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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ohh YEA!!

Ok, so I was a bad girl last night...but do I care NOPE!!!

Sometimes men have to know that you aren't taking the games, the BS and if need be you put it on them to make them remember who you are when they aren't around.

Let's just say that Nurse Dude (D in other posts) was callin out for me and I made sure he know what the deal was. LOL..perhaps that's TMI but this is my damn blog and I do what I want LOL

He came over after work, probably cause as some of you stated he's feeling himself slippin out the pic and he might be trying to remain secure. So he comes over, he ate, we watched tv..then came time for the dreaded talk.

I was like so what's up with you not callin when you say you're going to or coming through when you say you are. He paused look at me (I can't resist sexy lips so I had to look away) and proceeded to apologize because he's been working overtime to pay off some bills and get some stuf for himself for his bday. I was like ok, but how come you couldn't tell me this. You got me thinking that 1st there is some other chic (he informed me that no it wasn't, do I believe him...the jury is still out on that one) or 2 he really is working himself into an early grave.

I told him that I wanted to do this whole thing for his bday weekend and he was really inconsiderate when he said that he wanted to do something else but hey it's his bday he can do what he wants. He said he had no excuse for what he's done and that he knows he messed up. Do I buy it? Partially LOL. Maybe I was partially blinded by how he was looking at me (he has a way of lookin through his eye lids) it drives me insane....or perhaps it was the fact that when we women get close to the time for our "you know who" to come we get extra, extra horny so dang on horny that we will do you morning, noon and night and then tell you to shut up and get back to work LOL...or is that just me. Ah well.

After we got interrupted...I can't remember whether I caused that interruption or if he did LOL. But anyway we continued this lil talk. He's on this whole I'm turning 25 thing and I need to make some changes and I was like yea that's true. Then he says he wants to settle down and what not....silence. I'm thinkin I hope this negro ain't about to ask me to marry him....LOL LOL LOL...nah he didn't cause I would have been like boo what the hell I haven't even known you for a year. I aint' that pressed to get can find some other chic for that.....and when I do get engaged aint' gonna be no we dont' have no date...we having a date..and I ain't eloping. I want to many gift to be running and getting married in Vegas LOL

So I was like well what do you want from me.....and he said I want you. I want you to forgive me for how I've been acting and I want you to know that I do care about you and you're beautiful, intelligent and caring. I need that in my life..I need you. Ummm I turned around at that point cause I didn't know what to say and I was still kinda pissed cause he didnt' deserve to get none LOL I told him that I ain't with the games and he needs to start talking to me more about what's going on. I'm still trying to figure him the elimination process has slowed down..I've added a couple more days to his life line LOL...maybe it's the fact that I'm still trying to figure out if I love Constant because he's in my comfort zone and because he's always been there and I know he finally loves me back and the moment has passed....ah well. What's a girl to do...get a dang on drink that's what I need to do.

I know ya'll like this chic is insane, she goes from one dude to the other but oh well.....leave if you dont like what I got to say LOL..then again can I really tell if you leave or not..NO so what do I care LOL. No one has a ring on Honey's finger and this whole as the honey pot fills or whatever you wanna call it does make for good blogging doesn't it I'll definately have something to tell the kids about how I met their dad and all that jazz. Me and Killa be crackin up at dudes, tryin to run game and only running themselves away from the game.

I ate me a poptart (just one...Cinnamon Bun flavor umm so good), drank some V8 and was passed out. Got up this morning and of course he wanted to get some more..but I had to be to work..I love am penis but oh well did I just say penis lol..Honey needs to stop reading Stilt's Blog...I'm starting to sound like her.

I put a new pic on my profile and took the one off my blog page so go to my profile look at the new pic and let me know what you think :) thanks a bunch

Sista was walking funny this morning LOL....

and I'm off to get some more

sike I can't get none at work

then again can I?

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have fun.. dont take dudes too seriously & live & let live... that way you can have fun & what's supposed to be, will be w/o you being stressed out about it!

July 20, 2006  

ttd..I def feel ya. I'm learning that when I'm suppose to settle down I'll know it and act accordingly but till then I'm doing me.

July 20, 2006  

I.LOVE.MORNING.PENIS. it makes the day GREAT especially whe you don't have 2 ask for it!!!!!

Have fun ma!!!! you're young and free.......

July 20, 2006  

You can't walk huh? But don't you feel great!! Isn't work so much better? Your face all glistening....

July 20, 2006  

dee...hey girl!!! Ain't that the truth...sitting here thinking about it all over again...I need to stop before none of my work gets done LOL I know why you always got a penis in your face LOL..sike let me stop..thighs is throbbing and what not LOL

July 20, 2006  


you gotta do you, sis. i might tell you to kick these brothas to the curb but i only do it cuz i don't want you to get caught up. bottom line gotta do you. ain't no judgments here.

all that said, i ain't mad atcha! i want me some dick NOW. NOW DAMNIT.

July 20, 2006  

[Eating popcorn] I'm just aghast at the debauchery going on here, LOL.

Nice picture, by the way.

July 20, 2006  

"perhaps it was the fact that when we women get close to the time for our "you know who" to come we get extra, extra horny so dang on horny that we will do you morning, noon and night and then tell you to shut up and get back to work LOL...or is that just me"

^^^naw thats me too, i thought i was the only one

what is up with everyone being worked like a part time job with the penis? Is this "I heart Penis" month and why the f*ck didnt I get my newsletter?!

July 20, 2006  

nikki...I know girl and I'm learning to seperate the drama from getting the penis LOL...does that make sense...anywho I gotta do me a sista got needs and he's meeting at least those right now. I got mine you betta get yours LOL

freaky...Once again you bring no popcorn for and you gonna have to fight...aww thanks for the compliment on the pic....

tenacious...umm we might have to update the mailing list LOL..sorry

July 20, 2006  

Red is one of your colors...

It's not morning penis, it's morning DICK dagonit! LOL

Do you Honey, if you like it, I love it, just be careful. That freedom can hurt you!

July 20, 2006  

Wow. Thats all I can say.

I guess Nurse Dude has a good understanding of your female anatomy.

July 20, 2006  

@ Honey, chile I didn't pay $42, it retails at $42...LOL, I got that b*tch for $24.50

Girl I heart Light Blue, it's my fav., I kept the box too LOL

Ima make a basket of "smell goods" for old girl b/c it's too hot today for all that sh*t, I might have to slap a b*tch

CUTE pic by the way, u rockin the sh*t out that dress!

July 20, 2006  

lady...thank you think I wasn't even gonna get that dress my roomie (killa) talked me into getting it...yea I def feel ya which is why I'm gonna have to try harder in keepin nurse dude he's gonna be out as soon as Constant comes home..sad I know but oh well.

epsilonius...yes he sure does LOL

tenacious....I was about to say girl..I was like what the heck that Light blue ain't nothin but the truth..yea make sure you add some Dove in there for oh girl the way that dress was 9.99...I love a good sale LOL

July 20, 2006  

LMAO.... Girl get yours!!!! Im feeling you on the "morning penis" . Don't that shit just make mornings more fun?

I love the pic by they way!

July 20, 2006  

Hey In my opinion it aint nothing wrong that your doing.....Your livin...aint nothing wrong with tmi, like you said its your blog dammit!!!! Damn why couldn't no one do something for my b-day????

July 20, 2006  

msnhim...I'm doing what I got to do LOL (Thanks girl)

Robert...LOL...that's what I say ah well....someone will do somethin for your bday sooner or later...hopefully sooner :)

July 20, 2006  



July 20, 2006  

Aint no such thing as TMI on a blog. Keep telling it. And the profile pic is hot!!!

July 20, 2006  

LOL. All my friends are like "dammit I didn't start saying penis and crotch till I started hanging with you" I'm very infectious....hahahahahaha.

Anyways darling, RN dude is full of shit. I'm not going to tell you again...

July 21, 2006  

diggin the new pic.....hey play the field, nothing wrong with it

July 21, 2006  

GP...ummm no I'm not LOL. I am no where near skinny.

T..I kinda figured that but you know how some people are LOL..thanks on the profile pic

stilt..yea you've rubbed off on me..and yes I know he is full of booboo but ummm LOL..sike there is no but lol

no1...thanks girlie...and nope I just need to get it out of my system LOL

July 21, 2006  

Just have fun with nurse dude. He seems like he's trying.

July 21, 2006  

Girl you are a trip. I write about men and the same BS on my blog. Come check me out sometime.

July 22, 2006  

Just do you and live like you want too....

July 23, 2006  

enjoy urself to the fullest girl that's the way to live life...

July 23, 2006  

well damn Honey.....just damn!

July 23, 2006  

dONT PUT ALL your eggs in one basket..if you wanna HUMP then life

July 24, 2006  

Like the new picture.......i need to see a close up

July 24, 2006  

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