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Thursday, August 24, 2006


So sometimes I dabble in poetry as everyone does LOL..this is something that I posted on yahoo 360 and a friend added to it (and no it's not about Constant LOL, it's just something that was going on in my brain). His lines are in color (It's called No need):

There is no need for me to explain myself…you already know,

what I think before I think it, what I need before I need it, because you are the wind, that I breathe,

There is no reason to question,the depth of my love for you…because I am always here,

through the good times,and the bad, when all is quiet,or when storms rage outside,I am here, and you know it.

There is no need for time to stop, no second-guessing to leave me wonderingwhat if, there is

no need for self-doubt,or self-hatred, nor is there a need for pity,because of you, self has

become a we, each moment with you fills me with longing, for the next breath, the next

taste,the final thrust of lovemaking, there is no need to want anymore for happiness, because

I have finally realized that, I have it in you and there is no need, to ever change that
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I sure hope this isn't about Constant.

August 24, 2006  

stilt...LOL umm no boo boo haha.

August 24, 2006  

that's nice... i could just imangine you saying it.. and then i dude coming in to complete the lines...

August 24, 2006  

oooh i like that a lot! nice stuff chica!

August 24, 2006  

I always enjoy collabs!

August 24, 2006  

Beautiful creation!! :D I'm with ladynay - I love me some collabs. Honey - I didn't know you had it in you - you've been holdin out on me!!!


August 24, 2006  

ttd..thanks girlie it surprised me

the l...I wrote what i wrote and then he came in it was quiet nice.

ladynay....i do as well

just me..thanks girlie...what can I say i was tryin to be hush hush LOL, but i had nothin to write about so I posted this.

August 24, 2006  

Great poem...I like the way you show the collaborative effort. Many people hide poems away which limits the art form. Thanks for sharing!

August 24, 2006  

lol@stilt. lawd...

what i wanna know is who did the collab WITH you, hehehe

August 24, 2006  

That was nice...

And I'm with nikki... I wanna know...

August 25, 2006  

bionic..thanks the collab came out of nowhere and I'm ever thankful that he even shared

nikki...surprisingly just some random guy who reads my blog LOL and yes stilt is a character LOL

luvin me..thanks...he suggested that we collaborate more often LOL

August 25, 2006  

LOL @ some random dude.. ok.. some random dude that tightened that up to say.. HELLO.. look at me :)

good job.. I like ;)

August 25, 2006  

BK...LOL that's what I said at first and yes he is soo random I don't even know what he looks like LOL

August 25, 2006  

Thats hot!

August 25, 2006  

The piece is definitely different now, you might want to consider
re-posting it minus his contribution;?

August 26, 2006  

hell yeah for the collaboration piece!!!!!

August 28, 2006  

oooh me likes this one :-)

August 28, 2006  

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