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Thursday, August 03, 2006


So Constant is out to sea and he sent me a lil story. If you missed it scroll down or go to the side to the post titled Love Notes. So after I read his I decided to send him a lil something, here's what I sent him


You’re anxious to get home because it’s been six long months since you’ve last seen me. You wonder if I look the same, smell the same or even feel the same. In our last correspondence I told you that I missed you and couldn’t wait to see you. You look at the piece of paper in your hand, take note of the address and make your way to your car. Pulling into to traffic you fight the urge to speed because this curiosity is killing you.

You pull up to the designated place with about a minute to spare, you know how she is about you being on time. You park, grab your luggage and hop out the car. You stop at the desk, give your name and as you are heading to the elevator you realize just how much you missed her and want to have her in your arms. As the elevator stops you step out, walk down the hall and stop in front of the door raise your hand to knock and realize that you have the key in your pocket. Placing the key in the slot, the light turns from red to green and you open the door.

Part One

Your eyes adjust from the bright light in the hallway to the dimly light room that you’ve just entered. You drop your bags by the door. The smell of incense drifts to your nose, you remember that her favorite scent is sex on the beach. You smile, remembering the last time you all were together, the things that you did, how you held her afterwards and wiped the tears from her eyes when she cried about you leaving. You notice that she has her things in the corner and you are temped to look in her bag of tricks to see what she has in store…but you stop because you want to see just what she has planned. You notice dinner in the corner; she must have known that you would be hungry. But what she doesn’t know is that what you’re hungry for can’t be feed by food. Where is she? You notice that there is a slight chill in the air and you walk over to the balcony door realizing that it’s been open all this time. It’s such an unseasonably warm night in December that you step out and take in the view.

Part Two

I’ve been watching you all this time from a chair in the corner. Wondering if you noticed that I was sitting there and of course you didn’t. You’re looking around the room and I know that you have seen my bags and are wondering what I have planned for the night. Guess you’ll have to wait and see. You walk over to the table and see the food. I know that you’re probably starving and I wanted to make sure that you were fed because I love taking care of my baby. I begin to speak then stop myself when I see you walk over to the balcony door and walk out.

Hi Baby, I miss you. You smile and begin to turn around to hug me but I wrap my arms around your waist. Ummm you smell so good and I am just realizing just how much I’ve missed you these last six months. I let you turn around, you smile at me and we finally embrace. You notice that I have on a light blue short silk robe….touching it makes you aroused and you wonder what I have on underneath. Knowing that you have a thing for heels I wonder if you notice my shoes. I see you look down and smile knowing just what you’re thinking.

I never knew that hugging you could feel so good. How much being in your arms brings me so much joy. You open your mouth and speak. Hi Baby, I couldn’t wait to get here, I would have been hear earlier…I stop you by kissing you. Your lips have always made me warm inside, I sense myself becoming aroused and I stop….I’ve waited 6 months to be with you I think I can wait a lil longer. You kiss me on my forehead, touch my face and as you stare in my eyes I know….that I love you.

....the rest will follow next post..didn't want to give you a post that was too long LOL. Have a great weekend.

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posted by Ms.Honey at 5:48 PM


boy it sounds like ya'll gonna be making up for lost time when dude get back....

as far as changing the name...i saw that it's george jefferson on our blog list couldn't be like no one else...i'm too playa for that...

August 03, 2006  

LOL..I was like what the heck is he doing. Yep, we sure are so count on a long post about that.

August 03, 2006  

I can't stand you Honey :-)

That is so sweet **still cuts eye at boyfriend**

August 03, 2006  

ooh gurl, i ain't mad at u.
i know it feels nice to love and be loved!

August 04, 2006  


Beautifully written, glad I found the page...I'll keep coming back.

AND you're in VA like me!

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The Message Board


August 04, 2006  

aw hell this ain't as juicy as his. The second half better be good dammit.

August 04, 2006  

Tenacious..LOL, you're funny

Diamond...I tell much as I might say he gets on my nerves sometimes I love him

eclecktic...thanks for coming by!! I'm gonna have to stop by you..VA all DAY!!!!

stilt..what can I say LOL....he has time to put more juice in his, well we'll see about the second part LOL (i'm the more hopeless romantic, he's the porn star)

August 04, 2006  

I love this mushy stuff...

Can't wait to hear the rest...

August 04, 2006  

thanks for doing 2 parts! LOL! j/k.... better tell roomie to stay somewhere else the weekend he comes home! LOL!

If you wanna come up tomorrow morning for the experiment... it's cool you can crash on the couch until you get sober enough to drive home... LOL!

August 04, 2006  

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December 01, 2006  

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December 03, 2006  

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December 09, 2006  

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December 10, 2006  

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