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Friday, April 20, 2007

Freaky Friday

I noticed that I used this title once before oh well I'm feeling rather perky today so we'll use it again lol. I guess you've noticed that I've been somewhat MIA....not on purpose well maybe a tad, my sis had a baby and I was worried about her due to the fact that her pressure was up after she delivered him so I had to go home and make sure things were cool.

I've missed blogging and being updated on what's going on with you guys so I'm sorry that I haven't been by...charge it to my head not my heart :)

Me and the hun are looking at townhouses....which means that yes it's getting rather serious between the two of us...we're just looking right now and no I don't have any news to report don't bother askin (either question and you know which ones I mean lol)

I had this whole post lined up last friday where I was gonna do random things about myself that I've noticed are weird or others have said are weird, but last Friday I didn't feel like it, plus I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off at dare they give me work on a friday when I'm at work LOL..darn them

So I'm gonna do it today....

1. If you dont know that I LOVE ranch dressing you do now...and when I say I love it, I love it..I eat it on fries, pizza, sandwiches, etc (I just got another favorite dressing it's called Parmesean Ramano and yea I spelled it wrong but oh well lol)

2. I detest folks that are NASTY...if your clothes are a mess and you can help it I'm gonna assume that your house is a skunk hole as well.

3. I have to sleep with the closet door closed, not it can't be has to be closed

4. Although I'm going to mess my bed right back up I had my covers and sheets to be all twisted up..I will make it up and then get in it if I have to...the hun says I'm crazy

5. I was just informed yesterday by Hun that I say boo boo too much...and I sound like a ghetto girl when I say it...apparently it comes out nahhh boooboooo LOL however I informed him that I only say it when something or someone annoys me or blows me

6. I LOVE shoes. I have a problem I dont' know how Hun is gonna deal with it when we get married cause we will need a room for my stuff off top LOL. I will buy the same shoe in different colors...and I have a garbage bag filled with flip's that serious

7. Although I've heard I have pretty shapley legs I generally don't wear skirts..however I have more of them than pants...weird I know

8. Sometimes if I'm at work I'll use the bathroom with the door open if I know no one is coming in and all I have to do is pee LOL...what can i say I'm weird

9. Once I cut someone off...I CUT THEM OFF!!! It may take me a while to release you fully but once you're're gone. Once I begin to feel like I wanna cut you off....nothing can convince me to spend time with you

10. I love hard. Once I admit I love you which has probably been for a while but I'm trying to determine if it's love or just lots of'll be able to tell and I'll tell you all the time. LOL...not annoying like you'll just know how I feel.

11. I'm not big on conflict and when I'm faced with it my heart feels like it's about to come out my chest cause it's beating so hard, but let me have to engage and I will let you know a little something something.

12. I talk least that's what I hear...I just think folks are listening slow.

13. I crave weather like this....the colors, the shoes, the's just something about spring and summer that make me feel beautiful

14. When folks blow their noses and what not I get visuals LOL....nasty just nasty..which is why I cringe everytime the lady at my job blows her nose.

15. I want children maybe like a year from now...not a weird thing and I don't know if it's the pregnant women that are stalking me as of lately but I've gotten the urge to be motherly LOL....

16. My aunt can "see" things, you know we all got one in our families...and most of the time she's right on the marker..she knew when my cousin was pregnant down to the day she concieved to the day she is due (but we know how babies are on coming lol)

17. In college I LOVED blue, still do but I had to have something blue on almost everyday....if I had to pick between a shirt in a store the blue one always won so bad my girls told me that I couldn't buy anything else blue when we went out shopping....I still LOVE blue but now its more in moderation, yet I still tend to lean towards blue if I have to choose lol

18. I want to be a researcher..I don't know why I wanna spend my days and nights reading and writing but I do....hence me hopefully going to grad school in the fall

19. I want to write a book...I've written stories for class and stuff from what I understand I have a way with words

20. Everyonce in a while I like to drink to the point of laughter LOL..meaning everything is funny, I'm the life of the party (cause I'm normally shy) and I holla at cute men (of course not lately)...I never become the annoying drunk that hasn't happened since college but I like to get "nice"

21. While in college I just got over the need to feel like I should impress folks that I grew up know folks who were in the popular crowd and what not. I dont' know why I felt like I had something to prove..most of them have kids now and aren't married or whatever...funny that I use to want to be "in"

22. I LOVE me..yea I know it's not weird but I've always been the thicker chic than ALL of my friends and I mean ALL of them..even the bestest..she is tall and has these model long legs lol...I just became comfortable in my own skin....I'm not saying I wanna be 400 pds but I like where I'm at right now and with the help of the recent gym visits things are starting to jiggle a little less and tighten alot more :)

23. I love going to the library. I can go in there for hours looking for books to read and I never come out with less than four I have to have an even number of books if I find a 5th one I have to find number six lol

24. I'd love to meet most of the folks on my blogger list LOL...some of you guys crack me up and some of you make me understand myself so much more and I'm sure you never even knew that. If I could go on a blogger city tour I would..but umm bills gotta be paid LOL

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First I am glad that you sis and the baby are cool...gots to take care of the fam...


This is interestin...a lot of its I can totally relate to...
especially #22!!!! Totally can relate to gotta love who you are and the skin you are in...I also can relate to #6, 10, 13 (I don't like it too hot too cold-this is just right) and #18 (I acutally do that for a living...every job I do that...and I do love it...especially when its for a purpose)

i think i might steal this idea and do some randomness this weekend myself...

stay up honey...

April 20, 2007  

oh and I was FIRST suckkas!

April 20, 2007  

TC..I'll have to get your song and dance ready LOL...then again maybe just a song might sweat the armpits up dancing and you know I can't have that LOL...dontcha just love randomness LOL

April 20, 2007  

lmao @ you.. glad your sis is ok after the baby :)

now you and yo crazy arse.. I need to see you BRIGHT AND EARLY and bring him if you need too!!!! 9am april 29th!

April 20, 2007  

BK...funny cause that's the day I was planning on coming through and you know he ain't coming LOL...talking about dancing is for girls LOL

April 20, 2007  

It was very hard for my pressure to go down after I had Pooka, glad you was there for you sis :-)

LOL@not talking fast, folks just listening slow...wonder where you got that from? Hmmmmmm! ROFL

#22 is very important!

April 20, 2007  

#4, I can't stand getting in the bed when the covers are all messed up. Like you I make it up and then get in it. I sleep better that way.

Step away from the ranch dressing!

April 20, 2007  

i would love to join u on a blogger world tour.. but as u said.. bills must be paid!

and u & kweem could be twins w/ the ranch dressing...

April 20, 2007  

I loved the list. I think I will do this this weekend. I am happy your sis and the lil man is ok.

I used to be that way with blue and rach dressing.

April 20, 2007  

I like this list. I love libraries as well. Love them.

Right now I am feeling green. Last year it was pink. When I get into a color it is can become obsessive.

April 20, 2007  

Great list!

Congrats to your sis and nephew.

Have a wondeful weekend.

April 20, 2007  

Thanks you guys have a wonderful weekend..I would comment on everyone but umm I'm kinda full from lunch LOL which means I got that itis lol

April 20, 2007  

It's good you're looking. You have to look in order to prepare to buy.

April 20, 2007  

I feel you on the Blogger World Tour. I'm trying my best to meet most of the bloggers I read (one of the reasons I'm in Boston right now, wish you were here. I hope our paths cross one day soon). So far, the ones I've met have been real cool and I'm sure you would be the same way.

April 20, 2007  

Wow girl, some days I read your blog and I feel like I'm your long lost twin or something. Almost everything on that list sounds like me, lol. Me and my hun are looking at townhouses too, and I finally broke down and decided to make the big move with him.

I'm glad your sis is alright, and I can't wait for the auntie updates!

Have a good weekend!!

April 20, 2007  

I'm with you on shoes and for me its not ranch its ketchup. I eat it on rice, on potatoes everything. Oh, I'm officially back so if you haven't linked a sister, can you? :)

April 22, 2007  

Girl you remind me of myself with #9! I am EXACTLY the same way. Once I'm done with someone, there is NO HOPE for them. I may forgive them in my mind but the lines of communication with that person are FOREVER closed.

April 22, 2007  

heyyyy honey!!

happy monday mornin'!! my stoopid system is down, so i'm takin' this opportunity to go down my blog roll and visit all my favorite people!! i hope you had a glorious week-end!!

lookin' at townhouses, huh? mmmmhmm. okay! (lol) i'll jus wait until i hear from you when you'll be moving in. i won't speculate. you know that's how shit gets started. (hehehe)

talk to you later, momma! and i DID get your email (finally), but i didn't have anything to report, so i didn't know you wanted a response. i love you, tho'! :)

peace & big hugs!!

April 23, 2007  

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