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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I need to understand that things aren't going to be easy

...... you to give me my space even when you think I don't need it

...... you to love me inspite of

....... you to realize that how I feel about you just won't fit into words to promise that we'll always be there for one another to promise that when times get hard we'll rely more on love than doubt admit to myself that I love you realize that love takes time understand that maybe I'm just not ready

..........thank God each day for you being in my life understand that patience is a virute love like there's no tomorrow and dance like no one is watching understand that you aren't perfect but I love you just the same understand that this moment in time was bound to happen not question God's divine reasoning stop playing around with how I feel hug you, feel you, kiss you admit that I know what to do I'm just not doing it own it, face it and deal with it continue to ask God for patience and strength as I face my own self each day pray that he keeps you safe and that you know know just how much he loves you realize that I can't let others opinions determine my path admit that I care, that I miss you that I love you understand that life ain't no crystal stair

.............for life to stop kicking my tail

...........for the sun to shine on me just once

.............a hug from my mommie

....................a good cry be me cause that's all I know how to do get away from all this thinking much that it pains me sometimes to think that i'm being so needy

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Telling the ain't easy.

August 23, 2006  

mrstj...hey girl!!! It sure ain't

August 23, 2006  

Love careful...HUGS

August 23, 2006 always makes me laugh when I type that LOL..thanks for the HUGS they are needed...

August 23, 2006  

a good cry always helps!

August 23, 2006  


August 23, 2006  

This post is the truth. This one is so hard for me to learn with friends " admit that I know what to do I'm just not doing it". It's so hard to watch your girls walk the plank. Take care.

August 23, 2006  

Honey...thank you for this. I needed this today! Can I borrow it? ;)

You keep your head up...don't worry about others...and do YOU!! God is not ever going to give you more than you can take.


August 23, 2006 sure does

thoughts..thanks girl

mizz's so hard to help everyone else and not know how to help yourself

just me..your welcome sure feel free :0 it was in my brain and I had to let it out

August 23, 2006  

GREAT post. I just wanna know what you got against okra?


Smooches Chica!

August 23, 2006  

I feel you... you know what you need and knowing is half the battle (GI JOE 1986)

August 23, 2006  

you sure do need a

August 23, 2006  

I think everyone feels that way at some point and time..but a good cry helps

August 23, 2006  

everyone feels this way...even me :-)

August 23, 2006  

At least you are being up front about what you need-
that's not needy-that's reality!


August 24, 2006  

I feel this post even tho' I don't currently relate to the love stuff....

August 24, 2006  

Girl even when u NOT IN LOVE.. you feel this way.. so its all good..

It's gone take time.. ESPECIALLY since it was a good what.. 4 years of your life?? Shyt ain't going away over night cause if it did.. it wouldn't have been love...

Take time.. FOR YOU.. sit on your couch.. and CRY.. watch a movie and CRY.. talk to ya friends and CRY...get that shyt out ya system.. CRY CRY CRY.. let that shyt go and as the tears stream down your face, allow yourself to be uplifted.. cleanse your spirit and remember to LOVE YOU.. just cause you are OUT OF LOVE from a relationship.. DOESN'T MEAN YOU FALL OUT OF LOVE WITH YOURSELF


August 24, 2006  

beautiful post, luv. it's so vulnerable and moving. ain't nothing wrong with needing.

August 24, 2006  

ditto what nikki said! and i'd like to add that vulnerability and emotion are always a plus in fabulous poetry writing... ;-)

August 28, 2006  

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