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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The End

..of the Love Notes post is here. Let me know what ya think :) Although it doesn't matter what you think (I'm the romantic one and he's the freak lol) cause he LOVED it.....

Part Three

Although we have all night, I grab your hand because we can come back to balcony later right now I have something else planned for you. Making sure that all the candles are still lit I begin to help you undress…I notice you are aroused and laugh because I have something else in mind and all of that loving will come later. You ask me why I still have my clothes on….I inform you that ok my robe is considered clothing but perhaps I have nothing underneath. I see you shake your head wondering how come I have to be so difficult. I take your hand and lead you to the bathroom. I open the door and I hear you sigh. The lights in the bathroom are out and the Jacuzzi tub is surrounded by candles. Bubbles are filled to the top. I push you in further, turn on the CD player, as the music plays you hear Jodeci singing…..what must I say, what can I do…to show how much I think about..... Your thoughts are interrupted as I tell you to step in the water. After you are seated I take off my robe and I hear you gasp as the candle light hits me. You notice that my hair is getting longer, you tell me you like it this way. It’s slightly cold and you notice that my nipples seem to have minds of their own, as if they are reaching out for your touch, they sense you near me. I step into the tub, and sit down across from you. Finally, we’re back in each others presence after being apart. My foot begins to trail up your chest and I laugh because I know how you don’t like feet too much. Knowing how much I want and need to be near you, I begin to move and as if you’ve read my mind you tell me stop acting shy and come sit between your legs. I glide through the water and sit between your legs. I sigh because it feels so good to finally be with you again, to be in your arms again, to finally be with my baby.

Part Four

You massage my shoulders and I begin to relax, my baby knows just how to touch me. But this moment right now is about you and making you realize just how much I’ve missed you. So I turn around you and stand up, allowing the water to drip down my body. I place myself right in front of you and sit down on your lap. I feel our bodies touch and it causes me to moan. Oh how I’ve missed you. I stare in your eyes. I love you and I missed you, I’m so glad that you’re here I say and you squeeze me tighter. I kiss you slowly and as I feel you bite and suck on my bottom lip I close my eyes and move my body as close to your body as I can. If we were any closer we would be Siamese twins. As we kiss, our bodies grind against one another and I feel your arousal on my thigh. As if our bodies have a mind of their own without us having to aid in their merging you enter me and I gasp. Funny how you seem to fit in just the right way. I moan because just as I’ve missed you, my body has missed you. Moving ever so slowly at first, we take our time getting to know one each others bodies all over again, but it's like we were meant to live in this moment because everything feels just right. I hear I’ll give you the red light special all through the night playing in the background and I smile cause that's what I have in store for you. You know just how I like it and although we’ve been apart it seems as if we’ve never left one another. We pick up right where we left off. Moving ever so slowly I lean forward and whisper in your ear that you feel so good. This must have aroused you because I hear you moan and you begin to move faster….I like the fact that you move ever so slowly at first and then move fast as if to stake claim to what you know is yours. I hear you say my name and it makes me smile because I love when you say my name. As if on cue we begin to ride out this tide of emotion, and I feel your legs begin to shake. I don’t want you to be alone in this moment so I focus on the moment and think about my baby. As we hold one another and ride out this wave we climax together.

Part Five

By the time we’re done the water has gotten cold and our skin had wrinkled. The CD has started to play again and you tell me to wait. You step out first grab the towels that are beside the tub and open one up for me and motion for me to get out. I step out into the towel and into your arms. We walk into the next room and I ask you if your hungry and you tell me that it can wait…right now you just want to feast on me. I laugh; smile and once again I realize just how much I’ve missed you. I reach in my bag and take out some oil…motion for you to lay on your stomach on the bed and begin to rub you down. I feel you relax as I start at the back of you neck and massage your shoulders. After the bath I know you are more relaxed that you were when you first walked in the door but I love the way you feel in my hands. I rub you down your back and as I reach the small of your back I feel you sigh. I ask what’s the matter and you moan so I know I'm doing a good job you then say you love the way my hands feel on your body. I smile and bend down to kiss your back. I tell you to turn over and as I straddle you, you make a move to massage my breasts. I close my eyes sigh and almost forget that it’s about you now not me. I move your hands bend over the side of the bed and take out something. I tell you to close your eyes. You feel your arms being lifted to the side of the bed and realize that you arms are being tied to the bed post. I don’t want you to touch me until I’m sure that you can’t take it anymore. After that’s taken care of I finish massaging you taking extra care to kiss each spot after I rub oil into it. I finally reach the treasure chest. He’s already ready and making his presence known so it’s my duty to show him attention. I take him in my hands and slowly bend down and take him in my mouth. Before I begin my assault I stop and you see me put something in my mouth. I lean back down and take you in my mouth. You feel a cold sensation and then a hot sensation. As you become aroused I lick each and every crevice of your treasure. Taking extra care to massage the area around it. I lick and kiss, kiss and lick until I feel you begin to move. I laugh because you can’t move as much as you would like to move because your hands are tied. I know what you like and in anticipation of your arrival, I made sure I learned some new tricks. I move it up and down while caressing it and showing you just how much your baby missed you and by now it’s glistening in the almost burnt out candlelight by my juices. I stop when I think you are on the brink of climax and move myself around so that we are in the 69 position. I know that’s one of your favorite positions and since my mission is to please you it’s only right that you get everything that you want. Knowing it might be hard for you to maneuver I untie your hands and as if waiting for me to do that you push me down so that your treasure is one again in my hands. As I begin my descent you take me in your mouth and I moan. You always know just the way I like it and that makes me love you even more. You begin to caress it at first then as if tasting fruit for the first time you begin to suck and nibble, and kiss and lick and at this point….I’m distracted for a second because I feel it coming again. The onset of another climax and it’s not far because I wanted to please you tonight but I realize that pleasing you means that I allow you to please me and I love you for that.

Part Six

As we once again embark on this climactic ride I realize that I can’t stop saying your name or telling you that I love you. I’ve missed you so much during this time that you were away. I waited for the day that we could be together, even played with myself at night with thoughts of what you do to me and how you make me feel. Just when I think it’s over you tell me to turn over and I know what’s coming, see how you anticipate my cravings. You enter me from behind and again we are heading over that cliff. The sweat from your brow drips onto my back and as you reach forward to carees me it amazes me how you feel just right, so perfect inside of me. As I push against you and you push against me I feel a tear roll down my face. I never knew we could connect so well with one another. Over and over and over and over again, it comes and just when I think I’m done another orgasm causes me to clinch and moan. I’ve stopped counting and to be honest I do each time we are together.

As the feeling of the orgasm passes over me, I sigh. I don’t want you to leave me, don’t even want to think about it right now. Just want to live in this moment. It’s as if time is standing still and this moment will never come to an end. I know it wont’ because it’s no longer a moment…it’s love and true love lasts forever.

You lay back on the pillow and I lay my head on your chest and I realize that not only am I feeling the after effects of you between my thighs but I feel the warmth of your release within me. Perhaps our first child was just created and if it was I know that it was created by love. I kiss you, squeeze you tight, tell you how much I love you for just being you and loving me. You rub my back, play in my hair and soon I hear the heavy sounds of your breathing. I hold my head up peek at you and take a glance at the clock. Get all the sleep you need because I plan to wake you up in about an hour to start all over again.

Keep me in your prayers I have maddd drama going on. Hopefully when it's over I'll be back.
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I need more e-towels. A lot more e-towels. Some Red Bull, some blue diamonds, and lots of e-towels.

Good luck with the drama.

August 04, 2006 anonymous huh crazy thanks shouldn't take that long to handle but you know how drama is

August 04, 2006  

Sorry to hear about the drama. I hope you have a good weekend in spite of it.

August 04, 2006  

drama = stress.. and the reliever for stress = going to the bar @ 10AM w/ a group of ur fellow bloggers! LOL! hope the drama ends soon

August 04, 2006  

Hey that's some stuff! lol

August 04, 2006  

I want someone to write me letters!!!!

August 04, 2006  

Glad to read and see folks doing the love thing, despite my hateration! LOL

Hope the drama is over.

August 06, 2006  

Hope the drama goes away. Hang in there...

August 06, 2006  

this is lots of steamy stuff going on here both of yall are whipped man:) lol......

an i know u'll make it thru the drama, don't let it get u down....all the best gal

August 06, 2006  

you got beef? I got the vasaline in the car, I got the hair in the crooked braids...what's good?!

Hope the drama is not "going to jail" heavy

And Diggz...Ima need you to pass me some e-towels

August 06, 2006  

...and I thought I was mushy.

Take care of that drama girl...

August 07, 2006  


August 07, 2006  

Honey - you are WRONG!!! No...wait a minute, you are so right! I think we ALL need some e-towels...Diggz you gonna hook us up? Damn girl...this was hot. I can't wait to read about Constant's response to this novela!!

*KEEP YOUR HEAD UP - drama don't last always! Oh - and if you want to talk about it? Here I am....*


August 07, 2006  

Very nice, I'm sure he will love reading this out at sea. I hope theres a private room for him to handle his business. LOL

August 07, 2006  


August 07, 2006  

I'm still going to need you to be a little more graphic with the crotch action.

August 08, 2006  

Ya'll playas are on your own. I'm out of towels and still have some cleanin up to do...lmao


August 08, 2006  

drama, if tenacious has the vaseline, i have the little plastic baggy to hold earrings and such!

and as for the letters....damn girl!

August 09, 2006  

gurl u had me day dreamin about my man and when i saw him last nite. i released the beast on him. a bwoy did he enjoy. i hope are ur imagination can be release on him. u desire it. if he come back with foolishness i got ur back!

August 10, 2006  

good luck with that...that don't sound like drama too me...

August 10, 2006  

I could use some of that drama. Lol.

August 11, 2006  

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