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Friday, September 08, 2006


It's Friday and I'm at work, listening to the Tony Rich Project (Pictures) that BK put me on to about a week or so ago and I must say that I'm feeling it anywho me being at work on a Friday and it's not a payday....what does that tell you about my mood? I'm ready to go out and pop some bottles that is cause a sista is sitting on E until next week and everyone knows how that to pay bills...wooohoo oh the joy of seeing a pair of shoes to match my jamaican tank top and not being able to buy them cause I'm trying to focus on getting my furniture out by my bday. The most expensive thing I have ever bought next to my car on my own..I'm soo happy. So it's in layaway and hopefully if I can stop myself from shopping for a month I'll have it out by the end of Oct.

Nothing much new with me...surprise, surprise. Yea I know oh yea Nurse Dude decided he wanted to pop back in the picture....he called wanted to see me and apologize for how things went down. I'm not sure if you know the story but I let him use the ride one day and he got it towed...called me at work and let me know what was going down...he had the money and couldn't get it out cause he wasn't the owner so he came and got me from work to pick my car up. I wasn't mad..cause I let him use it, I should have known people ain't gonna take care of your stuff like you take care of it. If I see somewhere that says no over night parking even if it's a grocery store do you think I'm gonna leave my car and on top of that he was within 10 min of where I use to live at so he could have called me to come get him from whereever he was (he says he was too drunk to drive home) let me say that I'm not stupid cause when I finally got my car back the clothes that he wore when he saw me that day before were in there so unless he brought all new clothes to wear he was at some chics house...anywho that's neither here nor there....we were picking up my car, I was on the phone with roomie and he proceeds to grab my arm and I yanked it away..he gets mad cause his boy was there with us and he thinks that I'm showing off (for what?!) and gets in his he told me he was mad and I was like aight why, we talked about it and I thought it was over and this negro was still mad even after we talked about I've been moving on not callin him although he has left stuff at my house that I am in the process of gettin rid of if he doesn't come get it....and BAMN he calls talking about he has been thinking about me, stuff has been going on, one of his patients died and some other stuff...I tell ya it's always something. Life is always so complicated or overbearing that people forget to pick up the phone...sure. Technology is so vast that you can send an email or a text just sayin I'm aight just haven't had a chance to call...but no. Anywho he wanted me to come over at like 11 or something the other night and I was like ummm no sorry boo I ain't tryin to be your booty call unless we both agree that's how we carrying it and of course if we do there are certain rules that we have to abide by. If I call you then you need to be on your way, no spending the night, no using my car, no getting mad if I don't answer your calls and the same goes for getting in the feelings...cause we've been there done that and apparently you cant get it together.

Young One (the newbie) has been occupying all my conversation time. We talk all during the day via text and then when I get off work we're either on the phone or still's great cause it's all free we both have Verizon. He is sooo funny. I laugh during most of the conversation, we send pics back and forth and yesterday we played truth or dare and we wrote all the dares down and when I go down to SC next weekend we have to do them. Man he got me good that's all I got to say....I'm a shy person when it comes to it and he got me....I look forward to visiting him. This is my first long road trip driving alone in the car. I've driven to Myrtle Beach but each time someone was in the car with me. So I've been trying to get directions and determine the best way to get down there. I've heard I can take 301 down there but of course the websites all tell me to get on 95 then get on 301 I'm trying to get down there as fast as possible. I'm leaving at like 5:30am so I can get down there in the afternoon right when he gets out of class..yep he's in his last year of college. He's so focused and I find that attractive, funny cause he finds that attractive in me as well. Of course I'm not prediciting the future but he very cool to talk to and since I love talking on the phone that's enough to me :)

We're just gonna play it by ear when I get down there but I do know that I want to go see the Black Dahlia..the movie about the most notorious murder in LA....of course it's not gonna be as gruesome as the real story but a girl can hope for blood and gore haha. It's funny cause we both crack one another up that I'm anxious to see how we vibe when we're around each other for more than a couple of hours. He calls me Light Bright...partly because of my light complexion (i'm not that light) and he says I make him smile....he has a way with words I tell ya that. The other night we spent an hour or so reading one another poetry that we had written. I'm kinda shy when it comes to that so the fact that I read him more than one poem surprised me. Poetry is so personal and it lets those into a side of me that I'm afraid to share sometimes (appear vulnerable) that only a few have heard stuff that I've written..unlike now since I've posted something up here LOL...perhaps I'll post something else soon. So all in all I'm looking forward to my weekend with him.

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yeah you should be able to take 301 all the way down. one of my boys takes 301 from NC to get here. Hope ya have fun....I guess we can't hook up this weekend, lol.

September 08, 2006  

Yea but you know I like to have everything written down so I don't get lost like how long do I have to ride down 301 and all that jazz LOL...funds are low so we can hook up when I come back MOST DEF!! So we can discuss our road demon tantics was your trip?...I'm heading out to H2O tomorrow night i think so we could hang out there..that's free and all I can afford right now LOL

September 08, 2006  

I thought you were finished with Nurse Dude?

September 08, 2006  

Thoughts...I am, that has nothing to do with him coming to get his stuff...subconsiously and I know I spelled that wrong, I want him to come over when someone else is there LOL, but that would be wrong so I'll be mature about the situation :)

September 08, 2006  

i can see the smile thru ur words when talking about young one :-)

i was gonna invite you to love next fri, but i can see that's outta the question.. have fun! and stay away from nurse dude!!

September 08, 2006  

As always you got something going on. So I know life can't be boring. So what's the deal with this new dude? I need to find someone with the same cell service. Better yet I need to find someone who live on this continent, lol.

September 08, 2006  

TTD...he does make me smile and of course I hate to admit it but I'm so use to talking to him now.. is not necessarily boring just not any drama which is what I like at this dude is cool, I love talking to him on the phone he makes me smile with the jokes and just good ole conversation

September 08, 2006  

AWWWW love is in the air.....I need to find me a young stud. I want somebody to exchange texts and sultry emails with.

September 08, 2006  

WOW love on the horizon? I likes it...enjoy your time in SC, enjoy getting to know your new friend...just enjoy!! Life is to short not to.

Oh and tell Nurse Dude to bounce. Ain't nobody got time for games. Tell him he wanna see you make it a dinner date on him. What da eff he think this is? 11:00...come over...dah eff outta here wit dat shyt!! LOL!!!

September 08, 2006  

Honey keeps a man on deck I tell yah! Have fun this weekend girl!

September 08, 2006  

Thats was me btw

September 08, 2006  

Negro..he's cool folks :)

Royce...I'm soo looking forward to getting away and yes I told Nurse Dude to can it..insanity I tell ya, it was just funny to me that he thought it was gonna be that easy. know how I do (poppin collar) LOL sike let me stop..they just seem to fall into my lap

September 08, 2006  

My trip was fine, mostly shilled with ma, and my girl had her baby, so got to see him. Nothing major..I'm supposed to be going to a caberet tomorrow...

September 08, 2006  

Look atcha!!!! :D I'm not mad at the all day/night phone calls texts...and praise God that you have the same mobile service...cuz when you don't? already know.

I'm with Royce on Youngin'...if he makes you smile...SMILE GIRL!! :D Have fun in South Cackalaki...I love it there!!


September 08, 2006  

old flame pop ups are as (if not more so) annoying than the ones we get on our computers. i wish there was a little x button that made them go away too! lol...

and i'm w/ Ladynay, you always have a dude on deck. i can barely keep up w/ the names anymore! :)

have a good weekend!

September 09, 2006  

I think I'm going to have to request a scorecard or a cast of characters list. :o) I see Nurse Dude is still trying to hang on for dear life.

Methinks someone has a crush. [Runs before you can throw anything at me.]

September 10, 2006  

Well I had to do alot of catching up but I see Nurse Dude is back. lol awwwww he maybe falling in love lmao lol

September 10, 2006  

* me singing to the tune of T-Pain* Honey spruuuuung. Young dude got her. Got her doing things she never dooooooooo!!! Hahaha

September 10, 2006  

LOL Hmm INTERESTING..I have no comment..

we'll hang out and when we do I'll ask all my damn questions LOL

September 11, 2006  

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