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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Love Notes.......

So remember when I said that Constant had been sending me letters and what not. I decided to share something he wrote to me. It's my blog so if you aint' in a lovey sappy mode then move the heck on LOL..sike I'm jokin

Enjoy cause I did...I probably read this about once a week makes me smile and think of him. I pray that he is safe over there while saving the many Americans who are trying to get out of Lebenon and the surrounding war zones.

Getting off the elevator you can faintly hear Usher singing words of love and lust. It causes you to pause and think. As you walk down the hall to the room, you think about how long its been since we've seen each other. Your mind wonders back to the last time we were together. You think about how long its been since our lips touched, how much you have missed all of this. You finally reach the room and you notice that the door is slightly open. You knock, but there is no answer so you walk in. When you enter the room you are surrounded by the smell of vanilla and black love. You pause in the middle of the floor as you see the all the candles burning around the room and the rose petals on the floor. You are so caught up in the moment that you don't hear me walk up behind you. "Hey there stranger" I say with a grin on my face. You try to turn around but I wrap my hands around you so that you can't move. I want to savior this moment, the moment I got my woman back. I take in everything about you. I'm not sure of the scent you're wearing but it intoxicates my senses and for a brief moment I can't move. Damn, I missed my baby I think to myself.

I take my hands from around you and you slowly turn around. Our eyes meet and it's as if all the air has been sucked out of the room and time has frozen. We can't take our eyes off our each other, we're like two people meeting for the very first time. You look at me as if I'm a familiar stranger. You try to talk but I put my finger over your lips to stop you. I don't want to ruin this moment with words that can wait to be said. For now we will let our bodies do the talking!

I lean forward to kiss you b/c Lord knows I've missed those lips. You try to kiss me but I lean back, I'm running the show right now. I run my hand over your hair and trace the back of your neck with my fingernail. I think you like it b/c you give a small smile. Leaning back in I tease your lips with mine, not wanting to miss any part of you and savor every moment of this. I lick your lips and suck one. Damn how I love to do that! Usher is flowing around the room asking "can you handle it if I go there baby with you?" I'm asking you the same question with my eyes. You give me this look that says you can handle any and everything I wanna do and give to you. I knew that you could.

You slowly run your hands over my chest, feeling the way my body has changed. I know full well that you wanna feel and see everything that's underneath my shirt. Be patient, all in due time. I reach down and pull your shirt up over your head. If you could see what I see. Your body is just glowing off the candlelight. The sight of it sends chills up my spine and makes me want to unwrap the rest of you like a present, but I'm gonna take my time tonight. I wrap my arms around your neck, you put your arms around my waist and we together get lost in our own world and in our own time. It's as if the music has wrapped itself around us and is keeping the beat in our bodies. You feel so good up against my skin. You lay your head on my chest, and I wish that life could be like this every moment of the day. Your hands slowly move from my waist to my hips and down further to my butt. I guess you like what you feel b/c you don't seem to be in a rush to move your hands.

In one swift motion, My hand is lifting off whatever you have left on up top, I don't wanna stall anymore, I want to see what my baby has in store for me. I keep my eyes locked on yours as I reach to undo your bottom. They fall to the floor, you step out of them and kick them to the side. You are standing before me with almost nothing on. I put my hands at your side and slide your panties off. Even though it's killing me not to, I don't look down at your good stuff yet. It's calling my name, but for now I refuse to answer. I turn you around and push you down on the bed. I climb on top of you and begin to kiss you with all the life I have in me. I have waited oh so long for this. I take my time kissing down your body, never missing a spot. I nuzzle my nose in the crook of your neck, smelling your womanly smell again. I continue kissing down your neck, to your chest, making sure to give your nipples a little extra love too! I make my way down your chest until I get to your belly button. I kiss from one end of your waist line to the other. I know you're anxious to feel my mouth on you, but you've waited this long, what is a few more seconds or minutes?

I introduce my hand your good stuff, taking my time to get acquainted. I look at it, feel every thing you have to offer. Lord, how I've missed all this!!!! I don't take my eyes off you as my head wanders down south to taste your goodness. I almost lose my breath trying to make you come too fast. I compose myself and prepare for the task at hand. Your good stuff has a sweet taste to it. I smile, knowing that you are getting a kick out of this. I loose myself in a trance as I'm in a zone getting my rhythm going. I can tell you are enjoying what I'm doing b/c you stroke the back of my head. As I continue to please you with all my might your toes begin to curl and I hear them crack.Your legs begin to shake and your calf muscles tighten and I know you're about to erupt. I pull away from you b/c I'm not ready for you to cum just yet. I make my way back up to you and kiss you.

You turn me over on my back and stare into my eyes. You start to make the journey over my body. You are like a hunter trying to find the best and most precious treasure in the world. As you kiss me all over my face and neck your hands make their way to my secret hiding place. Your fingers play in the hairs of my place. You tease me not wanting to move too fast. My back arches as you finally find my spot. You don't move your hand as you continue to make your way down. Then you come back up and stare at me again. The moans that are seeping out of my throat are like none I have ever heard before. Thats b/c I have never truly made love to anyone that I truly loved with all my heart, mind, body and soul.

You find the trail you left behind and continue to follow it. You kiss from my chest to my bellybutton, not missing a spot. I can feel you staring at my secret place, wanting to go there but not sure if I'm ready. I look at you and smile, giving you the green light to make it happen. And you do. You take your time making love to my body with your mouth. Again my back arches as you find my spot, not letting it go. Your tounge is like velvet on my skin and I can no longer contain myself. I lock my knees and my body begins to shake and take on a life of it's own. And even though I'm giving you my self you still wont let go.

I can't take it anymore! As good as this feels I have to have me inside you. As though you understood exactly what I wanted you come back up and kiss me. We continue to kiss as I enter you. Once again, I forget how good you are, how you fee and have to brace myself for you. It doesn't take long for our bodies to realign themselves with each other. It's amazing how it seems like my dick was made to fit you. For the next few hours we make up for lost time, losing ourselves in each other. We both cum again and again and again, not wanting to let go or for this to be over.

Finally, we both need a break. I move to pull out of you, but you stop me. I don't ever want you to go away again. The candles burned out hours ago, so we lay in the dark holding each other. You kiss my forehead and I listen as your heartbeat and realize that my heart is beating the same pace. Thats when I truly know that I love you and that this was meant to be.

I miss you baby!!!

See why I miss him so...just when I get ready to slap his tail he does somethin like this..he keeps me on my toes :)

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30 Comments: - THIS is why his nickname is CONSTANT!!! :D He's a keeper if ya ask me...!

WOW...that's all I can say...enjoy him honey!!


July 26, 2006  

That's my suga :)

I'll enjoy him when he comes home in December LOL

July 26, 2006  

okay...this is a test...(working on my new hustle)...

July 26, 2006  

gud work keep it up

July 26, 2006  

okay that's some pimp shyt...i might use something like that on wifey....

July 27, 2006  

No wonder he's still around. That sounded like something out of a love novel...

July 27, 2006 hustle huh LOL...I ain't mad at ya...we women love the love notes :)

loverboy...we'll see what he does

luvin me...see I tried to tell ya :) LOL just when I think he doesn't get it he does something like this..makes me cheese all day

July 27, 2006  

This ain't copywrited is it? *stealing to use at a later date*

July 27, 2006 you gonna steal stuff off my page LOL..I'm gonna have to put a low jack on this...LOL

July 27, 2006  

Uhhh I think I need an for the VaB lookout.One.

July 27, 2006 are funny LOL....I'm gonna remain on the lookout cause I need stuff to do if I go down there too :)

July 27, 2006  

See what marriage does, I am lucky if I get the words, woman come give me some ass! jk lmao!

damn that boy is if nothing else good to keep around for the morale. i say get you a starting line up, your single. you got the poet, you need a youngin, a sugar daddy, the "nice" guy and the eye candy you will have your starting 5 and then you can move onto your reserves! :)

July 27, 2006  

Damn!!! Thats all I can really say. He must miss him some Heny-Libra!!

July 27, 2006  

Girl he is a straight keeper

**wipes slobs off mouth while glaring at boyfriend...How comes he doesnt write me sexy things?**

Hmmpt, the most I get is a text asking am I cooking tonight...LOL

And that's sexy! LOL

So I guess in December we should stop expecting posts....You'll be too "busy" ;-)

July 27, 2006  

L....well if he keeps along this path I'm gonna be expecting it. You are correct in me being single but he is playing my weakness right notes and the such Hmmm can I resist LOL..on the next episode LOL

epsilonius....yep he sure does and he tells me that in every email that I get from him :) has me cheesing LOL

Tenacious....LOL, when I read it I was like awww did you write this LOL..I think he got mad cause I was doubting the skills...and ummm yes I will be busy around the beginning of December LOL....or the whole month we'll see :)

July 27, 2006  

send him a roll of stamps please.

July 27, 2006  

stilt....LOL, you are too funny

July 27, 2006  

Is it me or did it just get really HOTT in here? LOL

July 27, 2006 you see why I miss him got hot the first time i read this haha

July 27, 2006  

The story was hot, but I am just waiting to see what he is doing a month or so after he gets back home...

July 27, 2006  

Lady..yea it was but as always I'm remembering that as well....we'll see how long this lovey stuff lasts when he touches down...but I'm lovin it all the same while he's gone LOL

July 28, 2006  

damn! he's as long-winded as you! LOL! j/k

that was really sweat :-)

July 28, 2006  

ttd...LOL, you crazy perhaps that why I love him so much cause sometimes he sooo quiet and other times he can talk just as much as I can :) LOL

July 28, 2006  

oooh! Honey!
I see why youz in LUB with him :)
He was makin' me blush!! hahaha!

July 30, 2006  

just reading that makes me blush! who needs romance novels when you can read stuff like that? :)

July 30, 2006  

wow...prolific...ain't love grand?!

July 31, 2006  

Wow that was one long as letter (lol).

And I though my stories were long. ;o)

SD (Back Inna Hizzy)

August 01, 2006  

They always know when its time to step up...and so they do...

August 01, 2006  

well hot damn.....i need a moment alone with that letter *blush*

August 01, 2006  

very intense! one day at a time. follow ur gut and be realistic to thy self. remember ur young and not a fool. keep ur mind open and see were destiny may lead u.

August 02, 2006  

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