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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Its My Friday and I'll party if I want to......

WHOOOHOOO no work tomorrow....and I get to see my family!!! I miss them LOL, of course I'll never tell them how much I missed them :) They will try to talk me into moving back down that way...I ain't takin no pay cut right now lol

I get to see my Hun today, I haven't seen him since, yea we've both been very busy.

He'll get a whole full weekend away from me....I'm sure he and I need it LOL

I get to leave work early...I have a doctors appointment at 2 and a orthodontist appointment at umm yea all that should be loads of fun

I haven't even packed yet and I need to do laundry...why do I do laundry every week'd think I ran out of clothes or something nope just like having nothing in the hamper I guess

What is going on with this whole rain and flurries type weather I thought old man winter was gone...apparently he decided to come back

It's insane how much I've been ready for today to get here and now that it's here I wish it were time for me to go home...that's me huh can't even be satisfied LOL

Trying to decide if I'm going to sunrise service of 11am...hmmm 11am is looking more and more appealing then again I might be at both of them

I'm struggling with this whole patience issue...however I did get an email saying they recieved my application and I should know the status online of it in about 2 weeks hmmmmm (silently praying)

I heard the Romeo & Juliet version of Kissing you and I must say that I like it better than the B version (B as in Beyonce)....she's doing the dang on thing but ummm sometimes you can over do it, but hey that's her and she ain't payin my bills so she can have at it LOL

I have yet to see the Pursuit of Happiness but I am def going to see Spiderman 3 when it comes out....I love me some spiderman (if only he were real, or a man would kiss me upside down LOL)

Ok why does apple juice make me have to pee more than water does?

What is it about T.I. that I love LOL...ok he's skinny and small and I might break his leg if I sat on (not really just make it go to sleep lol) but I love his vibe and his dress I tell ya...that We takin over video is aight

I love Aerosmith's song "I dont wanna close my eyes" yes, I know that's not the name of the song (at least I don't think it is) but that's what I call it

Have you seen that show In search of the next pussycat doll....those girls are tooo funny...why was home girl singing like she was bored LOL....if you gonna sing like that I don't wish my gf was hot like you LOL...that would be if I was a man and had a gf lol

Ummm Sanjaya what is going on boo boo...enough on that

Lies....back to that..does America really believe this boy can sing..what the monkey piss?!

I like Melinda more than I like Lakeisha...I don't know what it is but I just need to flood the comment's just my opinion folks not tryin to save the world LOL

Once again I'm being haunted by babies...however me and the Hun have talked about his name choices....I can dig em they are cute...we'll see. And NO I'm not pregnant and don't plan on poppin any out right now LOL

Shout out to T& J Promotions (they're having a party this friday...and if I wasn't out of town I would def stop through)

Ok so I bought some more dress pants last night (you can never have enough)....and...I bought some shoes.....I know I know I said I wasn't getting anymore but I've needed some green shoes and these were wedge and they were I mean are so cute!!! Plus I saw these HOTTTTT pink ones that I want..we'll see I might hold off on those they didn't have my size..and I'm already cleaning out my shoe closet (giving the ones I don't wear anymore to my godsister) so we'll see what I have left when I'm done

I need to pack and clean out that closet when I get home after my appointments.

I do believe that it wont look as if I gave anything away lol

I asked the Hun where he had been hiding all this time...he said I was always in my room when I was at Mason if I had been out and about I would have seen him (NOT the case LOL...he just wasnt there when the blacks were out and about at events lol)

I'm not really partying tonight probably just go to a probate on campus that's about it...I love living near my alma mater...I still get to stay involved..when I want to that is

I found out my great aunt died last dad thought my mom told me but she didn't and the funeral was yesterday. My daddy called me when they were on their way home, great dad just great...I actually liked going to visit her. She's in a better place though :)

I'm volunteering with Big Brother Big Sister.....from TTD's stories I'm walking on pins though lol

Have a wonderful blessed holiday!! And as BluJewel says remember that real reason behind it I don't like marshmellow bunnies anyway LOL

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speaking of dress pants I'm not buying anymore. I keep losing inches and it don't fit after a few weeks. That's pissing me off. I could be using that money on lap dances.

April 05, 2007  

I haven't been to early sunrise service(the 5:30 service) since I was young when my mother made me go.

I finally seen The Pursuit of Happiness last night. My eyes were misty throughout the movie. It's a good movie.

I haven't watched AI in about three weeks but Sanjaya can actually sing. Even the judges said he can but for some reason he isn't bring it on stage. Remember his audition? He sounded good. And his mother said he is the better singer between him and his sister.

Sorry about your great aunt. RIP

Those marshmellow bunnies look nasty along with those Cadbury Eggs.

April 05, 2007  

I like Melinda too!!!! She sings so effortlessly. She is just good and thats it. Some people don't really start to sound good until the middle of the song, but Melinda sangs her song from the beginning to end. She is fantastic.

Wishing you and wonderful Easter Weekend.

April 05, 2007  

Stilt..I found the trick to that is buying them and getting them altered :) WHy did I think you said monkey dances at first LOL I was like what

TSG..I know I actually going to early service they cook breakfast after LOL..I have to watch that this weekend..and you're right he can sing but only in his audition I don't know what happened between then and now but he needs to get it back or he is going HOME..well at least in my book..I like jelly beans though lol

April 05, 2007 snuck in on me LOL...I know she brings it every week DAWG (Randy's voice lol)

April 05, 2007  

I havent really watched american idol so I dont know who is who or what.

I wasnt allowed to eat candy at easter. I snuck some jelly beans every now and then from one of my cousins.

I dont go to church on easter or mothers day. They tend to be very crowded on those Sundays.

I did the big brother big sister program in Nashville and it was an experience.

April 05, 2007  

Deep...You'd know him when you see him LOL...I love jelly beans...well my parents wont be in town so I will go with my sisters and your right it is extra crowded lol..I'm actually looking forward to it of course i'll be blogging about it LOL.

April 05, 2007  

Sorry to hear about your Aunt.

Orthodontist? You don't have braces do you?

April 05, 2007  

GC...thanks I wish I had known I would have taken off work..actually it's a consult appointment I'm getting them

April 05, 2007  

short day and off 2morrow. Must be nice. today is simply my thursday.

ok this kissing you song. please point me in the direction of both versions.....

and yeah this weather is crazy, it was just 80 on Monday. I think its armegedon. lol.

Hun wasn't hiding, it just wasn't time for yall to meet yet. you meet when and where it was intended for yall to meet.

RIP to your great aunt.

As for TI, for me its his voice. His voice is so sexy to me.

As for Melinda, I wish she'd stop acting like she don't know she can sing.

And Sanjaya wasn't voted off last nite, da hell. Let me go look at the site.

April 05, 2007  

why did i crack up at "not really just make it go to sleep"?! you are too silly. but, uhm, yeah, i feel you on T.I. as skinny as he is, there's something about his swagger that's a definite turn out. now, if only i could find out where his house is down here! lol...

i might have to sit Easter service out this weekend. our church is having it at an outdoor amphitheatre, and it's supposed to be chilly. i do not want to shiver in the name of Jesus. :-)

the Romeo & Juliet Kissing You is amazing. it makes me tear up everytime i hear it. (you know i had to find it on my Ipod and play it right?)

have a good weekend!

April 05, 2007  

old man winter is ajerk. he won't just go away and stay away. DANG!!

I hate marshmallows ...ugh

April 05, 2007  

I love your not so random thoughts, and I that Aerosmith song get me every time.

Peace and Love,

Ali’s Zay

Learn about Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April 05, 2007  

heyyyy honey!!! :)

girl, your ass be postin' so much that i have to decide what i'm going to reply to or i'll be over here all damn day!! (LOL)

Ummm Sanjaya what is going on boo boo... why you so silly?!! (LMAO)

first, NO america does not think sanjaya's gay ass can sing. they jus want to piss simon off, so they keep voting for him!! (LOL)

i like melinda better this lakeisha too. she sings better!! case closed!! (LOL)

tell the Hun hello for me when you see him!!

you gotta come back over to my blog and see what you've started since you said you and i are going to hide in the cushions of a van to leave the country!! (LOL)

enjoy your trip home!! be careful and remember what i said about that "hater" who wants to cook dinner for you!! (nawl, i didn't forget!! lol)

peace, love and hugs!

April 05, 2007  

Sorry to hear about your Auntie :-(

Mason?? As in George??? Ok thats another reason why I like you...I went to G.Mason for Grad School...go head Patriots :-)

Awwwww glad you and your Hun are giving a small breather...those are just as important as the time spent together

Have a great weekend...I'm going home to Daddy this weekend myself YEAH!

April 05, 2007  

I love the Romeo & Juliet Kissing You as well. I'm not a big fan of how B sounds on her version, but I can't hate her.

Sanjaya, I just don't know. I'm starting to feel bad for the people who actually can sing that are losing their shot because of him. He needs to go pose in Seventeen magazine, do an interview with them and leave the SANGING to the grown people.

Enjoy your family and your break from your Hun this weekend. I've got a "break" weekend coming next weekend and I'm a lil too excited, lol.

Happy Easter!

April 05, 2007  

I can tell you what it is about TI, he's nothing but skin and bones, but he wears them bones well and with confidence,plus he knows how to move them bones, he has rhythm, swagger and lil dudes like that 9 times outta 10 are packing....and I'm not talking about guns either,well it can be considered a gun....but anyway, he is intelligent and handsome and you need to raise up off my TI while you ahead....*lol*

April 05, 2007  

Have a wonderful weekend with the family!!! A weekend apart will be good...they say absence makes the heart grow...well you know...
and good to hear that you are going give back...these kids need it!
And yes REsurrection Sunday is truly about the scarifice that was made for US! HELLO!

April 06, 2007  

Enjoy your family filled weekend, enjoy your Easter and definitely enjoy your boo!!!! comment

April 06, 2007  

you and your hun sound like you two are doing the damn thing. i'm so happy for you!

stay safe this weekend, sista.

oh, and i don't watch american idol but i'm tired of this sanjaya cat. VOTE HIM OFF ALREADY.

April 07, 2007  

The A.I. folks went over my head, don't watch the show *lol*

I dont know what it is about T.I. either must be the swagger because lawd know that bird chest is not sexy.

Honey don't jinx urself with baby names. I don't want to hear the screams from the Doctor's office. *lol*

Happy Easter

April 08, 2007  

Are we talking about Keith Washington *Kissing You*... cuz that's my damn song!! Was just wondering since I ain't heard Beyonce sing it..but if it's not the Keith Washington song yall talking about.. uh.. mm.. well.. excuse me.. hee hee.

As for Sanjaya..uhh..mmm.. yeah.. enough said.

Hey Honey.. thought I stop by and said hello. Hope you having a great time with your family!!


April 08, 2007  

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