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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mid Week Madness

So it's wednesday and of course I have nothing real to say other than


Why this lady at work interrupted my convo yesterday to say that she once had purple I don't give a flying monkey's my momma use to tell me and my sisters dont' interrupt me or you'll get spit in your face

I got off work at 8:45 pm last about overtime (a sister trying to get her new bedroom furniture out of layaway)

I sent a letter to Constant today (I made him a mixed CD last week).....

I've read his letter like once a day since I've gotten it (sad I know lol)

I miss him so much

He's in the middle of a war and I want him to come home safe

Me and Killa (my roomie, who by the way laughed when I said I gave her that nickname) got the 2 bedroom townhouse..we start moving on Aug 25th

She just called me to tell me about some bad Karma...her sister (who was my other roomie that I called Insane) called to tell her that her car's battery died....she needs to go to Va beach to renew her registration and some other stuff...she asked to use Killa's car and Killa thinks she was gonna ask to use mine.....NOT...ask your boo for his car...OOPS!! he ain't got one LOL

She had to buy a whole new battery and on top of that her sister (killa) pointed out to her that her boo didn't ask to use the car this morning he knew her battery was dying..ummm hmmm, see it's already can notice when stuff is wrong with your car (I can).

She moved out on Sunday...why you still got stuff at our house....cause ya still got to pay rent LOL..well that ain't my issue (on another note why would you move out of one place and know you still have to pay rent some where else) I've done it before and I was struggling...I mean broke, broke....struggling...not a good look at ALL....he ain't worth that much and he ain't offering to pay your rent at the other place....madness I tell ya (see how I get carried away when someone shows me signs of stupidity)

Giz was on the porch this morning and ripped a hole in the garbage bag...he whimpered when he saw me cause he knew he was gettin in trouble.

How come I dont think in one sentences, I have complete paragraph thinking LOL

No Drama called me last night to say that he appreciated me coming over and looking out for him

Why can I tell when someone calls me for the first time if they are going to annoy me

I'm excited about moving....or maybe it's the fact that we really dont' have to move again if we dont' want to lol

Ummm how about I need to look at that GRE book again haha

I talked to my ex all day yesterday on myspace....he is hilarious (I dont' like calling him an ex cause he's always been my friend and we didnt' break up on bad terms)

I had a dream I was pregnant (not a good sign)....cause we know's whose it would be and ok the baby would be pretty but I aint' tryin to have his kid (nurse dude)

I still can't believe he had the gall balls to ask to meet my parents...if I want you to meet them I'll ask you better yet you wouldn't have to even bring it the nerve

I feel like I'm losing weight some more but when I get on the scale it's up and down, up and down I feel like throwing that thing out the window...or getting one that says "Get it Girl" LOL

I love me...don't get me wrong. A sista has some wonderful curves but I'm gonna need the butt to go down just a an inch LOL

If I don't go home this weekend what am I going to do......

How do you know your speedometer is broken..I got a ticket and I dont' think I was going that fast.....was I?

I had chinese food and let's just say that me and chinese food ain't been around one another in a minute so I guess my body rejected it LOL

Why dudes be thinking they slick......

I only allow you to think you can play me...for your benefit..but trust me when I pull your card you're gonna understand that "until you do right by me everything you think about is gonna crumble" LOL

Red (an ex from TX) called and wants to come here in Sept....umm how about not lol he be done come here and tried to get me to have a threesome......NOT!!!!

He misses me, wishes he hadn't done me wrong...I'm a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful woman who deserved better....I know boo LOL

I'm slackin on my pimpin'...then again I dont' pimp so it's more than slackin lol

Everyone and their momma has a myspace page...WOW

Bush is gonna talk to the NAACP...I hope he doesn't scream out WHITE POWER (Dave Chappell voice) hahaha

The moment has passed

poseted@11:37 am
posted by Ms.Honey at 8:18 AM


MySpace is the Devil

Shut Up! I had that same dream, woke up and pinched the sh*t out the boyfriend, I ain't on that...right now

Girl run! The dream might be a sign Nurse dude is trying to trap you!

Congrats on the new crib!

Your dog is like my cat...Only mine dragged it across the kitchen floor then ran and hid under the bed

Why is it so hot out, I want to slap the next person that says, "Boy it's hot out here"

July 19, 2006  


Well he gonna have to come up with a better trap LOL and what dude in his right mine would want a baby momma LOL then again he might do some ish like that hahaha

Girl I feel like poppin people in the face when they say "Isn't it hot out here to you"...nah it's not hot I'm melting over but it feels like an igloo in my personal bubble...freakin kids!!

July 19, 2006  

That's exactly why I don't have a MySpace page. Nothing good would come of it.

What did yout booty ever do to you to warrant that kind of punishment? The NAACP will be notified and I will have protesters follow you for threatening to lose some booty. That's just not right, LOL.

Maybe Nurse Dude will be on some soap opera type of revenge and get you pregnant to keep you away from Constant. [Cue dramatic music.]

July 19, 2006  

freaky....on the next As the Honey Pot Turns LOL me sometimes my bootie gets me attention from homeless men...not a good look LOL

July 19, 2006  

ok all these uterine/womb/birth dreams. Someone in our blog circle is going to be pregnant soon. I can feel it.

July 19, 2006  

stilt..or someone is practicing some horrible voodoo and I ain't havin it!

July 19, 2006  

LMAO @ you and chinese food not being around each other in a minute. Nice description

I still cant believe I have a myspace. I fought it for a year, and then I caved.

July 19, 2006  

I am glad I cannot have prefbabt dreams!! Lol

You miss Constant, I miss my Dora!! Awwwwww!!

Tell Insane that she needs to get it together!! Say Eps told her so!!

July 19, 2006  

Girllllllllllllllll how many ex's got mentioned in this post?

Big Pimpin'!

July 20, 2006  

ha even i have myspace, but i did nothing with my page, only go one when i get annonmous comments.....

are yall renting theh townhouse? what area?

i hate when snowball messes in the trash, i have to stretegically place all my small trash cans.

stop getting on the scale daily....only get on once a week if you must.....also pay attention to how your clothes fit....the scale can be a liar you know...Muscles weight more than fat, if you getting muscles your weight may not change or get higher....keep that in mind before you throw the scale out the window ;)

July 20, 2006  

Girl you had a lot on your mind!

First of all, can I say Yaaayy for overtime?

Oh Constant(sigh)...When you love someone, you just love 'em.

Your old roomie is a trip!

Another ticket...I think there is a conspiracy going on...

It's crazy when ex's realize they were wrong...oh well, too little too late!

July 20, 2006  

i dont have a myspace page... cant get wit it! i dont have something for u to do this weekend.. but i got something you can do the 1st sat in aug! come to baltimore.. my brother is having a party.. if interested hit me up..

July 20, 2006  

t...yea I've found people I went to HS with on there which is the only reason I log on...strangers be asking to be my you know the definition of friend LOL..I dont' know you

epsilonius...I call her Insane for a reason

ladynay...umm 2 I think LOL...but Red is crazy and wants to come visit I dont' think that's gonna happen

no1..yea we're renting. It's right off 236 in annandale, va. Nice size and I don't have to learn a new bus route or nothing so I'm good :) I know I should get on the scale more than once and even if I do get on in the morning not at night but I tend to go insane clothes do fit different but I'm ready to see some smaller number LOL..but I'm gonna try not to look at it :)

luvin me...aight that the truth to all of that LOL...conspiracy and men realizing that they were wrong is a sign LOL

ttd...I'm def gonna email you (I need to come out there and meet one of my favorite bloggers and get my drink on lol..I know I wont' be disappointed)...might sleep this weekend, perhaps take nurse dude to dinner for his bday cause I'm a nice person...

July 20, 2006  

1. Anytime a black woman says her booty is too big, know that she's got a juicy!

2. Don't fret, u only had a prego dream about ND because u trumped his wifey card...joker, joker, duece, ace!!! And somebody just got set!!!

3. Check ur speedometer (for close to free): hop on the highway, set cruise control to 60mph, reset trip odometer and cruise for 1 minute. At 60mph after one minute, trip odom should read right at 1.0mile. I know gas is 3.00+ a gallon, but BP ProCare would charge a lot more just to plug up that damn red machine.

4. Myspace never hurt nobody...unless u're dumb enough to move to Lebanon to marry someone u met on

5. Insane's microwave karma kicked in...I told u it would her dude didn't ask to use the ride...he left the lights on like he was Motel 6.

That's all 4 it's hot out here... lmao


July 20, 2006  

Diggz...SLAP!!! haah sike I'm jokin.

Well well all know what goes around comes around...

Let's hope that's that dream was saying lol

yea so what I got a juicy I mean dang...lebanon wow is it that serious LOL

July 20, 2006  

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