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Monday, July 17, 2006

Life as I know it.... officially over!!!!

SIKE let me stop Just wanted to scare you a bit.

My weekend was really quite chill. After I got off work on Friday I went home, put my I'm a bum clothes on (you the holey shirt and baggy sweats) and me and my Giz had a very relaxing evening. Nurse Dude (formally known as D) was suppose to come over..key word suppose to...and he's beginning to irk the F*&^ out of me. Earlier that week I knew his phone would be off so he calls me from work earlier that Fri afternoon asking when is the next time I'm going home. I was like well I was going to go next weekend just to chill a lil bit but I remembered that we were going to Bmore for your bday. He was like well I wanted to go see my brother, get fitted for a grill (why the heck does he want one of those) and meet your parents.




You there.....yea I'm here.......

I mean what the heck would possess him to say such a thing to me. I mean I've def been acting wayyy different than I was when we first started kicking it. Meaning I haven't been all up in his face cause he pisses me off with his I'm gonna call and doesn' just don't say you're gonna call leave it open ended. I'm not sitting by the phone but dang! So anyway I was like ummm I informed my mommie that the next person that met them if they hadn't already met them would be my future's not like that between us. He was like yes it is......since when I said. He was like you I don't. So I informed him that just because he wanted a ride and perhaps was afraid of what I might say he didn't have to throw in meeting my parents. I mean you can ride with me as long as you shell up some gas money I could care less as long as you ready to roll when I'm ready to roll cause Honey will straight leave you in Hampton, and then call you to make sure you found a way home after I have already gotten back to NOVA. LOL I know horrible but you on my time baby. In trying to discourage him without being too mean I was like well my mom is a reverand and my dad is a deacon...which is all very true so you can't be acting all ghetto and gangsta if you met them. He was like parents love me and all this other crap...yea yea but I don't LOL.

My girl was laughin at me yesterday cause she said I'm acting like a dude. Man he tryin to play me for a fool. Talking about he can't have a dog at his apt and can his dog sometimes stay at my place.....little does he know we ain't gonna be talkin to much longer he gonna be short when I stop answering his calls. He keeps hinting to oh in a couple of months or next you ain't even gonna be around that back to my weekend wrap up lol..see how off track I get...darn those gummibears....

So he wants to ride to Hampton with me...I told him that he didn't have to ask to meet my parents he could still ride with me. Anywho....Saturday comes and I get up, and decide to go to the bookstore to get some GRE books. I love the bookstore. I could go in there and spend $100 and not even care. But I don't LOL....I could buy shoes with that anyway. I bought a Kaplan book, a GRE work book and a law dictionary.....I'm trying to learn one or two new words a day...we'll see how that goes. So if you see me trying to use big words on these next few posts you'll know why LOL.....I then proceeded to go to CVS and do school shopping...I love that too...I got some highlighters and index cards, a box to hold my index cards and some cute pens...I get carried away with school supplies LOL..that's why I never hated school I have a thing for the supplies and such.

Got home, chatted with the roomie and Nurse dude called.....asking what I was doing and all that nonsense. Saying he was going to come over. I was like what happened last night "oh I got drunk and was passed out"....yea aight he says I'm going to see you later I was like well call me and let me know cause I might not be at home (I didn't know if I was or wasn't just didn't want him thinking I was waiting on him, which I wasn't). Perused the GRE book and did a couple of the practice word things got a call from one of my favorite ALPHA's and found out it was his bday so me and the roomie went to Reston (why did we have to $1.25 both ways for tolls darn Dulles Toll Road) and we took him to Macaroni Grill....he sang to himself and the rest of the people (Happy Birthday)..he is too funny. I miss him sooo much and told him we should hang out more often. After that we drove home, I hopped in the C-Rolla (corny I know LOL) and went to go visit No Drama (a guy that I use to date, sleep with and all that other stuff....but we are friends before all that lol) who recently got into a horrible motorcycle accident. He hurt his leg, skinned his knees and arms and might have to have surgery. He wanted to get out of the house so we went to see You, Me and Dupree (with Owen Wilson). It was good, but not as funny as I thought it was going to be....I probably wouldn't get it on DVD but would go see it if it was playing at the Dollar Movie LOL.....Drove back to his house and watched 16 blocks....I always sleep so much better at his house...and no nothing happened that's the joy of being friends (even though we have slept together and sometimes do embark on that road every now and again LOL) I can go over there and sleep and not get "poked". I made sure he was aight (brought him some extra movies and popcorn) and went back home.

Took a short nap, scrolled the web..looked at the GRE book some more...I'm gonna really start hitting it hard on the more extra hard partying cause I have to be ready to take it in Oct....So while all this is going on the roomie is moving her stuff out and into the apt that she got with her boo.....yuck please dont' make me url. The sad part is I can't believe she really did it. Everyone was telling her not to do it..and I'm not saying listen to other but dang if everyone ...including your momma and your daddy who are no longer married are telling you not your face and in letters and cards and you still do it...I think you have an issue.....ok some parents are just pains but if my parents said that to me...knowing that they have never, ever, ever steered me wrong I would liste. But that's just me and we are all different. I'm not living with a dude I need my own dang on space LOL. I might be at your house all the time but I will have my own just in case you irk the hell out of me and I or you can leave and go back home. So she's moving out and I didn't hear or see I'm like Giz and I get up and he's outside wrestling with Nurse dude's dog...Dollar. Yep, instead of this man calling before he came he pops up...I was like umm I'm glad I was here and that no one else was here cause he might have got his feelings hurt....great. I was like ummm hey and he didn't stay that long (no nothing happened LOL....I ain't that crazy). While he was there I made mention to the roomie that people be trying to run game and he was like boo I ain't running game and then we were talking about moving and he was like well if necessary you can put your stuff in storage and moe in with me....umm NOT!!! LOL..who does he think I am..I ain't my roomie. LOL in case you haven't caught on I have two roomies LOL...Killa (she is funny) I just made that nicname up for her and Insane....I always call the other one that so that's nothing new. So me and Killa are gettin a two bedroom townhouse....have to make sure oh dude is gonna hold it for us. The landlords we have now are horrible and are tryin to run game. At first they said we had to be out by Aug 1st cause they were gonna move in...and they would give us some money they are changing their minds...saying we can stay till Sept 1st. That's fine with me but Insane had already signed her lease and chica will be payin two rents....she be trying to act like her boo is gonna be paying for more stuff...but he ain't got no money and if you always payin when ya'll go out on dates...then it's more than likely that you will be paying for the bills that you all have when you live together. Poor lil things she lies and can't even keep up with em. Talkin about they couldn't get the Uhaul any other day....umm yea you could that's not the only Uhaul in the world. But I'm gonna pay my half of the light bill and transfer it all into her name when we move out and she can deal with it from there. I woke up this morning and chic had taken the microwave....for the record we have is built in and the other was given to me by Red (my ex from TX who is a he's so many reasons why they call him that) anyway she was like I hope you don't mind and I emailed her this morning and told her I did mind and that I would appreciate it if she asked first and she was like it was late and she thought that it was hers and her sisters...I was like umm no boo that's mine now bring it back lol....of course I didn't say it like that but you get my drift hahah. She was like I'm sorry...yea whatever....I don't care if I have 5 microwaves laying around....ask before you take something. CVS is open all night you can go there and get one. Great.

In between all that I have expanded my Grad school listings LOL....from 5 to about 8....not too many more cause I ain't got funds to be applying everywhere the others that I included are Georgia State (I went there to visit in HS and loved it and got accepted there for undergrad), North Carolina Central (was kinda feeling what I read...might go do a campus tour before the year is out), and VCU (I figured i should include one school in VA)....of course Georgia State and VCU aren't HBCU's but hey it is what it is.

I'm going to read what your weekend's were like.......

In closing has anyone seen Dave Chappell's lost that one where he told the lady to divoirce her husband cause he loved her and to meet him at the airport was too funny (she shows up, says the divorce is final and he pulls his wife and son out the car and they are all laughin at her and what she got on..sayin she had on a squirrel jacket and that squirrels had to die so you can be fly LOL...he gets in and rolls away screaming I'm rich B*&$ I was cracking up)...I also watched Monique's FAT Chance....those girls were working it.....Monique has a wonderful personality. During the breaks of the show she was saying jokes about airline seats and how they dig into a big womans side she said don't get mad when I ring the bell...ding, ding......ding ding LOL.....that woman is crazy

......and I'm gone!!!!!!!!!!!!


In case you're wondering who the blogger is that I was referring to in my last post...her name is Luvin Me ( Check her out if you haven't already...she always makes me think...even on a Monday......HEY GURL!!!!!!! LOL (that was suppose to sound ghetto)
posted by Ms.Honey at 8:57 AM


I hate to be like the dude who was in the skit and said, "You know everybody is just going to say last season was funnier." But, last season was funnier, lol. That jacket was looking kind of like some mangey squirrel fur. I liked the pixie skit he did last night.

I thought you were referring to Luvin Me but since I haven't checked everybody out on your blog roll I didn't want to say anything and be wrong.

July 17, 2006  

The "Lost Epsiodes" are funny as hell!! There was a Cedric The Entertainer special on HBO which was also good.

Nurse Dude just dont know. He just doesnt get it. *shakes head*

July 17, 2006  

fat chance haven't watched that, i guess i'll add it to my tivo list...

back to nurse dude huh, what does that mean

July 17, 2006  

I missed Chappele last night, but I know they will play 50leven more times.

Nurse dude need to stop all that showing up when he feel like it. If you say you gonna do something, you gotta do it

July 17, 2006  

What's up with nurse dude trying to meet your parents? Hell naw. And a grill?? Double hell naw.

July 17, 2006  

Freaky....Man I was crackin up when he said that about her jacket LOL....

epsilonicus...I only saw yesterday but I will catch it again...nurse dude is a lost cause

no1..where you been girl..or is it me that hasn't been reading your blog LOL...he's probably tryin to make me think he wants to be serious in order to take advantage of me little does he know I've already peeped game...

t....of course they will, they do it with everything else. Yep my dad always taught me that your word is your bond and he doens't keep his word

mizz jj...girl that's what I said boo you aint' got it like might think you do but you clearly don't.

July 17, 2006  

da da da da da N da da da C da da da da C....N.C.C.UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

now that I got that out the way, Nurse dude is trippin! Isn't his dog a female pit? Dangerous!

I still applaude you for going back to school. Right down all the answers for the GRE and give them to me for when I take it! ROFL

July 17, 2006  

every time i say "i can't read that long ass post" i start reading it and get pulled in! your life is truly entertaining.

what the fuck is up with ya girl taking ya microwave? what kind of trife negro shit is THAT?!? how she gonna ask you if you don't mind then say she thought it was hers? if it was hers why she care if you mind or not?!? IT'S HERS...

lawd, but i don't miss roomies.

and nurse dude...i can't WAIT for you to kick his ass to the CURB.

July 17, 2006  

I'm real mad your soon to be x-room mate tried to roll out with the microwave. Thats how people get knots snatched in they ass. Good deal you got it back tho.

July 17, 2006  

I was cracking up at that Dave Chappelle episode! Especially at the club scene where they were playing the Tupac song. Hilarious

July 17, 2006  

girl what is up with Nurse Dude? Tryin to meet the parents, the grill...just everything girl please replace his ass with the quickness!!

The Lost Episodes...Genius. The TuPac had me crying laughing

Oh hell naw, she tried to roll out with the microwave, knowing that's my damn "stove"...Just pitiful.

July 17, 2006  

Hey Honey! I knew who you were talking about!

I know exactly what you mean on the "having your own space" issue. I love my man to death but we both have our own places!

July 18, 2006  

Ok just the simple fact RN dude wants a grille cancels him out. Do not take him to meet the folks. Hells no. He has really turned into an irritant. How the hell he gone ask you to keep his dog? Are you a kennel. Change your number, asap. You better listen to me girl!!!!!!

I gotta see that Chappelle thing, I'll probably get it this weekend. And Mo'Nique? That cow, stop talking about her fat ugly ass.

July 18, 2006  

lady...why I was like the heck is she doing..cheering LOL...nah his pit is a boy but that don't mean he can stay at my house LOL p.s. I'll send the answers to ya once I see my score haha

nikki....everytime I think I have nothing to write about it turns into half a novel time my child (re: kicking nurse dude to curb lol)

4ever..girl I was too, and she doesn't make sense at all nothing she says or does matched up.

living single...yes!!!! I was rolling when they were calling them folks out.

tenacious..girl I was like a grill, I mean I thought you were a pretty boy....WOW...I got my "stove" back I could care less if I talk to her LOL

luvin me...of course you do cause it was you LOL. I need my own space so I can scream about how you get on my nerves and then slam the door in your face LOL

stilt....I'm gonna have to do something and quick cause he thinks he gonna slide on in and that ain't happening.

July 18, 2006  

He wants to meet the parents? WTH? Im sorry but I would have burst out laughing...

I have always loved back to school shopping!

You , me and Dupree... Kinda whack but im not into comedies.

July 18, 2006  

Men be leaving me confrused and discombubulagted i dont have time to figure them out......let that had been u wanting to meet his paents and he woulda been like shawty slow down.....CHILLLLLLL

July 18, 2006  

i feel you on not bringing a dude home unless ya'll are about to get married.
grills are scary. lol...
you know, i think Nurse Dude senses that he's on his way out and is desperately (and haphazardly) trying to hold on.
me, you and dupree: two thumbs down! i wouldn't even pay to see it at the dollar movies.
hey, i go to Georgia State!

July 18, 2006  

Thanks for giving ol' girls info.

Sorry to hear about nurse dude. I think that the grill part is funny as hell though but at least now you know. LOL

July 19, 2006  

did you say "SIKE"....boy that's funny...

July 19, 2006  

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