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Monday, January 15, 2007

A Day Off

Martin Luther King was a great man and because of him today I had a day off. Of course I could go on and on about what he's done, what he accomplished, the fact that he wasn't perfect but I'm sure that there are others out there who've dedicated what they've written today to him and his DREAM.

I personally slept all day...and I mean all day. I got up at 9, fixed some breakfast, ate, went back to sleep..woke up talked on the phone for a bit, went back to sleep...watched a lil tv, went back to sleep and it's now 7:14pm and I think I'm finally awake for the most part LOL

This weekend was nice...Friday night I chilled for the most was quiet since roomie was gone for the weekend. So I watched some tv, ate some food and proceeded to hit the bed. Music came over kinda late cause he had some things to do and we watched a lil tv and then we were knocked out. Saturday morning we got up and went to the gym. I am seriously a weakling..he was laughing at me. I did the weight lifting machines then did a mile and a half on the treadmill. I was TIRED and he was laughing at me telling to man up and do 4.0 yea right I won't trying to die the first day in the gym. He was going though..I think he was doing 6.0 or something like that. I tell ya..I put my lil music on and I was in the zone. After we finished the treadmill we walked around the little track they have at the gym to cool down..then we went that time it was almost 11 I think. We went to the grocery store and he fixed us some turkey burgers, rice and broccoli..yea I know not breakfast food but who says you have to eat breakfast food for breakfast and techinically what is breakfast food LOL. Anywho the fact that he cooked for me made me smile. I did the rice but he did everything else. He said I always cook for him so he figured he'd cook for me this time around and I must admit it was kinda cute with both of us in the kitchen....we laid around then he went home cause he had some errands to run.

I went to best buy, bought a holder for my mp3 player and I also bought the Bodyguard on DVD. I love this movie almost as much as I love the Color Purple...Whitney was serious in this movie and I wish her all the best on her way back to where she use to be (mentally and physically that is). Anywho after that I came home cooked some dinner and posted up at the house. Watched a lil TV and went to sleep...when I woke up I was HURT....well not hurt my arms were a lil sore and what not...Music came over again....once again later that night cause he had running around to do adn we went on to sleep..after he rubbed my arms LOL...while telling me to man up LOL

Woke up Sunday and we went to the gym again....did the machines..he lifted a lil then we got on the treadmill. This time I did 2 miles...woooohooo and I did 3.5 the whole time...yea I know you like that's slow but for me that's fast LOL. I was sweating up a next time I'm gonna see if I can get to 4.0 and do it the whole time. Gotta up the anty if I wanna see some change. All in all I think it was kinda funny going to the gym with him...we'll probably go together on the weekends and I'll go alone or with roomie during the week. I even let him see how much I weigh..and I don't do that with anyone LOL..he was like what's the big deal we're gonna be working out together anyway...umm so..but he saw it and was like wow you look good to weigh that LOL...umm OK....good thing it's no longer in the 200 range cause I would be upset with myself...I'm just glad I've kept it off this long and hopefully by May I'll be back down to where I was during freshmen year of college.

Last night we went to the lil spot (me and roomie) in DC called the lima lounge. I mean that junk was packed. At first I was like oh this is cool but as the night progressed I realized that it wasn't a packed fun it was a dangerious packed...meaning if something caught on fire we would all be in trouble. I mean fire marshall calling trouble. People were on the stairs in the walkways, it got sooo annoying. You couldn't even really dance...but hey most folks didn't have to work today so they were partying it up. We saw roomies ex and he was talking to her and what not.....on top of that this guy that she knows from va beach was there cause he lives up here and he was kinda weird the whole night. Weird meaning...we saw him that night and he was scopping us out the rest of the night..we lost him once but he found us and was posted up behind us till we left..roomie was like I wonder if he knows we left him HAHAHA. Homie didn't even wanna dance with her that's how weird it was and I was like he's a tad bit weird. I mean if you're gonna stand near me dance or go LOL....he kept saying stuff to her like if I've done anything wrong then let me know or I'm gonna call you tomorrow so you can tell me how I was acting. UMMM YEA

Came home and was knocked out. Woke up to a light shining in my face. It was roomies ex's friend holding his phone in my face. He (roomie's ex) had come over after the club and his friend had come with him. Now mind you when roomie first met her ex I had tried to sorta holla at his friend..he's quiet a lil short dude but he's cute. I gave him my number and he didn't use it, talking about he lost his phone, so whenever he sees me he speaks and we might dance a lil or whatever but I mean you ain't trying to holla and I have since moved on (as you can tell lol). So when he asked could he come over with roomies ex I was like I don't care cause in reality I didn't. I mean someone can sleep in my bed and I'm not a fast tail woman that I don't have to sleep with you or feel like I want to .....regardless of whatyou look like. So he was in my room, we're talking I moved over so he could lay down on the bed and I noticed that my pic I had on my TV stand with me and Music was there and I was like hmm I wonder what he's thinking by seeing that pic. He didn't admit seeing the pic, didn't even bring it up...but I've realized just how much I've changed and how much I'm into Music. Any other time I would have taken it down right when I knew that he was coming over..not even taken it down but just laid it down....but that's my baby and I ain't got nothing to hide. No he's not my BOO yet LOL, but ummm I think we're moving along nicely.

Hopefully this week will go by fast, I'm getting off early on Friday cause my lil sister is turning 23 on saturday and she's coming up here with her boyfriend and some of her other friends and I need to get groceries and clean and stuff. We'll probably just do pizza and movies friday night since they are getting here late and sat head to the mall and then out that night..we'll see what they wanna I'll have a house full this weekend. I'm thinking of introducing Music to her, see what she thinks and all that stuff. We'll see cause knowing him he might not come over LOL...I was like how about we go to putt putt and he was like nah I'm not holding the stick that's gay LOL..I tell ya that man..all I can do is laugh at him. Talking about when we went to Dave & Busters he only played the boxing game and the shooting game....I'm thinking maybe I could take them there saturday, drinks, food all that stuff in one place...but we'll see

So this weekend was nice, and long. I needed all the sleep I got today. I'll be in the bed for maybe the rest of the night LOL I just saw a national body challenge commerical..WOOOOHOOO I'm doing that :)

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Girl...the last time I was at the gym, my trainer had me lifting weights and the next day, I couldn't move my fucking arms! I could not drive my car, I'm serious. UNABLE TO TURN THE STEERING WHEEL!!!!!!!

Haven't been back since.

January 15, 2007  

Hey HL, I'm originally from DC, so glad I happened upon your blog so you can keep me up to date on my homies and all the hang it out girl at that gym, do the damn thing!!! I would follow in your footsteps but I'm so LAY to the Z...thanks for stopping by and showing some love! I'll be back!

January 15, 2007  

Work it out @ the gym honey b/c I am SOOO in there after this weekend. I'll have 2 blog about it but seriously...I needs to hit they gym and tone up.

*singing* Honey's got a bf, honey's got a bf would've gotten that phone slapped out his hand shining that light in my face LOL

January 15, 2007  

@ Honey

I'm like 10 days late replying to your comments but... shouldve told me about Etan. I mean how can I properly stalk if I dont know fine specimens like him exists?

White folks dont play about them seats. They wish a mofo would be in their seats

Ima ask my moms what butt clap is for real...I think she meant herpes

Hey I'll be a hoochie but NOT a gold digger. Tuh how insulting


January 15, 2007  

"Martin Luther King was a great man and because of him today I had a day off. Of course I could go on and on about what he's done, what he accomplished, the fact that he wasn't perfect but I'm sure that there are others out there who've dedicated what they've written today to him and his DREAM.

I personally slept all day...and I mean all day."

HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH you know you wrong for that!

January 15, 2007  

I know your on a mission but don't do too much to soon at the gym, you can really hurt yourself. I could start sprewing ACSM guidelines but I don't think you want me too! LOL

January 16, 2007  

Mistress....Yea I was kinda hurt but I'm better now LOL..I'll be right back in there today.

Gemini...of course I do what I can lol, most def come back :)

Tenacious...I def feel ya, I need to tone and in the process lose about 20 pds so we'll see. Gotta be able to fit into that bathing suit I want..girl you crazy LOL

Fallen...I ain't got to lie craig LOL LOL...I's wrong but hey I was tired haha

Lady..I'm not, that's why I was only doing 3.5 on the treadmill LOL..ain't trying to die up in there LOL

January 16, 2007 don't have to go fast to get a good workout on the threadmill. you actually burn morn calories when you raise your incline. So if you can't do the speed...keep at 3 and raise your inclide to 6. :)...I can't do speed either...

and it sounds like music needs to be paying some rent, lol

January 16, 2007  

knowone...yea I read that somewhere so I was doing 3.5 with an incline of 4 I think..can't remember...nah he's not over that much when he is he will hahaha

January 16, 2007  

AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA somebody's in love.........WHy u got a picture of him up? I bet yall look cute.....

January 16, 2007  

negro...i'm not in LOVE..pipe down LOL...stop coming to my place with that nonsense hahaha. I have a pic of him up cause I'm in it and I will admit we do look nice together LOL (if your nice I'll show it to you)

January 16, 2007  

Congrats on the working out. I need to get my ass back to the gym pronto as well. I am so lazy. I have every excuse in the world not to work out, but the truth is my ass is lazy!

Music sounds so cute. I laughed at the part where he told you to man up. Heh.

January 16, 2007  

I wanna see the pic! I'm nice! LOL

January 16, 2007  

mizjj...I'm trying hopefully I'll be good and hit the gym after work today. He is a character I tell ya that...making me laugh when I'm trying to focus on how my amrs hurt LOL

January 16, 2007  

Ladynay...LOL...I'll see if I can sneak and take a pic of him

January 16, 2007  

I'm nice...sometimes...when I want to be...or want something but that's not the pic I want. LOL!

Sounds like the L-word to me. If you have any leftover invites to the wedding can I have a copy and a picture of you two smashing the cake in each other's faces?

January 16, 2007  

Hey Honey....I joined a gym yesterday so I am really excited about that...but other that it was a chill weekend....I like to hear about the progression of you and Music

January 16, 2007  

lemme find out somebody got a boyfriend! lol. ya'll may not have that title.. but ya'll sure do have the relationship! that's how me & gtl started off :-)

does music party at all? how'd ya'll meet anyways... i guess i missed (or forgot) that post! lol

January 16, 2007  

Freaky....ohhh guess i was wrong huh LOL..L word you mean like yea that's it LOL

TC..hey girl! I was excited to go as well...I'm glad we're progressing he makes me smile :)

TTD....girl we are so trying to not to think that..or should i say I'm trying hard not to think that unless he brings up it LOL...he partys some not alot too focused on making music LOL...we actually met on BP right after I said I wasn't meeting anyone else off of there LOL...funny cause I met my last SERIOUS BF from college off of there when I said I was meeting anyone else off of there LOL...nah you didn't miss it I didn't say LOL..maybe I'll dedicate a post to BP since I'm no longer on there

January 16, 2007  

that's what's up... and i wasnt trying to think of a "relationship" either w/ gtl... it just sorta happened.. and we've been happy ever since... music seems like a cool dude.. so i'll keep my fingers crossed for u :-)

January 16, 2007  


January 17, 2007  

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