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Monday, August 28, 2006

My neck, My Back, my neck and my back

At this moment as I type even my toes hurt. We're finally moved into our new townhouse and all we have to do now is go back to the old one and clean up and put the trash out. To say that my body hurts is an understatement. Me and the roomie were talking about going out on Sat night after we finished...we didn't finish till after 12 and even after we finished with all the furniture we had to put our beds together and put some order to the rooms so we could go to bed. So our house looks a mess yes, but we're pretty much done lol.

Friday after we both got off early we went to the leasing office to sign the paperwork and look over the stuff that we wanted to be fixed within the next paint the door, replace some tile fix the shelving all lil stuff nothing major. So after that was done we packed up the cars and moved the kitchen...after that which seemed like it took forever we got back in and said that we would watch the rest of this movie that was on BET called Played and then finish the rest...ummm no that didn't happen..we both dosed off and woke up to it being after 11 LOL. So we hopped in the bed and proceeded to be knocked out..after only moving one room haha.

Saturday the roomie had a baby shower to go to so I figured I'd move my shoes and some of my clothes. Man I walk outside to walk the dog and I have a flat. I called Triple A. Hey, I got the service it's free so instead of me bending down in the heat trying to change the tire in front of my house (I've only had to do it once and I still dont' know how to do it lol) I called them. I had a nail in my tire so the guy suggested I take it to get plugged..which I did, good as new till I can buy a new one. My daddy said it should be good just keep an eye on it. So by the time all that was taken care of it was 11 or so. I moved my shoes and I was pooped after that and it was a lil after 12. The roomie came back, we packed up the car, went to go get a UHAUL (on a sidenote it was sooo hot outside that we both had on beaters why do they call them that LOL and shorts, why this dude at the UHAUL talkin about you both are breath taking..ok boo my thighs hangin all out here LOL...talking about I want to take a pic of you both..umm no lol, give me a hook up on a truck..which he didn't) and packed that up. Mind you we were suppose to have help at 12 then 2 and finally they came around 4 LOL. My parents came but of course I wasn't tryin to have them do too much, but my daddy and the guys did most of the furniture. My mom who is having problems with her heart (pray for her) unpacked the kitchen and wiped down stuff. They brought my Toot (my nephew) and my mom says I have him spoiled of the guys thought he was my son, I was like boo if he was mine he would be living with me LOL..I know some people have their kids live with their grandparents even if I was a single mom, unless I had to I wouldn't do it, but anyway so in between moving I played with him. He is soo hilarious, chasing me around and wanting to pull the dolly all by himself. I carried him on my back while I was carrying bags in he thought that was the greatest. It's funny cause he's getting so big and I'm gonna miss when me being able to give him a hug and a kiss on his bobos calms him down. Because of him I can't wait to have kids...I mean I can and will but you get my drift lol

Me and the roomie were like we're gonna be done so we can pop some bottles at H2O..yea right we didn't finish the furniture (we have 2 living room sets) until almost 12 (if we had went we would have still been moving today lol) and then we took the guys to get some food since they helped us and we set back out to put our beds together and all that jazz. So we didn't get to bed till a lil after 2. On another sidenote..I love when people help that didn't have to help, my roomies sis sent a text asking if we needed help boo you found out we were moving cause you talked to your mother and on top of that you live down the street why text when you can call or come by..she is a loser in my book...that's a whole nother post then again why waste my time when I'm just gonna get annoyed. She is payin more in rent than we are and she said they moved in so they could save money for a house....ummm who is saving money him, cause he got her thinking he is working at night as a contractor for a cable what cable company you knows works past 8pm.......NONE that's what I thought LOL...I'll pray for her.

Sunday I was going to go to church with the fam in maryland since my mom had to preach but she said she wouldn't be mad if I stayed. So we waited for the phone guy to come..wooo hoo we have a house phone and we got a new cable box. So we now have DVR and Cinemax...I am too excited LOL..sad I know but I have wanted DVR for a min and now that we finally got it I won't miss none of my favorite shows. We DVR'd the Skeleton Key but it messed up so we didn't watch it. We looked like two slave workers out there in the sun yesterday cause we put our clothes in sheets to cut down on travel time and carried them on our back lol..she had one side and I had one side. Man it was too funny, the nice part is that this lady was like if I see you guys out here when I come back out I'm helping you lol...the other day when the guys were moving furniture this lady brought us nice. So we moved the rest of our stuff and we took a long break after we brought the dog over and chilled out with some pizza.

Last night was spent trying to put some clothes away and cleaning the bathroom. I have a HUGE room and I'm excited. My couch, chair, bed and dresser fit in my room with a entertainment center and I still have MADDD room to walk around in it. Plus I have a bathroom in my room, wooo hoo for me. I have 3 closets..yes! haha I guess you can tell I've been the deprived on when it comes to room size but this time I hit the jackpot...roomie wasn't mad thought she said I needed the bigger room cause we couldn't put my living room furniture down stairs so it would have to go in my room and I have more stuff than her....I love how we don't even have to argue..we just come to a decision.

In between all that I had a discussion with R also known as No Drama. I met No Drama when I had just started working in DC after graduation. I was out to lunch with the roomie and a friend in the Reagen building in DC and we all saw him. I was like ohh he is cute and went on about my way. So we eat and I leave he sees roomie and goes to ask her to give me his number. I call him (that day) he comes to my job lol yea it was quick..we chat it up and that night we went on our first day and we've been chilling since then. We aren't together but we hang out, sleep together and all that jazz. He knows about Constant and Nurse Dude and I know who he deals with, but recently we've been spending more time together and that's something I'm not use to. So we both agreed to just chill like normal and if something occurs then it does and if not then ok, but we both ackowledged that we've been chillin for 2 years and that we do care for one another. SOOO no I'm not with anyone LOL no I'm not about to be with anyone but when I had that horrible date with 19 dollars LOL..that's what I'm calling him...I called No Drama and he made me feel better..he always does...probably cause he is filled with No Drama lol...he use to get hung up on the fact that he is 10 years older than me but of course you can't tell that. When I was in Myrtle Beach at Bike week and I saw him his friends couldn't believe that I was younger than them and he said that they were laughing at how well I knew him and how he acts.

Off to rub some bengay on my body....then again can't do that I'm at work that might be kind of weird...pray that I don't pass out from aching joints...hopefully I lost about 2 pds LOL.

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I love a huge closet or multiple closets and congrats on the move I know how time consuming and strenuous that can be.

August 28, 2006  

congrats on the move! you can never depend on someone to help you move when you really need them..

so when's the housewarming??? :-)

August 28, 2006  

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY for moving. Your mom is in my prayers and it's always nice to have a good male friend you can do everything with and tell everything too and you both know what the deal is. That's hot, I need me one of them!

I am mad you called AAA when the car was in front of the crib, you could have got a neighbor or sumtin to hook you up! LOL

August 28, 2006  

princess..i am soo in love with it right now it's crazy LOL

ttd....wooo hoo I'm glad it's over and it's crazy how we had all this help 2 months ago and no one came through errr umm we will be having that at a club or something LOL...I'll make sure I let ya know :)

ladynay...I'm excited..I know I can't imagine me without her right now and I love me some No Drama lol...yes I'm lazy what can I say I've only had to change a tire a handful of times and a couple of those weren't even for me so all I had to do was I'm a Gold member why should i do it hahah

August 28, 2006  

I feel your pain. I moved this weekend and too. My leghurts like crazy. I love my new place too. Enjoy it. ~1~

August 28, 2006  

I'm sore just reading about your move. LOL The only good thing about moving is being in a different place. Congrats on the move and surviving it. I'm surprised you haven't hit anyone up to give you a deep tissue massage and bathe you.

August 28, 2006  

Chronicles...girl I am sooo in pain LOL and I'm work..why didn't I take today off umm yea cause I have FRIDAY off LOL wooo hoo

Freaky...thanks abunch I don't feel like I survived it lol..I have gotten offered a massage I might have to cash it in..and only you would make this situation freaky LOL..bathing hmmm haha

August 28, 2006  

i tired from reading the story...LOL!

August 28, 2006  

tj..LOL now you know that's sad. I was tired typin it my lil fingers are killin me

August 28, 2006  

I need the PLAYED movie to become my actual life experience;? Oh, you may want to get a massage, if you need your feet rubbed I'm the man, but only if your toes are painted purple...

August 28, 2006  

Enjoy the DVR. I love mine. No Drama sounds like just what you need right now.

August 28, 2006  

Congrats in the move. Sounds like you were working like a slave. You always got some "male company" in your life.

August 28, 2006  

slump...LOL light purple or dark purple

mizjj...I am going to LOVE it lol..funny cause my girl said the same thing lol she said I've always like him just didn't want to admit it..umm I ain't admitting it now haha

epsilonius...I told you man we looked like slaves carrying those clothes in sheets it was cotton. A girl gotta do what she gotta do LOL

August 28, 2006  

Very nice post! Congrats on the move! An for losing 2 lbs. That's what's sup!!!

August 28, 2006  

Wow I hate moving, it is too much labor for me. Congratulations though. As far as the bengay, don't you just hate smelling like an old person. Yet, it works.

August 28, 2006  

You need some help? oh you finished, I was gonna lift something for you, oh well... LOL

August 28, 2006  

I think packing is the worst part of moving. You can take your time with unpacking. I hated being sore after the move, but it goes away eventually.

August 28, 2006  

damn Honey I'm jealous on the room space, damn I see you...I have to share my walk in

Moving...err...I hate moving, I still have horror stories from my moving experience...

I hope your mom is doing better, I'll pray for her...

August 28, 2006  

Honey ~ your mom is in my prayers...know that. I'm glad you got all moved in. Now, g'head and paint your toenails purple so 'ole Slump can massage 'em and suck on 'em for ya! :D

For reals though...relax and unwind. I know you're enjoying your new spot.


August 28, 2006  

whew. I'm dreading moving....maybe I'll hire you to come pack my shit.:)

August 29, 2006  

I hate moving, but it's worth it if you get what you want.

August 29, 2006  

Terrance...thanks let's hope I lost 2 pds LOL...I feel like throwing that scale out over a bridge haah

Rose..I hate it as well and it's funny cause I've moved every year LOL..hopefully this will be the last time until I buy something or get married.

T..see that's why I don't fool with black folks LOL

4ever..yep I'm better than yesterday but still a lil sore and my room will be in shambles for at least a month LOL

Tenacious...wooo hoo girl I'm excited I have stuff all over my floor and still have room to walk around. Thanks for praying for my mommie..she's my rock

Just me...thanks it's nothing serious right now she just said the Dr. wants her to take it easy. I am soo enjoying it :)

Stilt..are you paying me and I dont mean with food LOL

luvin's all over now that's all I got to say and I'm glad!

August 29, 2006  

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