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Monday, July 24, 2006


So Friday night me and Killa (my roomie) went to see Busta Rhymes at LOVE the Club LOL...I got off early on Friday due to some nonsense (which has since been straightened out and dealt with). So I had to find something to wear and had to make sure roomie had something to wear. She got home and we found some stuff to put and headed out. We got there at around 820 found out there were $1 rail drinks till 9pm so we posted up at the bar. By the time 9pm came around I had 2 vodak and pineapples and a gin and ginger ale. We hadn't eaten anything so we ordered some chicken tenders, which were actually pretty good. After I ate that I had a tom collins (Did you know Angela Basset ordered that in Waiting to Exhale, I just found that out recently while watchin an old episode of Moesha LOL) Yes, I'm a gin girl :)

Busta Rhymes came on around 11 and didn't get off the stage till almost 1. When I say that man was hype I mean he was hype. He was callin people out cause they didn't know the words to the songs LOL and pouring yak in people's glasses. It was too funny. All I know is his boy splif star ain't that his name..looks way better on TV. But they were killin em with the ice. So people were jumpin and screaming and i had my shoes off it was sooo live in there, it was well worth the money (however I didn't pay so LOL you know how that goes) If you get there early instead of buying tickets you would feel the same, then again folks can't get to the club when it opens LOL...I can hahah. And be holding the door open for the workers and askin them to pour me a drink.

So me and Killa partied till we couldn't party no more on account of our feet hurting we limped on home LOL and passed out. My heels were burning and my shoes weren't even that high..some gold wedge sandals that I thought would allow me to cut a rug..apparently all they did was cut the circulation off in my toes LOL.

I work up on Saturday supposedly spending the day with nurse dude and wouldn't you know this negro or should I say nigga didn't even show up (I told him not to come over after 4 and he tells me that since he was out late he'll be over after 4). I didn't hear from this dumb ass till how about sunday at around 5pm. So I'm returning his shirts that I bought him for his bday and I told him don't bother to call me no more. I told ya I was gonna get rid of him I just had to do it on my own time. People do what you allow them to do to you, I let him dig a hole and I tried to help him out of it but he did some crap this weekend that will never be I kicked him to the curb :)

Ok the sex will be missed LOL (I might even go through withdrawals, plus the man was from GA so you know what's that's about if you don't then you betta ask someone LOL...hint most men from down south do this well LOL), but I can be a good girl till December when Constant comes back...right (I could keep Nurse dude on reserve and use him for when I need him LOL) :/ Speaking of him (constant), he was on the news I didn't see him but he said his mom emailed him and told him that he was up there. He is a part of the whole evacuation of people from the war that is going on. I just hope he comes home safe. Man it's funny cause the more nonsense that nurse dude dealt out the more I was confirmed in understanding that Constant is my suga :) (Come to think of it his is pretty darn good too, I can see myself doin that everyday LOL sike let stop)

I miss him, but I'm gonna be a good girl. I can do it......I'll have to occupy myself so I won't think about being bad LOL. Now what does bad necessarily include LOL. I'll be exploring those definitons LOL

My parents and nephew are coming this weekend and I told my mom I would take him to the zoo I can't wait. He is the cutest kid I have ever seen..well not ever then again I'm partial to him cause we're related LOL. Besides I dont' have any kids of my own so I can spoil him and my god daughter until I do. Me and Constant have talked about what our kids would look like LOL...pretty thick hair, dark features and nice juicy lips and our daughter would probably have a booty LOL...we'll be beating the boys off with trash cans.

So my weekend was chill, had an alumni meeting for the Black Alumni Association and these bammas talking bout charging $15 for a cookout. Ok it's a networking event but dang. Then again we have to realize that since we aren't students anymore we have to contribute more....I'll have to talk more people into understanding that.

Need to wash the head this mess is itching

I'll post busta pics when I get a chance..ok so I lied blogger won't let me post em but if you want a blurry pic and a sort better one let me know and I'll email it to ya LOL

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I'm so jeolous of you. At least you had someone giving good pipe. I am still looking.

July 24, 2006  

You got to see Busta?!?!?!? And you did not tell me?!?!?!? Im gonna cut you!!! I have seen Busta Rhymes live. He is def. hype. He is almost drunk off energy.

Hasta la vista nurse dude!!!

I want Busta pics too!!!!

July 24, 2006  

I'm asking somebody... What does the man being from GA mean?

July 25, 2006  

you coulda bought me something when you took those shirts back.

July 25, 2006  

tcas don't even go there. This is beyond your realm of understanding...LOL

July 25, 2006  

Everyone that's seen Busta live that I know says that his shows are hype!

Too bad ND is on call dick now :-(

July 25, 2006  

I saw Busta live about a month ago and he had the club jumpin'!

What's up with the men from GA?

July 25, 2006  

channel...yea well I have to be a good girl..but he can be on call LOL

epsilonicus...yea man it was INSANE!!! I'll email you my camera phone pics LOL

t...let's just say he knows how to eat some fruit LOL

stilt...yea I could have but we can share the shoes LOL and yea t don't know LOL

lady...girl I ain't even mad, it is what it is :)

luvin I had my shoes off and was jumpin around like I was in a kriss kross video LOL...ok not that much but you get I told T....he knows how to eat some fruit if ya get what I mean

July 25, 2006  

Busta Buss Doing his THING! I love concerts! I can see Spliff being ooooGGGGly! LOL!

July 25, 2006  

P and I saw Busta too!! I won tickets through a radio station he and spif were off the hook!!!

July 25, 2006 girl he was off the chain I'm gonna have to go out and cop the new CD

j.g....I was soo hype and perhaps added to the fact that I had four drinks in my system LOL

July 25, 2006  

Eat fruit? I like oranges myself and pineapple and hey, wait a minute! That's not the fruit you're talking about. (((GASP))) Such naughty thoughts at this time of day! Tsk, tsk. LOL

July 25, 2006  

I know Busta keeps it live. I've never seen anyone with that much energy, like every. Spliff Starr...he's such a joke. We actually use his name to denote lackeys. Like if you're ridin someone hard...we call them Spliff Starrs....I just think that's hilarious.

Yeah...and I wanna know what it means to be from GA...someone enlighten me on that one...

July 25, 2006  

Freaky..I knew you would catch on LOL...cause if you didn't then you don't need to be called Mr. Deaky LOL (A girls entitled to reminise a little in the middle of the day)

Charles...Hmmm LOL think real hard..well not that hard haha

July 25, 2006  

I've heard about Busta's concerts. Never had a chance to see him.

Nurse Dude has totally fucked up now! LOL

July 25, 2006  

i'll post the flyer to my brother's party this weekend. You can print it off from here. Hope you can make it!

July 25, 2006  

I'll be sitting here waiting for pics of my man Busta ( his body is sooo sexy)

Kicking nurse dude to the curb... good for you

Glad you had a good weekend!

July 25, 2006  

thoughts...ok why was I tryin to get to your page and I couldn't anywho..yea he's messed up but it's his loss not mine :)

ttd..yea me and killa will def try to slide through gotta make sure there is a designated driver LOL

msnhim...aight so one pic is blurry and the other one is semi blurry but you can still make him I'll email em to ya...maybe you can blow it up or something not sure how that works LOL (I will miss the morning penis LOL) sike let me stop I can be good :

July 25, 2006  

Oh, I'm from GA too! LOL

July 25, 2006  

I forgot busta was in town this weekend, oh well I was in Detroit anyway...his body is sexy although I think he's cuter with dreads...

Good riddance to Nurse Dude, girl Im glad you kept them receipts!

I know all about the men from the GA, that mouth is probably be missed LOL

July 25, 2006  

You go Party girl. I saw Buta on Jay Leno and he had the crown jumping there!

July 25, 2006  

aaaaaaaah! Busta is my sweetie.:S an even tho i cudn't be there sniffle sniffle least u shaked that booty for both of us:D

July 25, 2006  

Sounds like you had fun this weekend. From the sounds of it, I need to move to GA so I can get some good action..

July 26, 2006  

yEAH I MUST SAY BUSTA GIVES A GREAT SHOW WELL WORTH YA DOLLARS......and i do know that thang u are talking bout......:)

July 26, 2006  

you got to see busta bust? i am so jealous! is love the club that used to be dream? i saw LL there a couple years back.

July 27, 2006  

I wanted to go to that show!
I missed that and somebody was at the 9:30 club I wanted to check out.

anyway, nice post; cool site :)

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