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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hurricane Rain

It's Tuesday...the first day of the work week for those of us who were blessed to have monday off and here in DC it's raining, and I don't mean a drizzle rain I mean a freaking downpour hurricane/tornado rain. I was walking to work from the metro and water was all inside my shoes and my pants legs were drenched. It looked like someone had released all the water mains and was trying to flood the city. Do you think that lead anyone to say ohhh stay home today we don't want you to drown coming to work...HECK NO! So here I sit.

I had a wonderful weekend...let me repeat WONDERFUL!! I went home to the 757 area of VA and chilled with the fam. Went shopping and bought some cute shoes with the sis and best friend, brought my god daughter and nephew some shoes..they grow up so fast. Was suppose to go to the beach that night but my lil sis had to be to work at 6am and the best friends mom was watching the lil one and wouldn't keep her after 12 so I stayed at home and chilled with the fam. Was suppose to mean up with No1 and left my dang on phone at home so I couldn't call her to let her know what was going down...I'm def gonna have to call her up so we can do lunch one day this weekend or something I have to take the roomie to BK's jazzercise class since I've been raving about how much fun it was.

Went to the strip on Sunday night...chilled with the roomie, her sister, the roomies friend and an ex boyfriend from when I was younger who is now like a brother to me..funny how that occurs LOL. Me and him were talking about how when we were younger my parents hated the fact that I liked him and now when I chill with him they're like oh ok hha but I think his mom is still trying to hope..when I went to pick him up she was like ok, ya'll have babies now. SILENCE....who the heck she think I am..I haven't kissed her son since High school and I don't plan on doing it now LOL. So we rode out to the stip..catching up while I wsa driving and just laughing about old trying to encourage him to get himself together. Him saying how proud he was of me doing big things (i guess lol). We get to the strip and just hang out go to the bar get some drinks. I had a vodka and pineapple.....which I had to ask oh girl at the bar to add some more vodka to cause it tasted like pineapple juice....I then asked her did she know how to make a tom collins I think she got mad cause she looked at me like b(*%$ please of course I do..LOL, she proceeded to make my tom collins and I promise if I had one more of those I would not have been able to drive home.

I played with my nephew when I was home for the most part. I sang old mcdonald like 50 times and we have a big'll have to hear it, it's sooo cute. I say old mcdonald had a faaarrrmmmm....ehhh iiii eeeee iiiiii and he says oohohohohhoho in like this high squeky voice with his head to the ceiling LOL...I was cracking up.

An ex called on thursday and we got into an argument cause he asked me if I had slept with anyone since the last time we slept together (2 years ago) and I told him heck yea aint my man why shouldn't I. So he wanted to have a screaming match about me doing that and why was I concerned about him calling me if I'm doing "me" as he calls it. I dont' scream if you annoy me I say good bye and hangup...I will discuss the issue but that's it dont' think I'm gonna let you yell at me in the phone and things are gonna be cool. So I said if we were friends he would call so how you gonna talk to me about being with you if you can't even communicate on a friend level..get a life, find some other chich to infect with that drama cause I'm over and done. He's been dragging and dragging with excuse after excuse and last year I finally told him that if stuff didn't change I was out and he didn't believe me. I remember a month went by without me talking to him and he called talking about hey boo how are you I miss you blah blah blah and I was like I'm busy I'm out doing something and he asked all these questions and got his feelings hurt. I don't PLAY, I told you what needed to be done and you didn't do it so BYE. I proceeded to hang up on him and I don't do that too often but he annoys the heck out of me. Talkin about how he is gonna change and what it's a day late and 5 cents short. I'm over you and we will never be together ever again unless God himself comes down and tells me that and even then I'd be like umm are you sure abotu this..can we negotiate LOL. I mean dang......

In between all that I was on the phone with a new friend who I just started talking to again. I met him earlier this year he sent me an IM I found out that he was actually roomies with another old friend who likes me but I don't like them and he gave me some interesting tidbits of info on this person. He didn't want to fully expound on what he knew cause he said that would ruin how I looked at the person but the way I see it is that I have to come to that decision on my own and if I choose not to deal with that person then I don't. I remember reading princess dominique's page about converstaion and staying on the phone..why was I on the phone with him the other night past midnight and we both feel was nice I haven't done that in a while....we text all day, talk all day since we both have verizon it's all free which is an added bonus...he's younger than me which at first I was like ohhh no LOL..but through conversation and his words you can't dare guess that's he 21. So I'm suppose to take a lil road trip down to SC in a couple of weeks to visit him....can't have too many positive people in your life and he is truly one of them :)

Off to see how your holiday weekend's were......if you're in this area try to stay dry!!!!

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i want to stay dry but i'm going out for my lunch break to go get B-day!! i can't wait!!! girl.. dont you just wanna change ur number sometimes?? lol. and 21 is legal.. and he's old enough to buy u a drink & that's all that matters! LMAO

September 05, 2006  

LOL.. TTD save ya money.. bday is some shyt :(

anywhoo.. girl u had a busy arse weekend!!! glad you coming to class again ;) can't wait to see ya!

September 05, 2006  

It’s even funny to me how some brothas get all bent outta shape, when they find that the woman they used to date hasn’t decided to be celibate after them. Hell, 2 years later what did he expect? Grown folks do grown up things and you gotta do you. I wish an ex-girlfriend would ask me that after 2 years. Hell, she wouldn’t like my answer after 2 weeks… just kidding.

September 05, 2006  

ttd...i was about to say tell me how bday is but BK answered it LOL...yep he can get me a drink so I'm down for whatever LOL

BK..thanks for the heads up and yep I'm comin back to class just gotta drag the roomie this time LOL

g-mo..that's what I said..why would you even care LOL...heck truth be told he wouldn't have liked my answer after two months LOL..and that's real

September 05, 2006  

Glad you enjoyed your long weekend. Why are people always funny about how soon people move on with their lives sexually that its... its funny

September 05, 2006  

I wish we had some of that rain. I think it's kind of fun.

How dare you not be faithful to your ex? LOL Even if he called you 10 years from now you're still supposed to be pining away with your legs closed, I might add, over him. He's going to need some counseling because of you. ;o)

September 05, 2006  

I can't even believe you indulged your ex to even speak on your sex life. How could that possibly be any of his business? Men are so ridiculous.

September 05, 2006  

msnhim...yea I thought it was hilarious as well

freaky....I guess he thought he had it like that.

mizzjj...yes like his stuff was so good that I was going to forget about having sex with others because I had it with him..NOT

September 05, 2006  

You be meeting some of the most bold dudes in the world. Did you ask him if he was celibate for 2 years?

September 05, 2006  

you shoulda called me sunday, moms is 10 mins from the strip...glad you had a ball...we can def hook up for lunch

September 05, 2006  

Honey ~ You're better than me. LOL I can't say if I would've maintained my composure if ANY of my exes asked me that same question. What the hell difference does it make?

And...I'm with ttd...21 is legal, let that man buy you a drink! :D


September 06, 2006  

We must have audio on the old McDonald song...thanks! LOL

You coming down 85? Make a pit stop in NC and will do lunch or something.

September 06, 2006  

I bet that Old McDonald song was too cute! Kids are great!

I'm glad you had a good weekend!

September 06, 2006  

MEn are LAME!!!!!Especially after u aint spoke to them and they think everything is all good.
I had my niece this weekend too. SH'es 9 and wears womens shoes. I remember when she was still in my sisters belly. Shes simple though all she needs is TV and a coloring book had me watchign Law and Order reruns.

September 06, 2006  

I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend-
It was raining like hell in DC cause I was there!!!

Yeah... B-day is alright... you might have to listen 50 times to get to liking it :)

September 06, 2006  

LMBAO @ "no babies now." Concerning the convo with your X, all men want to think we made love to the woman we were in love with better than any other man. Plus, it sounds like he's still got the hots for you. A bit of advice, if you have a lil love left for him just lie and tell him, NO, ONLY YOU DADDY -- then bat your eyes while trying not to laugh...

September 06, 2006  

some men are dumb...but then again my exes are all nut cases *shrugs*

September 06, 2006  

It has been raining like hell here at college so I have been trying to stay dry myself.

Somebody tryna get their groove back!!

September 07, 2006  

I am so amused at the story of you and your nephew!

After 3 hours of "Barbie-playing" with my 4 year old cousin last weekend, I know exactly what you mean!

September 08, 2006  

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