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Monday, April 02, 2007

The Rundown

Friday: Got off work later than usual and headed to Arlington to meet the girls for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I was going to go home, change and drive there but it was getting late so I hopped on the metro and met them there. Although we all live in the same area we rarely get to see one another so it was nice to hang out with them and enjoy a drink or two along with some food. I saw the roomies sister and she was telling us how her and the boo (that no one really likes) are going to the VI in July. Why this chic was like it's only gonna cost them $500. We were all like what?! That is unbelievable and if it's true more power to her but if it's not why make up something like that LOL..ah well I dont say much about that whole thing anymore. After we ate me, the roomie and my buddy headed back to the house so that we could change and go to LOVE. One of our homies from Mason was celebrating his bday there and we decided to join him. So we get dressed of course after ransacking our rooms trying to find stuff to wear (picking out something ahead of time never works) and head to DC. It was somewhat empty when we got there so we got a drink and crowd watched...once it got packed we headed upstairs to the 3rd floor and commenced to pop lock and dropping it LOL. I also proceeded to drop down low and sweep the floor with it (thank you beyonce). My buddy caught the eye of a cutie in VIP who let us going him and his friends while they popped bottles and we sipped on some moet. So I had a blast other than my feet hurting me.

Saturday: Woke up bright and early and headed to the post office to get my passport. FINALLY. I know I know I'm a lazy bum who will be sitting here in May whining about not being able to go LOL. But it's done now and all I have to wait on is them to send it to me. That passport line was off the hook glad I got there early and was out before 11. Headed home after buying some cute lil flats (which are red and I'm wearing them now) and hopped back in the bed. The Hun was working on some stuff so I didn't see him till about 8 that night and I cooked dinner and we ate...for some odd reason he said that I looked better than usual LOL..umm great. He was like nah you don't look bad I'm just saying you look extra cute today LOL..awww he's so cute. So we ate and watched a lil TV and proceeded to hit the sack.

Sunday: Got up, ate some breakfast and bummed around. Watched a lil of the Miami Heat game and he left to get some work done. It's crazy how much he makes me happy these days LOL Me and the roomie headed to the gym and did an hour of cardio. Man I tried the crossrunning machine, I think it's something like the elliptical..I felt like I was about to ski out of the building LOL..the lady beside me told me that I could turn the stride down..glad she did cause I was about to be on the street or on the floor beside the machine LOL. Went home, showered ate a Lean Cuisine (which are currently on sale at Giant till 4/4 if I might add lol for $ you might want to go cop some) and hit the bed. I'm watching TV, Pirates of the Caribbean to be exact when my phone rings.......

It's him.....I've been doing so good not really caring about still loving him as a person and disliking what he did to me....but I'm a good person and I forgive and move on. Once you're my friend unless you kill a relative or do something horrible you'll still somewhat be my friend maybe not as much as before but you'll still somewhat have my support when going through life trauma. I just can't believe that he called, I mean I periodically check up on make sure he's alive..cause war is serious and I'd hate to find out that he's dead via the news. Usually I just send a quick email or a voicemail message saying hey hope your well talk to you later or whatever...I haven't seen him face to face since Jan, right after new years. He asked how I was doing, fine of course..I asked how he was and he said that it's always about him when we talk, this time it's about me. So he asked about work, life, and love. I told him all were fine...told him that I'd been dating and what not that I had found someone. He was somewhat taken back, said he was jealous..he's been dating but no one compares to me he misses me..wants me back...wants to work on what we had and make it better. I remind him that he's said that before and right now is not the time to try and save something that has been dying over time. Matter fact somethign that is dead. I can't be mean to folks I don't know why so I tell him maybe in a different time and space we could have something better but right now I can't do that to myself...I need someone who is attentive, who is there, who is consistent...who doesn't play games. He says he's not doing that anymore going through war as matured him and caused him to open his eyes..wants to know what I would say to moving to the 757 to be with him....I can't do that...not now..not ever. I love my Hun. He's what I need and want right missed out on a good thing...he says he knows and he doesn't want to let me go right now..can't get over me and how I made him feel.....wants to see me this weekend when I go home, cooke me dinner, talk face to face...he's gonna call me tonight, wants me to think about what we talked about and he'll think about what I said............

How do you tell someone who you onced loved, who your world once revolved around...that's it's over and no matter how much you might even want an inkling of it back...that it will never be the same.

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Your weekend sounds almost like mine. Did we go shopping together? Lol.

I guess you just have to tell him. Why is it woman love until they can't take it anymore. And men don't realize how much they love until it's gone?

April 02, 2007  

Tantrum..LOL I think we did haha. I love a good shopping day :) I know and it's so hard to think that I have to look him in the face and tell him that I'm not going to even give him a chance anymore even if it would be different this time..hopefully he will listen

April 02, 2007  

re it's over

I don't know. If they don't want to hear that, there's no way to tell them.

sounds like you had a nice weekend. Jealous of those flats. I was trying to find something in hot pink, orange, or green to kind of perk up all this black that I wear. Couldn't find nothing. Why does everything come with 4 inch heels?

April 02, 2007  

GC...yea I know but for me it's easier said than done especially since I was "with" him for so long. I found some green flats at payless you could check there, I have some orange heels LOL..i think I have every color..that's how bad it is lol

April 02, 2007  

You tell them just how said at the end. You say that it is over and no matter how much you might event want an inkling of it back it will never be the same. There is no other way to say it to him.

Your weekend sounds fun. I cannot wait to get back to that good ole war MD weather.

April 02, 2007  

just how u said it.... or try to be mean, and tell him to Kick Rocks!! lol.. seriously.. just like u said it

i'll be hitting up giant then.. need some more lean cusines...

April 02, 2007  

you tell em, like you told him...I am good...i will always have a place in my being (not heart because you give your whole heart to the one that you are meant for) but you will always have place in my being...and I wish you well...but I am fine, I am good, matter fact I am I'll holla...I wish you nothing but the best...that's all you can say to them...

See the thing is a lot of guys, who know that you love them, think that its all good and easy, when they want to come back they can just come back...but ahhhh can't just come back...its not that simple and you aren't a toy to be played with for a moment and then put back on the shelf...NOPE doesn't work that way...

if you are good, then you are good....that's it and that's all owe him NOTHING but the common respect that you give to those in your don't have to explain or make excuses or justify is what it is...

and what is is: you onced loved him, you have moved on, are now IN love with a GREAT wish him peace, love and many blessings, but YOU aren't the ONE for him...NO, HE isn't the ONE for you...

and that's least that's my interpretation of the situation...

and what girl looked like me at LOVE???? LOL

April 02, 2007  

We don't have giant here so no 4/4 4me :-)

I would have paid to see you on that machine, you must have been working it out if the lady told you how to turn it down! LOL

April 02, 2007  

epsilonicus...My weekend was indeed good this time around :) I know, I'm working on being mean lol

TTD...we all can't be mean like you LOL

TC..You are def right. The problem with myself is that I can say all that in my head but it's getting it to come across my lips..all this time I haven't had an issue with him and now that I'm happy BAMN he wants to pop up and claim something that he should have been fighting for a while ago or rather all this time. Some chic that I walked past dancing with some dude I had to do a double take cause her hair was out in a fro and I was like that looks like umm nah that aint' her LOL

Lady..darn you missing out on a sale LOL..girl I was getting it about to fly off and she was like you know you can turn that down I was like noo please tell me LOL

April 02, 2007  

disclaimier: shouldn't have just said men, becasue women too, have a tendancy to think that they can come back...that just some people...OK now back to what i was going to say

naw that wasn't me...LOL...i got cornrows now...

I guess the thing is that you have to say to yourself is are you really over him? do you really want to let go? why did you let go? once you know those answers it won't be so have to stand up for yourself...and for your happiness...chile that's when folks comes around sniffin when they can sense your happiness...that's why you can't let folks "gas you up" its ok to smell the flowers but you don't have to eat them...meaning what old boi is saying sounds good, but in reality if that was his main objective, to be with you, he would have stepped it up seriously....

so you just find your own inner answers and stand up for yourself...

April 02, 2007  

another full weekend. For some odd reason i thought you were going to the 757 this weekend. RIF. lol.

My weekend consisted mostly of work. Sunday was mostly laziness. I was not supposed to waste my sunday but I did. I did manage to get my feet done, cook dinner, and curl my hair.

Everytime you mention the hun on here, I can see you beaming ear to ear. So cute.

the way you typed it here sounds good to me.

Offtopic: Can the hun read your blog (ie has the url)? Just wondering. lol.

April 02, 2007  

another action packed weekend! i like how you bolded each day in red. lol...

re: Constant. i have a similar situation, but i think i make it very clear in my tone that things will never be the same and there's no use trying to repeat history. also, since i have a "boyfriend" he's clear that things are over and done. as for you, though, like everyone else said, exactly what you typed is perfect. it's your job to let him know and his to let it sink in and move on. all and all, it's hard when you have love for someone, but know you can't and shouldn't express how you once did.

April 02, 2007  

I offer myself and my brother to go and tell constant to get over himself and SHUTUP all ready. geesh. I mean its over son. lol.

Now that my hood girl moment is over, just take your time and breathe, and tell him just like you wrote it.

I think your weekend looked cool. I am glad you had a good weekend,.

April 02, 2007  

I say stop all communication with him. He may think something still there b/c you still call or email him.

April 02, 2007  

oh lord! ain't this how it ALWAYS happens??!!! dammit!!

okay. okay. okay. let me think. ummm... (LOL)

seriously, tho' lil sis, i think you've already told him exactly what he needs to know, but some folks will try you, regardless of what comes outta your mouth. they basically want to see if they've still "got it like THAT", you know?

i think the best way to help this dude move on is to NOT put yourself in a situation with him in the first place. tell his ass thanks but no thanks for the cooking dinner thing. cause think about it... would you want Hun to be all closed up with some woman, having an intimate dinner, KNOWING she wants him back??!!

act as if the shoe were on the other foot or like the roles were reversed and then act accordingly. don't ruin what you have chasing something that was, feel me? besides, if ole boy is truly THE ONE... his time will come around again!! and if not, oh well! HE fucked it up!!

love ya!! BIG hugs!!

April 03, 2007  

Dang everyone hit up the cheesecake factory it seems?! I feel left out

April 03, 2007  

well Honey I'm glad you can stand your ground with him...but it looks like you need to tell him to quit calling you period...especially since he can't respect you do fine without him..

and it is so cute when you talk about you Hun...

I thought I had a lot of shoes,...I think you got me, but yesterday I was thinking about buying more shoes, my problem is I buy 5 pairs at a time.


April 03, 2007  

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