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Monday, February 12, 2007

It's Monday and once again I'm yearning for Friday..especially since I have monday off due to Presidents Day (but I have a dental appointment..ewwww lol)

I spent every day this weekend with the babe...he came over Friday after I got off work..we or rather I watched a movie and then feel asleep a lil while after he did.

He was sooo tired working his night job 3 days out the week and he's doing 2 nights this week.

As far as I know nothing is planned for Wed, we'll see if he planned anything. I will probably go after work today to get him a shirt or something else to go with his card.

He came over last night (after he had left that morning) and cooked dinner, however me and the roomie had already eaten (she fixed sweet and sour chicken), but I brought some to work with me.

My aunt who says she sees things (and I believe her LOL) said that she can tell my love life is very interesting I said oh really (this after I hadn't even mentioned him to her) she said he's been hurt (hasn't everyone lol) and he's taken his time but he's warming up to me (I can tell this part)....she said wed should be fun, I said I'd call and tell her, fuss her out if I had a horrible time LOL..sike let me stop but I did say I was gonna call her back on wed and tell her how it went.

Music said he believes me when I say that I'm really into him, usually he just says ok or no you're not so we're making progress.

He told me that I could tell his brother about the bday dinner....I'm sure his brother will ask him who I am lol

Yesterday I was like do you talk about me when I'm not around you, he was like no and threw the dish towel at least he's being honest. Then he said I don't talk about girls period around other dudes LOL..he said his roomie does it and it annoys him....but he has mentioned me to his mommie LOL

I crack myself up, while I was sleep on Saturday morning or should I say half sleep cause I was on the verge of waking up to turn on my cartoons (yes I still watch saturday morning cartoons) I felt him caress my face. In my head I was like awww. He rubbed my cheek, then touched my lips and then played with a loc.....that's when I opened my eyes, I of course pretended I didn't know what he was doing and i was like what and then he said this line that we both saw on Reba one time and started laughing. He did it again Sunday morning...

When he came over last night we didn't have any juice in the house..we're on this water kick lol so he and I went to go get some juice he said he was tired of drinking water...why were we actin like lil kids in there...he was pushing me, I was pushing him...he wanted to look at the ice cream cake and I said no I wanted to look at the soda and he said no...acting like we didn't have no sense

He said that if we had kids they would be short LOL...I beg to differ

Roomie and I went to look for a kitchen set on sat..didn't find anything, then we headed to CiCi's pizza (Music said it reminds of him of a grown up chuck e cheese, I beg to differ lol) after we stuffed ourselves we headed to wally world and tar'get then watched some movies. We got some shoes from DSW...and I also bought some $7 ones from payless...whoohoo gotta love a sale for that amount I can find something to go with them LOL

I made the roomie and him a hat, his is black hers is like a green/tan and brown yarn.

I took the bestest bday off since it's a Monday. I told her I would be home that whole Sat I figured we'd do some shopping and maybe dinner with my bro who is expecting a lil girl (yeaaa I'm getting a niece) she's due any moment..I haven't met his baby momma yet but we'll see....then sun do church with the fam and mon take the bestest to the spa and lunch cause she has a dental appt that morning.

I can't wait to be home the whole weekend! I havent' done that in a while. I miss my toot :) Matter fact he was in my dreams last night lol

I need to get my car washed but with the snow that's been on and off what's the point?

Nurse dude apparently thought I was serious and sent me a text talking about when can we get it poppin...UMMM NEVER..I told him I was out and I'd call him later...and of course I didn't lol

I bought a cute lil jump suit to work out in (no it's not a one piece and no it's not Jane Fonda material lol)'s just a jacket and matching pants.

That's the good part about working out you can wear cute clothes LOL

He said he noticed that I was getting smaller..WOOHOOO. I didn't think he paid attention but this up 3 pds down the next is of course making me wish I'd burn my scale so tonight I'm hiding it....I'll tell roomie to hid it that way I don't know where it is.

I have so much crap to do at work....and they talking about they want a lunch meeting...great. I can't even take a real lunch....but I guess I'll be getting paid for it since I don't get to shoot the breeze for an hour....

Why my boss came by and asked me to pass the menu around for lunch..umm they are all closer to you how come you couldn't do it...great

Happy Hour on Friday with some of the alumni from Mason!!! I cant wait to see all my old friends....well those that I don't see on the regular....

Back to the grind............

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I enjoy reading you... good words, thoughts, and commentary every time!

Dont sweat it... I watch cartoons too!!

February 12, 2007  

Enigma...glad you enjoy :) I get up early just to watch them all LOL

February 12, 2007  

You know he is right..I never thought about it, but CiCi's is a big overgrown Chuckie

I too am burning my scale, it is evil...I'm stuck on 5 pounds I just don't like it seems like forever...but since most of our snow is gone, I'm gonna start bike riding so that should help.

it sounds like you're having a great time with music, hope wed. is the best for you. :)

February 12, 2007  

I'm off on Monday too!

Before long, you'll be telling us you and Music are an item...for real!

February 12, 2007  

I bet something is planned for stupid commercialized affection day a.k.a. Valentine's day. Did I say that? LOL!

I still have some cartoons on Tivo that I haven't watched from Saturday. Thanks for reminding me.

Why you hating on the shiny spandex? So what's up with those pants you're going to be working out in?

February 12, 2007  

is "i beg to differ" ur new line? lol. i watch cartoons too! i haven't washed my car yet either.. cause the car washes have been PACKED! and ur right.. it's snowing every freaking week! that would either be a waste of money or a waste of time/energy.. my mom keeps asking me if we should get a scale.. i was like NO cause we'd be on that thing every day!

February 12, 2007  

Nothing wrong with a little animation Honey.

You and Music are still cute :o)

Business lunches are usually paid for by a top dog so enjoy enjoy enjoy!

February 12, 2007  

Brown...What can I say I love processed pizza LOL...we shall see come wed..thanks a bunch though lol

TSG...sad that I can't wait LOL, we shall see lol

Freaky...I know you planned something did you, I don't know why you fakin you know you like it..I ain't hatin I'm just not trying to look like a piece of freshly greased fried chicken lol nothing is up with them crazy lol

TTD..I just noticed that I said that more than once I didn't even notice it until you said something LOL..I guess subconsciecly it is lol

Lady...Nope that's what I said, awww I think we're cute too..and girl I brought my lunch they ordered chinese food so I ate my lil ground turkey burger, rice and peas LOL (my baby cooked it)

February 12, 2007  

look at you falling and stuff...I am sure Wednesday will be something special...too bad I don't do V-day...soooo....I love to hear you are in such high spirits!

February 12, 2007  

TC...Hmm falling girl you crazy LOL..sike let me stop I must admit I do geek when I talk about him but you know how that goes...I'm just happy to be happy :)

February 12, 2007  

heyyyy honey!! :D

don't trip! no you ain't seein' thangs... it's me! (LOL)

your posts always make me smile. i don't know if i've ever told you that before. it's like i can hear you thinking/speaking when i'm reading. ummm... anyway, i appreciate all the love you've shown a sistah recently! you'll be seing me hangin' around much more often now...

Peace Momma!

February 12, 2007  

Aww, I know Wed. will be good for you two. Me and PoliceBoy act a fool in the grocery store too! And no, there is nothing wrong with cartoons--better than some talk shows, lol. I keep refusing to wash my car, but it's starting to get out of control now, so I may have to just go ahead and get it done.

It's great to see you so happy!

February 12, 2007  

@brwn eyes
even though I don't know you like that--but yeah let the m____ burn! Those things are evil.

@Honey Libra
Have a wonderful, gooey, embarrassingly sweet Valentines day!

February 12, 2007  

Yay to the sexy 'i'm cute but getting my workout on" jumpsuit!! Don't be like those crazy folks just wearing any ole thang!

Yay to the Boonopolis weight loss comment...10 points for Music

Hanging out with bestest...woohoo

February 12, 2007  

Music and you make me sooooooo sick!! Hahahha just kidding! You two make a good couple. I am liking the pairing.

You missing your toot reminds me of my godnieces. I miss them like hell. I think about them a lot

February 12, 2007  

So what's wrong with Saturday morning cartoons?!?! I don't understand what the problem is :-)

February 13, 2007  

Looks like things are going well with you guys so far...

A Saturday morning without cartoons is like a day without sunshine...

February 13, 2007  

I miss pizza... hmmmmmmmmm ci ci'sssss.

awww. you and music are so cute.

February 13, 2007  

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