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Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend Roundup

So as many of you know my weekend starts when I wake up on Friday morning despite having to be to work :) But anyway work was work...I love working in a law firm since of course I want to eventually become a lawyer but it's Friday so my brain shuts down LOL...

After work I had a "date" and I use that term loosely after it was all said and done cause I was sooo blown by how it went down. I met M about 2 weeks ago at H2O and he's been trying to hang out since then but of course I only partially remembered what he looked like other than he had locs and was tryin to get me to dance with this white guy..but anyway he sent me a pic a day or so after we met up and me and the roomie were like ummmm hmmm we're still tryin to determine what we find not cute about him LOL..we just can't put our fingers on it.

So anyway we go out..he gets off work a lil later than usual and we decide to meet up at the Hoffman to do dinner and then movies. I get there before him, get a table and I wait....and wait...and wait....he gets there like 30 min after I've sat down. By this time I was annoyed I'm not use to waiting that long I could have left the house a lil later I could have grabbed something to eat and not eaten lol..anyway we order....he is somewhat ghetto which might also mean that I'm a tad bit bougie LOL...but hey it is what it you know I've had enough drama and I ain't tryin to add no one new in that mix. The first blower of the night was when the check came...SILENCE. I'm just a talking and what not and looking around..kinda ready to go cause dinner convo wasn't too stimulating and we all know how that goes. So he's like I should have told her to seperate them.....ERRRRRR (are you freakin kiddin me). I grabbed the receipt looked at it and was like they are....he says oh my bad I was reading it wrong. So then I'm just chillin drinking the rest of my water, glad that my daddy taught me to be prepared for moments like this and pulled out the card, while I'm doing this he hasn't even put his card in the lil receipt book. So after I put mine in he finally puts his card in. While he's doing this I'm thinking....I can't believe this negro invited me to dinner and I'm payin for my own food. STRIKE ONE!!!! Now trust and believe a sista ain't got no problem paying I've done it and No Drama can tell you that. I've even treated No Drama when we've gone out a couple of times....I'm a nice person, you work hard and so do I, but dang on it don't go Dutch and I don't know DAMN!

SO that's done and yep, I'm ready to go but he's like what movie do you want to see (he wanted to see Idlewild but that doesn't come out till this weekend, please stay up with the times boo, WOW) So we decide to see Talledega Nights, with Will Ferrell. We get in line and the lady tells him how much it is....he says $19 are you serious, $19 (I was sooo embarassed). I was like oh my word I was like well I'm going to stand over here he walks over with the tickets and is still saying $19, I can't believe that..I ain't been to the movies in a while...I'm like to myself are you kiddin me did you still think movies are $ The movie was funny not as funny as I thought it was but I laughed especially when the lil boy said I will come at you like a spider monkey. I've been sayin that all weekend. During the movie of course he puts his arm around me but not at the top like in the middle of my back so I can't even sit back so I have to lean on him....ERRR darn you Man. The arm rest go up in that movie theater and normally I put them up but I didn't this time cause I won't tryin to be all up on him. Plus his breathe smelled like he smoked even though he says he doesn't anymore...STRIKE 2...and believe me a three wasn't needed. The movie was over, he walked me to my car, gave me a kiss on the cheek (which of course I moved away cause I think he was aimin for my lips eewwww) and that was it. I hopped in the car, called up No Drama and proceeded to tell him what happened. I told him I'm glad we have no drama (hence his name) when we hang out..sometimes he pays sometimes I pay. He laughs when I call him and tell him some of the stuff guys do (he tells me about some stuff the girls say and do)...that's my no drama and I love him dearly LOL

Saturday: I don't know if I've mentioned this but I went to a Jazzercise class in Laurel on Sat morning at 8am. Yep it was early but I got to meet and I went to pick up No_1 from her house and we headed out to the class. Home girl had me crackin up talkin about driving on the side of the road trying to get around folks...yep, she's a speed demon and with my track record we don't need to be following one another LOL...we get to the class I sign in and get ready to get my work out on. BK is hilarious, this chic had me working out (she says she needs to lose some pds but I wish I could be down to her size LOL) and I won't even thinkin that this was exercise she was singing along with the songs and she wasnt' even out of breathe (of course I would have been weezing lol). I felt weird at first cause I wasn't hype to the routine but BK said that some of those women come all the time so they know them..I stopped and looked then went back to the routine. I'm sure BK or No_1 has pics on their page. I will def be goin to her class again and anyone who lives in MD or va that wants to come on Sat..your first class is free and I'll even give ya a ride we working out, I'm feeling the burn and having a blast while me and No1 are laughing at his older gentlement getting his work out on. First he was in there with us then he went off on his own...why this man on Hammer pants LOL...ahahah I was cracking up. After our workout we went to Starbucks and I had a Tangerine Fruit BK put me on to something good cause it was sooo refreshing. Why No_1 got something that won't even on the menu LOL..too hilarious. We took pics, laughed at people who were coming in and out and then I dropped my new homie off at home, after she helped me in my quest to find some water shoes to wear to Kings Dominion which I didn't find....great LOL...I went home, did some laundry had a friend come over who I haven't seen in a minute (I was somehwat curious back then to see if he was a nasty Q lol). I use to deal with him when I was in college and I recently found out he lives down the he came over on his way to go to a function and we chatted and all that and he left...later on he called to see if he could come through I was like aight I'm bored sure why not. He came over we watched the Fantasia movie on Lifetime (it was pretty aight) and then Inside Man...drank some Coranos and then he proceeded to make his move LOL...I stopped him told him I didn't want what occured in college to happen again and all that we chilled out and once again it got hot and heavy...not so hot and heavy that I didn't stop him again, remind him of what was goin on and that he supposedly had he left.....and I went to sleep LOL

Sunday: Woke up to get dressed. Rod calles to make sure I'm up and to tell me what time he was leaving Newport News. Rod is my best friend and he's been my guy best friend for about 3 years now. I met him on BP and we hit if off..he's told me in the past that he liked me and insists that I give him a real chance but I told him that I like it better when we are friends and he's never brought it up again. He's probably just waiting for me to come around but despite the fact that I love him and think the world of him I just don't feel that attracted to him. He's about 6'3 or so and over 2oo pds...which is a lil of why I dont' feel attracted to him..his belly is somewhat big..I'm not sayin I don't have a pouch but you get my drift and I've told him he needs to work on it but ah well...So we get on Outerlimits...he can't on cause he's too tall...we get on Hypersonic, he can't get on cause his belly is too big....I get on both rides alone cause i'm a G!!! Yea LOL...he laughs it off but I know he was kinda put off by it, I tried to laugh it off but he told me that he would work on it so I left it alone. Why we got on the Hypersonic and the lady that was gettin off the car in front of us lost her ponytail that's how fast the ride was going LOL LOL I was crackin up..Man I tell ya...she should have sewn that stuff in.....she laughed about it though so that was good. We got ice cream he won me a winnie the pooh and we left. Said our good byes and went home. Got to the house after sitting in some traffic and walked the dog and was down for the count.

Woke up this morning talked to the Que come to find out his girl saw a text message that he sent to me and she was mad...he said she didn't believe him when he said this was our first time meeting. He asked me had she called me and I was like no but tell her she can if she likes. LOL I ain't got time for no drama man...I ain't tryin to break up no happy home. So I told him if it's gonna be like that when we chill then perhaps we shouldn't and he was like nah I just wanted you to know what happened and find out if she had called you. Of course Constant has been emailing me and I've responded a couple of times. Just general are you, how's life all that jazz. Saying he misses me and he loves me...wants to make things better and that I know he's not a playa and that it only happened when he went out to sea and she pursued him..yadda, yadda. I'm past that hurt and the confusion right now I'm just dealing with the fact that he will come back soon and what am I gonna do's easy to ignore the fact that I love him and always will since he's not great. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it....

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Dang, M is messed up. He was prolly waiting to see if you was gonna pick his tab up too!

August 21, 2006  

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August 21, 2006  

He didn't pay? WTF?

August 21, 2006  

Lady..yea he's out LOL and heck nah I aint for you boo not for real LOL

msnhim...not for me he didn't and he won't be seein me again LOL...I ain't no gold digger but dang ya feel me haha

August 21, 2006  

If a man ask me out on a date, I'm expecting for him to pay.

LOL @ the woman's ponytail coming off

August 21, 2006  

SO u met them 2 broads huh? Chrissy will have u dying..dont go to the club with far are u from MD?

August 21, 2006  

Thoughts..that's what I was raised to believe I mean dang I can be independant but WOW

Negro..yea girl...depends on what part of MD but I'm like an hour from Bmore and it took me like 30 min to get to her house.

August 21, 2006  

U should have came on your date and whup his ass like a spider monkey :) that cat is weak!

I thought the movie was hilarious though :)

August 21, 2006  

Did he pay for the movie? That is weird. I'm sure you have deleted him from your phone!

Sounds like Kings Dominion was fun. I'm trying to get down there this weekend! Was it real crowded on Sunday? That's the day I wanna go! But I hate waiting 2 hours to get on any ride.

August 21, 2006  

khalli...I wish I could have or broken him like a wild horse LOL..or at least burned him with imaginary fire...

Cool AC..yea girl at least that cause if he hadn't I would have straight left his tail.

August 21, 2006  

Him not paying is weak girl...goodness. I wish a blanka WOULD ask me out and then look at me crazy when the check comes. I'm with you - independent to a fault, but c'mon asked ME out!!! LoL I'm glad you got rid of that loser...


August 21, 2006  

Just me..was it ever, man I was like oh no, he's been calling and texting but I've been ignoring his lips were tooo thin

August 21, 2006  

Where da hell did you find this busta?
If I ask a man out, I expect to pay..but they never let me pay...

How old is this guy?
He is....
I don't even have the words for him....

August 21, 2006  

Am I the only one cracking up at seeing someone in Hammer Pants? You don't go dutch on the first date, that ain't even right. And how is a 6'3" 200 pound guy to big to ride the rides? He must be closer to 300.

August 21, 2006  

yeah, it was foul that he didn't pay, but i was dyin' at $19?! lol... yeah, he doesn't get out much...

August 21, 2006  

ROFL @ the lady who lost her ponytail and the hammer pants. I still have my hammer pants....I think they're in my momma's garage. LOL

August 21, 2006  

nsane...girl he acted like he was 50 not knowing how much movies cost.

t....maybe he is and as his friend I'm in denial LOL....

blk...yea girl he was like $19, $19 are you serious, for real WOW..I was blown he was sayin it so much I had to walk away.

unruly..make sure you don't wear them ANYWHERE!! LOL not even to bed

August 21, 2006  

*dead* at M...I'm so glad u wont be hanging with his cheap ass *lol*

and you talk about me...Honey ur weekends are always slamming! Oooh a Nasty Que...what am I talking about I avoided their asses like the plague in college...

Ima have to start using that line lololol

August 21, 2006  

Tenacious..girl I haven't even called him or texted him since sun I think...and that's only cause he's called me. I ain't got time for someone who can't spend $40 on a date LOL....he gonna make me break him like a wild horse (that's another line from the movie) LOL

p.s. and most of the time I'm quite bored so when I have a filled weekend it seems like I've done alot LOL

August 22, 2006  

Sounds you had a fun weekend..

I can imagine M sounding like Chris Rock when he found out how much the tickets were. "Good lord, $19 for tickets to a movie?! How bout I give you $10.73, a lighter, two rubber bands, and the lint in my pocket?" Seriously though east coast ticket prices are ridiculous.

August 22, 2006  

ROTFLMAO.. and mind u he got them hammer pants in a few colors!!!!

Ok the busta from the date.. no words.. he triflin.. LOL

and k.d.. he couldn't get on cause his what was too big?? LOL

August 22, 2006 if he has said that I would have left LOL, cause $19 was enough that had me floored.

BK...are you kidding me?! WOW, man I was rolling on the floor inside lol....yea he was a busta for screaming $19, $19 sounding like he was about to melt cause it was soo high LOL...his belly was too big hahaha

August 22, 2006  

Interesting... Dating and expectations never mix, especially when women are over the top. Dutch is always the way to go, but for you to assume it wasn't was on you; in fact, you should have paid for dinner since he paid for the movies. Nothing wrong with being frugal, don't knock the hustle!!!

By the way, its my first time visiting, loved the humor; I'll be back to visit...

August 22, 2006  

Slump..your correct it was on me to assume that since he asked me to dinner and movies that I should pay LO (said so sarcastically)L....woooo...feel free to come back..I don't know the hustle everyone has one LOL...and if I paid for the dinner he sure as heck wouldn't have ordered that shot of remy that he did hahahaah

August 22, 2006  

that's a funny ass date! and something's wrong w/ your sense of humor b/c talledega nights is freakin hilarious!!!

i feel you on the constant thing... but you gotta man up! be strong... keep the emails from the chick to help remind you he aint no good!

and i so wish i coulda been there sat... but i'm going to try & make it through another time

August 22, 2006  

TTD...I'm holding you to that girl!! Ok, I just thought it was going to be wayyyy funnier. It was funny I'll give it to em..especially when he was on "fire" and his friend was puttin out the imaginary fire LOL...but you get my drift haha...I know what he did was no good....but you know it's easier said than done LOL...ah well I'll keep prayin for strength.

August 22, 2006  

man oh man...thats who you went to the movies with...he's a busta fo sho...

in that 3 day synopsis, you did not once mention packing...girl get on it

hammer hammer i am hammer hammer

August 22, 2006  

Going dutch...on a first date..and you didin't know? What in the heck was he thinking? Plus he's a smoker and you're not, and he's complaing about $19 after he didn't pay for your meal!

This guy has issues already.

August 23, 2006  

um can we let go of the Que before some shit pop off? thanks.

August 23, 2006 are correct cause i didn't lol...I packed Monday before the Spike Lee thing came on....BK said he got them in diff colors LOL man I will die if I see again

luvin me...girl I was done!

stilt..oh booboo that's been addressed and he is in permanent friend status.

August 23, 2006  

iI hate to say this, but M is a scrub!!

August 24, 2006  

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