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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Mid 20's Itch

Aight so although I have a lot going on social wise what the heck is going on in the rest of my life. I wish life did stop just with the social aspect but who wants to be a party animal all their!! Sike nah I'm jokin

I've heard that once you get to like 23-25 you start to feel like you're not doing anything with your life and you're a loser. Well I've been getting that itch since I graduated from college and didn't go straight to grad school but started to work. I've gone through deciding to go to paralegal school, to going to law school to finally going to grad school. I know I'll probably become a lawyer one day but I want to be concrete in that decision so that I won't regret the time and money that it's going to take to get there.

You see so many people your age who are making moves and you feel like you're a bum, even though you have a great job, you don't rely on your parents and your making it. But you feel like you're missing something. Don't ya just hate that....some people our age (20-25) are billionaires or are married with children...I mean dang did I miss the memo at my HS that I was suppose to be married with at least one child by the time I was 23, and if I didn't have kids then I should be married or if I wasn't married then I should have had a kid by now....I can barely take care of me LOL...or Gizmo for that matter I know he be like if this chic don't stop talkin to me like I'm her kid I'm gonna bite her tail....LOL LOL

Well, within the last month I've decided that Im going to grad school. Well actually I made that decision right after I saw how much law school was going to be LOL. But a homie of mine (who says that anymore LOL) is going to be starting grad school in the fall. Well with her being my motivation I decided that I needed to do something with all this talk that I've been doing. So the rest of this summer will be spent studying for and taking the GRE's. I have decided to go to grad school next fall. Full Time. I can't do half stepping even if I have to work full time I need to do this. I can't keep talking and saying I'm gonna do something and then get comfortable with this 9-5. Cause truth be told I'm not meant to be someone's assistant for the rest of my life. Some people are made for it...not Honey. Sometimes my boss will ask me to do stuff and I be on the verge of sayin do it your own dang on self then I remember it's what I get paid to do LOL.....

I know I want to go to an HBCU (I went to a diverse undergrad university figured I'd try the whole I'm black experience lol sike let me stop) so that narrows down my choices and the fact that I already know what I want my major to be narrows it down even more. I got a BA in Criminology so I'm going to get my masters in Criminal Justice. So last night I pulled out my grad school book and ran down the list of what school has my majors then checked those against the HBCU list. I've narrowed it down to the following: University of MD Eastern Shore (my mommie went there figured it'd be nice to go to her alma mater), Howard University, Coppin State, Clark Atlanta and Florida A & M. So as you can see the first three are probably my top choices just because they are in the area and it won't take that much upheavel to change from working to going to school..but I'm going to apply to all of them and whoever gives me the best deal is where I'm headed LOL....clark atlanta is probably my last choice though..I have nothing against the school in fact i applied there for undergrad and got accepted, it's just last on my list.

I feel so much better having made a decision. I feel great knowing that I'm about to make a life altering decision which will affect me for the rest of my life. If I dont do it now, I won't do it so it's time to make things happen. Don't just talk about it, be about it.....whoooo hooooo. So come next fall I'll either be working and going to school full time or going to school full mom asked me what I would do with my things I said well depending on if I can find something I'll work and just get a lil apt...if not I'll bring my stuff home and put it in the shed..she busted out laughing informing me that there is no room in the that means I'm gonna have to save and be on the hunt for a job just in case I have to get an apt...I can't move on campus with an apt load of furniture LOL

On another note I hate blogger I can't even post pics ERRRRRR

I'm bout to get like one of my favorite bloggers and leave you with a question (I wonder if you know her)....

What's a decision that you've made but haven't stuck to and what's stopping you from following through?

I've stopped scratching......

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Congratulations on deciding to go back to school. Good luck with that.

As long as you're happy or actively doing something to put you in a position to be happy that's what matters. I'm sure at least some of the married with children folks you know wish they were in your shoes. I'm learning that defining your life in terms of other people's standards is futile and will only make you miserable or bitter.

July 13, 2006  

I decided to go back to Grad school a few years after college, but then realized that I needed a full time job to pay for it. Then I just got lazy and tired of school.

July 13, 2006  

Freaky...thanks, it's very true that you can't keep trying to keep up with the Jones' cause you'll be doing and outdoing them for the rest of your I'll just do me LOL

t.cas, we'll see how this goes. I have to do something cause I can't keep doing what I'm doing now till I'm 60 LOL

July 13, 2006  

oh wow, i totally feel where you're coming from in this post. i'm 23 and doing very well (by some people's standards) but personally, i want to be at a much higher level.
please don't get me started on grad school. i'm in it now, working on a 2nd Master's. (starting this fall, i'll be working full time and going to school part time; we'll see how that works out.) i like the level of thinking required in grad school, but i don't like all the work you have to do (the reading of 20 page articles and the papers, and whatnot). but, they are necessary evils.
to answer your question, i said i'd earn a Ph.D., and even got accepted into a program. i'm not following through because i know i need a few more years to get my research interests focused and to earn some real money. i can't stand the broke life of a grad student.
anyway, i didn't mean to tell you my life story. i just got in a zone. congrats on making the decision to go to grad school and good luck with getting yourself prepared for it.

July 13, 2006  

i know who you talking ' it crazy ass liquor and tv? let me explain to you about CAU...i had that same vision..until i saw how much it was..i' like DAMN!!! even though Clark-Atlanta is one of the best schools to get an MBA from...good luck..i'm thinking about going back myself...

July 13, 2006's all good I do the same thing...congrats to you for even doing what I'm trying to do LOL....I know it's gonna be hard but I have to do it now or I'll never do it.

sarccastik...nah it's not liquor and tv. try again. I heard clark atlanta is aight but I think University of MD and Howard are my top two...

July 13, 2006  

Hey Honey!

I'm so proud of you! Thats great news. Congrats on going back to school!

July 13, 2006  

Well I have made the decision to stay in school forever so that I will never have to pay off school loans...once I eventually get my phD...I will then start on certificate courses, I call this the "Lifetime Deferrment Plan (i think I mght post a blog on this...lmao!

congratulations and going to grad school...good luck

July 13, 2006  

congrats on going back to school

I swear I thought I was the only one who felt that way, it seems like all the 23-25 year olds I know are the exact same way, I'm like damn did I miss the memo, glad Im not the only one who feels like that

I think right now Im in the T Cas stage "lazy and tired of school". I want to go back and get my Masters but at the same time I don't. I have been looking at schools though

July 13, 2006  

I hope you go through with the Grad school idea. I fully support you.

July 13, 2006  

I see you with the questions...

I made the descion to be married by the time I was 25...I was delayed a little, but it's coming soon.

Congrats on going back to school...

July 14, 2006  

Grats on going back to school, it's not all that easy once you stop. But fortunately I'm a hound for doing what I want to do so I can't say there's much I've passed over and now egret it.

July 14, 2006  

Luvin me..I do what I can I think you might have rubbed off on me when I wrote this post LOL

July 14, 2006  

GOod luck with that......I only wish I was fortunate enough to go back to school cuz its harder as u get older.....they want u to pay for school now..tell u made 2 much money..blah blah blah......Tee said it best...they dont want u to work but u gotta pay for good luck....

July 14, 2006  

I'm glad that I went straight to grad school right after graduating, cause from what I hear, it's no joke whatosever. Good luck with it all!!

July 14, 2006  

Congrats girl! I was thinking about going back to school myself but Im also thinking about getting a house so we'll see what happens

July 14, 2006  

Yay for going back to school. Full time work and school is tough. There won't be many nights at the H2O I can tell yah that! Congrats!

July 14, 2006  

Get it gurl! What a great decision. I guess people feel like they aren't about shit at that age because they weren't doing anything to be about shit a few years before. Now that you've decided to be about it, a few years from now, you'll have one more accomplishment under your belt and one more capability at your disposal. God bless the child that's got her own.

Ask for the question, always wanted to learn a foreign language and learn to play an instrument. Still have done neither.

July 15, 2006  

luvin me is one of my fav bloggers too :-)

i said i was going to get my A+ certification this summer.. what's stopping me? My laziness & the fact that I'm having too much fun.

There are some schools out there dont require the GRE/GMAT (my school didnt!) But it's not a HBCU...

July 15, 2006  

u better go girly!!!!!
i'm proud of u.
umes is's in tha boonies tho. lol

u r gonna do great!

July 15, 2006  

when I graduated from college in 1978 I didnt think I ever wanted to go back to school. hell I didnt need to. but at 45 I needed to and went back part time. I received my masters in 2005. So you are truly on the right track. And dont listen to that ticking that tells you to hurry. Do it at your own pace. And BE something when you get out. Thankfully you have a family of supporters in bloggerland.

July 16, 2006  

Congrats on making a decision to attend grad school. You are young so you do have time to make changes later in life should you choose to add law later. What's a decision I made....going to work on my PHD but I am thinking about doing it in the fall.

July 16, 2006  


Recently I faced the same decision: going back to school or finding a new job.

Of course I started my job last week.

We are -->HERE<-- on the 23-25 crisis! Folk are married, having kids, and making good money. And all I really want to know is what am I doing wrong??? I mean being settled with kids is NOT what I want right now, but I feel like I should be doing more. I mean I do alright, but why shouldn't I do better?

To answer your question - ummm... to clearly define the next five years of my life. I haven't done it because I'm having a hard time figuring out where I'll be two years from now! LOL. I guess grad school? Maybe? Fall '07 would be the earliest. I knew I couldn't go back immediately following undergrad because it would only be a way for me to get out of facing "the real world". and then plus i hated it so much last time. I'll either end up in GA, FL, or TX for school.

July 16, 2006  

for me its starting my own business - whats holding me back ? indecisiveness ( did i spell that right )

July 17, 2006  

Very very interesting....perhaps I should write another post than writing comments huh LOL...ah well

July 17, 2006  

okay...your killin' me who is the blogger....

July 17, 2006  

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