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Monday, April 09, 2007

False Alarms

I'm sitting here at my desk eating a danish of some sort and I will admit that I'm ready to go home. Not just to sit and watch TV or do nothing as usual but because I'm tired...soooo tired that I wouldn't be too surprised if I fell asleep at my tired that at first I spelled fell like feel LOL...great

Home was nice this weekend, my parents were gone but I got there Friday morning so I saw them before they left for NC on Sat morning. Man when I say I have blast with my fam I have a blast, as soon as I walked in the door my nephew was like aunnntiiiiee LOL...I love that lil man. He is sooo spoiled though I tell ya. I tried to be the grownup auntie and correct him when he did wrong and most of the time I was good about it but there were other times when I would baby him and silently laugh when he told my sis to shut up. I mean hey she did it to my parents and she is getting it ALLLL back and I mean ALL cause that boy gives her a run for her money. His crazy tail be sayin stuff like shoot when he drops stuff or when people tell him to sit down. Talking about some get off of me and he's the one holding on to me lol. What did crack me up though was when he told me Auntie I tired and I was like well go to sleep LOL..he said ok then he'd be like Auntie I hungry....that boy I tell ya

So Friday nothing jumped off too much....Constant called me to see if I was in town of course saying he was going to stop by I told him there was no need (WHOOOHOO for me), cause you know that was hard. I talked to the boo (who I must say is doing rather well and planting himself in my life pretty darn good lol), played around with my nephew, went to go see my god daughter and the bestest. While there she mentioned that she was going out to dinner with one of her girls from school (she goes to NSU where she is working on finishing her teaching degree) so I volunteered to keep my god daughter. I didn't have anything to do but go to church that night for the last night of youth revival so I took her with me.

Man, youth revival was off the chain. The preacher was a young guy I think he was in his 30s and he spoke about how we as people not just young people should try to talk to folks about Christ. Now I will admit that I tend to be horrible at this only because I'm not where I want to be in that aspect of my life and I don't want someone to think I'm a holy roller or something, but I do what I can do. If you talk to me somewhere along the line you'll notice that I go to church or something to that nature, but I will try to do better in this area. So I was really rejuevenated (?) after I left and that's always nice. While I was there I saw this guy that I had a crush on from elementary school to high school. We went on a couple of dates after I graduated from HS and went to Mason but nothing serious. Well he's getting married....I was like what LOL, well congragulations and he's like yea I moved to Richmond to live with her....more conversation and he mentions that she lives with her parents (so you live with her and her parents hmmm) and that they have been dating 4 months and are getting married in july (hmm I'm wondering if she's pregnant..I don't ask in case your wondering lol..I'm nosey but I decided to leave that one alone it's none of my business) So I'm like awww congrats and he sees my god daughter and I let him know its the bestest LOL and he says its my turn next and that he was waiting to marry me and I'm like boo no you wont stop lying lol..i'm flattered but umm no thanks lol (as my momma said if you were waiting then you'd still be waiting lol) I was like I wonder what his future wife would think of him sayin that to me and no he wasn't jokin as he looked at me with his bed room eyes lol and kept hugging me lol. I just dont' want to get married before I'm ready or just because I'm pregnant cause man that is some serious stuff...I ain't playin around with that...once I get married I'm only divorcing by dyin lol and that ain't a divorce ya feel me :)

Saturday the parents leave and me and the siblings are chilling when my sis informs me that she doesn't feel well (her due date was saturday) so we wait it out and she still doesnt' feel better...I call the bestest and she volunteers to come with me to the hospital just in case I'm there for a second and watch the nephew (my other sis had a date with her bf and i didn't want to hold her up) so we get there they hook her up and monitor her...nothing. No dialating, no water breaking..nothing. I'm like listen here boy (my baby nephew) don't be playing with my emotions LOL..I was all nervous like I was the one having a baby lol. So they send us home, tell her to walk and eat and take some meds. Great. So we eat, she walks and we all go to a lil tv and BAMN 1130pm and we're back at the hospital...they wont induce it's only 1 day over her due date, they'll give it till about wed or so and then induce, but they want her body to do it on her own...blah blah blah.....back at home at 2am. Which means I didn't make it to 630am service and barely made it to 11am service lol. Funny after service everyone kept saying how much I've slimmed down and how nice I looked and all that. It was nice, gave me motivation to keep doing what I'm doing. I wanna be down to 150 or so by next summer cause my parents are renewing their vows (25 years) and I wanna wear a nice dress that doesn't make it look like I have a booty do (stomach sticks out more than your booty do lol) great

Went to eat dinner with the siblings, my nephew, my sis bf and an ex of mine who is now like a brother to me. It's nice catching up with him, I felt bad for him though cause he was soo in to this chic and even said that she was the one and she broke up with him last week cause she still had feelings for her ex. An ex that he said slashed her tires, said she was no good and a rack of other stuff...I tell ya, sad just sad. Went home, napped and waited for the parents to come back so I could hit the road. Conversed with an old friend who is trying to get a house..talking about his mom asked him when he was getting married talking about he needs a gf first lol that would help and then he said yea I would ask you but you wayy up there..umm great. Guys are too funny. Hit the road about 745 stopped off at the boos house and slept there and mosied on back home at 4am (traffic up this way after 7 is a toss up so I woke up and left). I missed him LOL...yea I'm corny but I did. I said this is the 2nd time we've spent the whole weekend apart and he was like you'll be aight LOL..I know I will I'm a big girl. He talked to my nephew when I was home and he was like our son ain't gonna be cryin like that LOL..I was like oh really which one LOL..Julius or Amir hahaha....

All this talk about kids and what not makes me smile but I do wonder if his tail is serious LOL. My mom was like let me know if I'm gonna be planning your wedding and mine at the same time LOL ummm not that I can tell right now and I'd do it later in the year anyway LOL..great

So the weekend was good despite me not getting too much sleep..maybe this weekend I'll get some then again I might be home again if JJ decided he wants to make his entrance.

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I firsted~!!!!!
Yea....I am SO glad you had a GREAT time with the family! That is so what it is all about...and good for you being strong! That's what I am talkin bout....HELLO!
And let us ALL know when we need to get in that gym so we can be fly at the wedding...
oh, and STAY AWAKE!

April 09, 2007  

re try to talk to folks about Christ

that's a tough one
some people don't wanna hear it
sometimes I feel like a hypocrite too so I don't even mention it. I don't even mention what religion I am on my blog 'cause I don't want ppl to get the wrong impression of my church by reading my blog. Really tough one.

April 09, 2007  

TC...I would give you a prize but umm I ran out of marshmellow bunnies LOL sike nah yea i had a blast I just need to go back to sleep why was I like whose wedding LOL..I'm guessing you meant me..then again you might have meant you LOL..speak it speak it LOL..let me stop.

GC...Yea it's a tough one and I'm in a daily fight to do it but sometimes its necessary.

April 09, 2007  

phew that was a monitor

guys just like to say things like that sometimes in regards to marriage. think they say that looking for a reaction...

i hope you not waiting till the weekend to get some rest you got a whole 4 days before the weekend hits, lol.

April 09, 2007  

Glad you had a wonderful weekend! Don't forget my invite your wedding, Lol.

I spent mine alone shoveling snow.I was so disappointed. But there is always next year.

BTW--I am the same way when it comes to Talking to the Lord, but, I will always express the importance of Prayer even when my faith is shaken.

April 09, 2007  

Weekends home are the best! I need a visit in my life AND my bf just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this weekend, so im definitely feeling your post!

Kudos on standing your ground with Constant, it's all about saying what you mean and meaning what you say with men, I tell ya...

As for telling ppl about christ, that's always been an interesting subject. I think most christians believe that salvation is a personal endeavor. We are not as aggressive to recruit like mormons, muslims or jehova witnesses...why is that?

I check your daily musings on a regular basis, girlie! Keep up the good work!


April 09, 2007  

whew what a weekend. Glad it was great.

April 09, 2007 already know how I do prepared

Tantrum...We only got an inch maybe less and the sun came out and melted that lol..umm what wedding LOL are correct I was soo relaxed..I don't know why we was Christians don't go out and hunt more I guess we don't want to "make" someone feel like they should accept him

Deep..tell me about it lol

April 09, 2007  

I'm glad you had a good weekend! It's nice to go home sometimes, and I guess your sis' baby wants to wait a lil while--he's chillin right now lol.

Girl, I know what you mean about not talking to people about Christ enough. Hunny and I are both religious, but we tend to keep the convo between us and the fams. I hate feeling like one of those annoying people on the street who shove crazy looking 'Jesus brochures' in your face at rush hour. I do feel guilty sometimes, like I'm a "To the left Christian", but I'm doing my best.

Get some sleep!!

April 09, 2007  

I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday weekend. There is nothing like family.

April 10, 2007  

the title of this post so screams..........i thought i was pregnant but im not.

April 10, 2007  

Go to bed!

April 10, 2007  

Hello!! Glad you had a good weekend...your nephew seems sooo cute...I love little boys!! Not in a Michael J. sorta way, ya know...LOL!!

I enjoy your posts!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

in the words of the great A. Schwarzenager...I'll BE BACK!!


Have a good week!!

April 10, 2007  

That weekend sounds so busy. Hearing your stories about your family makes me miss mine.

April 10, 2007  

I love stories about good families. Glad you got to see yours!

April 10, 2007  

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