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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thirsty Thursday

I'm at work

There is still snow on the ground

I wanna go to bed

I wanna go home

I just don't want to be here

I got candy and ballons

I got lots of sleep before he came over

We went to dinner at this Italian spot with roomie and her date

Came back home

Why do I get a text message but you didn't even to think of doing something with me for Valentines..not that I didn't have plans but dang

On top of that why would you send me a text asking about your shoes I should burn them things

From here on out I will ignore all your texts and phone calls

His car broke down this morning..I had to dig mine out the snow, he's driving it till he figures out what's wrong with his.

He is hilarious

I got to work around 10 or a lil bit before...great

I am so looking forward to this weekend...

I want new bed room furniture now I can't wait to go home and get mine so I might look for something at a store in this area

I know he'll take good car of blueberry (my car), he was on his way to put some gas in her (and I didn't even have to ask him or give him money)

He gave me hugs and kisses and thanked me over and over for letting him take my car

He asked what I was doing this weekend cause he wants to get some work done.....awwww he wanted to see if I had planned to do anything with him....I said he can get some work done I was going to Homecoming events so he could be without me LOL

I wont' see him next weekend cause I'll be at home.....

I wish I were at home...instead of out here in the snow
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I got flowers!!!!!! but other than i slept from 5 in the afternoon til this moring

February 15, 2007  

I wonder you did not get lots of sleep after he came over lol!!!

I am glad you had a good day yesterday! You deserve it. You two make a good couple. You really do.

February 15, 2007  

This is the 1st weekend apart is how long????? probably the last time you went home right.

how cute.

February 15, 2007  

aawwwww. enjoy your weekend. Yayyyyy for the gifts and dinner.

February 15, 2007  

That was so sweet. Have a great weekend!

February 15, 2007  

Negro..WOOOHOOO I love flowers and sleep for that matter LOL

Epsilonucus...LOL whatever I got sleep awww thank you

Someone...Ummm since thanksgiving no wait Christmas LOL

Deep....Yes it was really nice

Mizzjj...Yes it was he was like dang ya'll women are really into this ain't ya'll...I tell ya

February 15, 2007  

boo snow. glad i'm at home.

February 15, 2007  

I'm with you! I want my bed! LOL Glad you gonna have some fun this weekend!

February 15, 2007  

Jameil..boooo LOL you suck

Lady...girl I was almost knocked out at lunch

February 15, 2007  

Hey girl, congrats on the love life. We got mucho snow here too.

February 15, 2007  

Mis....congrats for what LOL...girl but thank you it was nice to have a nice evening it's been a while lol...I know yall did

February 15, 2007  

You are sweetie...

February 15, 2007  

awww- how sweet... well it is wonderful that you had a good day...

snowy days make me happy to be a floridian..hahaha.. stay warm :-)

February 15, 2007  

I'm glad you enjoyed your day. Honey's on to something good...

February 16, 2007  

heyyyy honey!!

oh-oh... you know it's serious when you let him borrow blueberry!! (LOL)

seriously... this whole post was so cute. mushy too. but it's cool 'cause i like mushy. (hehehe)

you're still making me smile, girly!

have a great week-end,

your favorite butterfli :D

February 16, 2007  

Thats crute!!! i love the fact he really appreciated your kind of dude. Glad you had a great VDday...Boo you mr "what's up wit my shoes", BOO YOU :-)

February 16, 2007  

i soo didnt want to go to yesterday work either... i went in late b/c of it! lol

February 16, 2007  

I'm glad you had a lovely day!
You deserve it! Next time I'm in town I PROMISE
I will hang out with you!

February 16, 2007  

at least you were able to get out and do something. Enjoy ur weekend and be safe.

February 16, 2007  

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