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Friday, February 09, 2007

This is a Test

of the emergency broadcast system. If this were a real emergency you'd be at home right now LOL.

It's Friday

I'm ready to go home already and it's not even noon

He's gonna be my Valentine whooo hooo (why am I so stoked about that)

I haven't seen him all week :(

But I'll see him tonight :)

He called me when he got off work this morning at 315am.

If it were anyone else I would have not answered but I was about to go pee lol so I answered

I asked him what he wanted for dinner tonight....when did this lil routine begin lol

We could just eat leftovers from last night which will probably be what we do

I need to get my car washed

I think I'm gonna buy my god daughter some earrings with her birthstone in them

Thinking about taking the bestest bday off and going home for the weekend and taking her to a spa....25 is a big year

Hmmm spending Vday with him should be interesting..then again maybe not lol

I got my hair retwisted last it's all nice and clean lol

I wonder how long it will take for them to get long enough for me to put in one big ponytail instead of 4 small ones LOL

I need to call my toot (my nephew)....he's growing up so fast

Those folks at the gym are hilarious.....this woman had on a lace sports bra, this other chic had on some tights with a body suit thong (think working out with jane fonda lol) why the thong part was like half up her and roomie were dying laughing as we were doing the lateral pull....those folks in there. Working out in jeans or in spandex with a belly that looks as if you are a year pregnant (a man not a woman lol)

Why do I feel like I ate jumping beans

Last weekend when I saw him after coming back from the baby shower I was all happy and said hi baby and gave him a huge hug and he was like why are you so happy I said cause I get to see you....I think it's gonna one of those moments again later

I can't wait to tell him I got us tickets to a Wizards game...I'll probably order them next week

I need to go to get my passport papers this weekend....I don't want to be rushing at the last minute

Why some dude that I went out on one date with...ONE, talking about I should come over to his house after I leave the gym one night.....UMMMM you have no lips (and you all know how I am about no lips)

Good thing my baby has nice lips LOL

Hmmm what should I do this weekend......movies, chill, I've already done laundry LOL I just have to put it away and LadyNay you know how hard that is gonna be lol

I finished my FIRST hat!! It's sooo cute I'll have to post pics on monday with me wearing don't be emailing me your hat measurements just yet..can I perfect my skill first lol...I heard from a lil bird that LadyNay can make you you might wanna hit her up LOL

Can May come fast enough...and if it does will I still be talking about Music LOL...ok ok I'll stop thinking negative

Young One called we've been playing phone tag since he's been home...oh yea he didn't go back to school this semester..wants to work and go back in the fall...but why have I not seen this fool since December. I told him I saw him more when he lived in he lives less than 30 min away from me..I tell ya. Then again he does work nights and when he's off he has his son but goodness....then again I only notice that I haven't seen him for real for real until he calls LOL

R is of course a lil salty cause he says I don't come over anymore...I mean hey I get tired of driving to your house all the time. I know you ride dirty and you don't like coming to VA cause of that but you can metro in or a sista out.

Grey's Anatomy was off the HOOK last night me and roomie were like NOOOOOOO....sad that we talk to the TV lol, Music says I'm too animated. I can't help it, it's what I do

I need to buy some curtains for my room maybe I'll do that next week. Or perhaps after I get my furniture in March.

That lady I was talking about at my job looks a mess, it's just something about messy people that bother me. I'm not saying I'm a neat freak but dang can you have yourself together.....when I see your desk a mess I tend to think you keep your home the same way.

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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im so glad that it's FRIDAY!!!!!!

girl u better hurry up & get them tickets.. the longer you wait.. the worse the seats! and FYI.. the $50 are the nosebleed seats!

u can get passport papers from a website.. google it...

February 09, 2007  

Lol @ working out with Jane Fonda. Also the dude with no lips. Oh my gosh you had me laughing with this post. Have a great weekend!

February 09, 2007 what you're saying is I need to get on that ASAP and get the $80 tickets LOL..hmm I'll see if those are any better cause sure was looking at the $50 ones hahahha

Mizjj....Homegirl was a mess...I was about to ask her for her workout tape LOL...and I hate no lips..have a great weekend

February 09, 2007  

yeah, they were wrong for that damn "grey's anatomy" cliff hanger last night! had me screaming at the damn tv too! i cant wait to see the hat too! are you an expert enough for multicolored or just one color? yes for taking the "bestest" to the spa for her birthday. come to think of it, i might do the same thing while im in vegas in a couple of weeks! except SHE can take ME! hahahahahah

February 09, 2007  

On Expedia's site is a link since we all gotta have em. Going to cost us $360 to get ours to take this trip in April. I could kick myself seeing as I have known about this for awhile!

February 09, 2007  

i jumped up holering NO too when Meredith fell. I can't wait till next week.

February 09, 2007  

I think taking the bestest to the spa is the best gift ever. I have a person a work whos desk is a absolute mess, but her house will pass a white glove inspection..???

February 09, 2007  

Grey's Anatomy is my show. There is no talking in my house when it's on! LOL

Have a good weekend

February 09, 2007  

Fallen...ummm how about this I had to stop crocheting to scream at the tv and my mouth was open for like 5 min on top of the the roomie was twisting my hair I could barely breathe LOL...I'll tackcle mutil color at a nother date LOL

Pam...WOW...that's all I can say I need to get mine asap..I leave in MAY

She..I know right I'm mad I have to wait till then

Mis..I think it will be nice too I'm taking that day off so the whole weekend will be about her...I don't get to hang out with her often so hopefully this will show her that she means the world to me..umm I don't think this lady at work would pass..her dog pees in the tub lol house either when that and ER is on lol..have a wonderful weekend.

February 09, 2007  

GREY'S I love that show. I was jumoing up and down. I had to tell "him" I would call him later. I can not wait.

you and music are so cute.(no hateration today). I will make a deal with you. I will make you curtains if you make me a hat. lol.

that is cool to take the bestest to the spa. I hope you enjoy music this weekend.

February 09, 2007  

Umm first off I can't make nothing that's not square! ROFL

Second, I got 2 mentions! YAY ME! *insert happy dance* I mean what if I didn't read your blog today? LOL

This is the 3rd mention of GA, it must be some kind of good.

I must have skipped over the part where young one moved closer :-(

February 09, 2007  

Deep...yea I had to stop mid stitch LOL, glad you're not spewing hate today LOL let me stop...hmm curtains very very enticing we must chat about this in detail..can I choose the color LOL...I hope she likes it and I will def enjoy my babe I haven't seen him all week

Lady...well you make me a scarf...I knew you would read LOL...yes it is good I watch that and ER on Thursday...yea it occured sometime in December I don't think I really talked about it so don't worry lol

February 09, 2007  

You can pick the color and fabric as long as it is not too

February 09, 2007  

This just in Friday February the 9th has been canceled. If you had plans for Friday then they are null and void as this weeks Friday won't exist. Treat today as a Tuesday and tomorrow will still be Saturday. Thank you very much. LOL

Why you gotta laugh at the man? He's there to work out so he can lose the tummy. Honey-Libra = Honey-Meanie. :o(

LOL @ no lips. Collagen will take care of that so you don't need to write him off so soon.

Since you're done with the hat I think you should do a thong next. What?

Have a nice weekend.

February 09, 2007  

Deep...Well alrighty then LOL...sike let me stop but I will def keep you in mind if I need a matching coat for my hat. are insane...why tuesday why not monday LOL...I laughed cause he was walking like Jim Carrey, I'm mean and WHAT?!....ummm I don't want to kiss on fat LOL..fake fat at that...a thong made of yarn..that would hurt my butt...then I'd chaff and need to wear diapers LOL....over and out!

February 09, 2007  

girl when it's Friday I can't concentrate for 2 secs the minute I walk into work I'm ready to go!!!
did u knit a hat?? I'm into knitting scarves in the relaxing..I'm sure we'd all like to see pics!!!

February 10, 2007  

I still don't "get" Grey's...can someone do a summary for me?

Post pics of the hat...My granny tried to teach me to knit....ummm let's just say that blanket wouldnt warm a hamster *lol*

@ Honey

you don't have butt fat *lol* But could you imagine the look on the doc face if I told him, "yeah I want you to take some of Honey's butt and put in on my chest..."

Times like this I need to claim a child *lol*

another one popped up today! I'm like what is this, going through my address book and calling random people month?

February 11, 2007  

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