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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I tell ya....

It's snowing here or somewhat snowing....

Why did this woman have on some open back shoes...and her heel was dirty

What is up with folks and not wearing coats

What is up with me being here at work when I should be at home since it's suppose to be so severe

Everyone got something to say about what you about you mind yours and I'll mind mine

Don't be mad cause you thought that you were my only option for snooze you lose.

Did you really think I was that into you AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...straight face (I got that from my baby LOL)

I popped up when I heard his ring tone (T.I.) he got off at 3am...gotta love that lol


So where is the freak blizzard we were suppose to get last night...oh yea it's suppose to happen today (yea right) weathermen are not my favorite people right now..stop playing with my emotions

My boss is going skiing with her fam starting wed...I'm bout to jump in her luggage lol

I kinda wanna see Daddy's Little Girls..but I might wait till this weekend to go see it

I still didn't see Hannibal Rising...anyone that knows me knows I love Silence of the Lambs....hello clarisse.....I crack up when oh boy is pushed into the pigs LOL (I know I'm sick)

I'm feeling Young Bucks new song..get it will be played every Friday from here on out...sike LOL....

When the heck is R. Kelly going to trial.....I thought about that the other day

I saw my cuz while I was at the pentagon about to get on the train..she lives in married in late oct and is expecting (she's 3 months)...her sister is pregnant too. I told her she needs to have a lil girl..she already has 3 boys..WOOOHOOO I love babies

I am still confused about what to get him for tomorrow....I forgot to hit up the store to look for a shirt so I'll have to go tonight or decide on something else...but after I come from the gym I'm focused on sleep LOL

If I can just get over this hump (or plateau rather) I'm sure everything will work out...then again I could burn my scale in effagy (is that how you spell it)...protest in my house LOL...cause a riot throwing it out into the snow while it's on fire hahahah

I hope we get to go home early....we probably won't

The lady at my job said he probably has something planned....ummm I don't know and I'm trying not to think about it

My toot will be 3 this year I remember the day he was born and how I made the drive from here to Richmond in almost less than an hour.....funny how something like that can change your life

I told my mom I'm gonna have to buy him a cell phone so he can talk to aunti whenev er he wants, cause he is always in the street lol..too much for someone who can't even see over the wheel.

I am getting so many paper cuts I'm starting to think that my fingers are gonna fall off.....I mean why can't we just box up the paper and send it to them...why must we put it in alpha order and hole punch it....I tell ya....

I'm bout to listen to my mp3 player..perhaps that will make the time go by faster

Isn't downloading music illegal what's up with bearshare and limewire...aren't they just like napster.....I thought about this last night as I looked for this song by joe LOL...that's the last thing I need someone busting in my house as I sit on my bed picking my nose or something lol or scratching my butt haha

Back to the grind................

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girl.. in the words on The Boondocks.. "black folks love R. Kelly" He ain't never going to jail... and I actually pondered something yesterday while listening to the soundtrack listing for Daddy's Little Girls.. Why do they have R. Kelly singing on the soundtrack.. and the movie is starring little girls under 12?!! I'm just saying.. LOL


February 13, 2007  

thee....LOL, I listened to that soundtrack as well and wondered the same thing...I tell ya the things we do for some good music LOL

February 13, 2007  

you and me are too much alike...I LOVE LOVE LOVE Silence of Lambs...and I want to see Hannibal Raising as well...but I KNOW I will see Daddy's Little Girls first....

February 13, 2007  

ummm who aren't you that interested in?????

and love Silence...I hope hannibal rising does it justice.

Daddy's lil girl... i plan to support this movie. hmm is it?

oh and R-rah is neba going to jail/nor trial. MJ needs to get R's lawyers next time he gets in trouble

February 13, 2007  

ok regarding the other post:

what was the line from Reba that Music said (I Heart that show, thought i was the only black person who watched it, lol)

and I want my hat in purple please. :)

February 13, 2007  

TC...hence us needing to do drinks one day so we can talk about one another on our blogs LOL

Someone...this cornball who wanted asked me what I was doing on vday he has no lips and is corny I was like who is R-rah LOL...I got it now..when did you get back..did you have tell..ok I'll go look at your blog...there is a part in one episode where she was talking to cheyanne about being pregnant and she was like I can remember when your father use to watch me sleep, I'd open my eyes and he's just be staring at me (she said it in this aww such a romantic way) then Music was like wouldn't that be weird someone just staring at you and he makes his eyes all wide it was hilarious LOL...ummm purple I'll see what I can do LOL...I love Reba. Barbara Jean has me crackin up

February 13, 2007  

its not illegal to take music, but it is illegal to give it, that is where the trouble comes in, and I think if you use a disclamier that the music being given is not for commerical purpose it covers you are something like that...I don't know...I should find out though, might save me in the future.

dirty heels, that is just nasty worst than an ashy one.

February 13, 2007  

I want to go back through the snow and back to SLEEP! Aren't we just as valuable as the kids...I mean damn, they get the day off before the snow even falls. Can't they do the same for the grown people going to work?

I need to see Hannibal Rising, I love love love Silence (movie and the book)

You ask about people not wearing coats...I went to visit PoliceBoy at work last night and saw 4 or 5 different people wearing shorts, hoodies, and flip flops. What's with that!?

I hope Daddy's Little Girls isn't disappointing, but I'm going to go see it anyway

R-uh ain't goin' to trial girl, you know dat!

February 13, 2007  

you missed a's daddy's little girl soundtrack?

The trip was great very relaxing.

I haven't written about it yet.

February 13, 2007  

someone..LOL great it was aight I listened to it on Where are the pics?

February 13, 2007  

Ummmmm toot don't need no cell to call auntie, not at 3 anyways! ROFL!

Oh and the best "gifts" are free. I am sure Music wouldn't mind some extra Honey...I'm just saying! LOL

February 13, 2007  

I thought I left a message, but anyway, Rrah aint going. I agree.

I dont like the soundtrack. I love reba. Barbara jean is a hoot.

February 13, 2007  

i wondered about r.kelly too. who cares that he had appendix surgery when his ass should be in jail somewhere. you and me both with the mp3 player. i keep mine on damn near all day. music gets me through just about anything.

kids can bring out both the best and worst in a person; sounds like your "toot" is bringing out the best in you. G'on girl!!!

i saw a woman the other day in gold, open toe, backless, wedgies the other day with thin, white capris and with a white tee and white coat with gold trim and a BLACK purse! WTF???? yes, her foot couldn't withstood a pedi *ugh*

your random list is funny...i posted one today too!

February 13, 2007  

Napster was illegal because it was a centered download program, limewire is peer to peer, that's why it can't be touched, along with Ares...
Stop picking your nose, that's why it bleeds so much, eww...
I do the "laugh hysterically" and them "straightface" as I point to myself all the time...
Friends and I are goign to the matinee on Friday to see DLG...
Pentagon train? Whenever I do public transpo (rarely) I catch the train at Pentagon into DC, the bus from my complex takes me straight there!

February 13, 2007  

R. is never going to jail, sad to say... he might go to trial, but it'll be in a million years.

i thought the same thing about Bearshare as i happily download! ;-)

i think Toot will be ok w/ the cell. LOL... you just need to make sure you get on his calendar, so he has time to talk to his auntie! have his people call you! :-)

February 13, 2007  

don't you hate that shit when someone wears sandals or slingbacks and their heels are rustry or worse yet DIRTY!! you jus wanna tap 'em on the shoulder and be like: "nah-uh! no the hell you didn't!!" (LOL)

let me know if that cellphone thing works out with you and your nephew!! (LOL)

paper cuts!! uuuuggghhhhh!!! damn corporate america!! (hahaha)

you've done it again. makin' me smile.

peace, momma!

February 13, 2007  

one of the students actually said to me the other day, "what's up with this weather? it's not suppsoed to be this cold." i just looked at him and said, "uh, why not? it's february and it's actually still winter..." LMAO!

ooooo! don't be mad, but i bought some damn summer shoes today! i just couldn't pass them up girl!

February 13, 2007  

Eww I hate when people wear sandals and their heels are all cracked and filthy! Ick!

But not to rub it in, I wore some GREAT summer shoes today!


February 13, 2007  

you're not supposed to talk about limewire and bearshare! THAT'S SECRET!

open heeled shoes with dirty feet? YUCK.

i see i'm gonna have to go back and read who this guy is you're talking about doing it up with on valentines day...

February 14, 2007  

Uhhh 'scuse me Danni!!!!

But a pause for the cause...just as we here in the midwest don't tease the hurricane gods, we'd appreciate it if you didn't tease the snow gods. We def got the snow and ice and monkey ass drivers that come with winter weather.
There's a time and place to be locked up in the is not that time for me. I have projects to finish and I can't keep rescheduling studio I'm blaming you!!!

One love.
-not so Anonymous

February 14, 2007  

R. Kelly is never going to go to trial. It just aint happenin'.

I want to see Hannibal Rising. I liked the whole Hannibal series.

February 14, 2007  

Dirty heel in an open toe shoe... just let's you know that that sista had somewhere to go, and she had to get there soon, LOL! Can't worry about how them feet look!

Be careful out there in that snow!

February 14, 2007  

Haaaaaa @ the open shoe with the dirty heel.....ewww!

February 14, 2007  

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