


June 10, 2006  

*lol* At blogger actin up in front of silly...*lol*

"I have to learn to be more open when I blog....can't suga coat the truth to myself...what's the point in blogging if I'm gonna do that" I KNOW THATS RIGHT!!!

June 11, 2006  

I'm about to move for the second time this year. I still haven't unpacked from the Feb. move. hating the thoughts of it.

Blogger was trippin all of last week.

I've got Anthony Hamilton's CD, that song is prolly my fave on the album. It's right up there with 'Clearly' and 'Last Night' from the last album.

June 12, 2006  

tcas...I don't know perhaps it was the Friday thing that has me channeling her LOL

blkbutterfly....I don't think I had enough on but I know next time. Hopefully criminology which is what I got my BA in but we'll see..what's this notification thing..let me find out I'll be checkin my email all the time LOL I get a pay day LOL I still have bills I hate when I have money yet have no money.

smartblkwoman...yea girl don't I know it, I am not in the right point in life to even think of children..they are a blessing but I would be crazy to think I can do it now.

Tenacious...I did girl too funny.

P..yes I'm lookin forward to finding some loose change a shirt that I can't wear anymore or a shoe/sock that I lost when I moved in LOL

Lady...yea I think I saw that when he started biting the collar..he hated it but it was soo cute. needlesstosay I'm glad it was only $1 at Old Navy. As far as I know, girl you ain't never lied (LOL) about sex being expensive.....but it's ohh so good LOL..let me stop

G...thanks we'll see

Organized..thanks you too

Ms.Behavin..glad I'm not the only one.

spchrist...yea we had a blast.

ScarlettRae...I probably saw you and was giving you the drunk induced laugh as I looked at this old lady and man dancing across the room LOL

NSane...I'm getting better at it LOL

4ever..girl I love that CD and that song makes me wanna walk down someone's aisle...even if it's just the one at the supermarket LOL

June 12, 2006  

oh, to answer your question, when you're working in your blog (creating a post, changing, the template) you go to settings, then to comments, and there's a place where you can have new comments submitted to your e-mail inbox. i did it because i found i was stalking my own blog! plus, if you can't access your blog at work, at least you can read the comments from say, your work e-mail. (if you feel comfortable doing so.)

June 13, 2006  

Best regards from NY! »

February 05, 2007  

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