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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


At work...nothing to do as of yet

Listening to Superhead on some webshow talking about jumpoff's..umm great

The weather is getting rather nice....I want it to be like this everyday

I'm ready for Friday

I won't get to see the Hun till probably the end of this week...he's gonna work on some music and I gotta give him his space LOL

Last night I cooked well over cooked the broccoli LOL...he said it was like baby food...wonderful.

He's fine, the doctor said it was something minor woohooo I was worried about him. Didn't want to loose him so soon

Funny how you want to blog about stuff but you realize that you sometimes just need to deal with things cause something just can't be said everywhere

I'm fine now...just dealing with the overthinkings that I tend to do

Willing to admit to myself that I do love him was so hard, cause I feel like admitting that I'm opening myself up to pain

I told him....thought he was going to act weird. I think he's just trying to deal with the fact that I tend to be very open about my feelings and I don't play games

He makes me happy...even when I want to be frustrated at him for being a MAN (LOL) I realize that I'd rather be with him and let him be who he is than with him and try to change him into someone that he isn't

Funny how our conversations always seem to float towards what our kids will be like, if I'll burn some dinner like I did last night LOL....talking about Daddy can you cook mommy burnin the food again LOL

I love sleeping curled up with him, I love how he reaches for me, I love how he comes behind me as I'm washing dishes. He just feels right

Am I ready to really let my guard down....even if I'm not it's coming down

I need a new bathing suit...BK I'm there just let me know where!!!!

I'm ready to have next friday off

I have my first consultation appointment for my braces on Friday morning..wooohoooo. I'll be metal mouth by the summer LOL

Why have I been haunted by babies and pregnant women. Everywhere I look, everywhere I turn there they are LOL...they're stalking me

Someone told me today that they needed me.....too bad I don't need them

I miss my bestest...I need to see her. I want her to meet him, I wanna know what she thinks of him

I miss him already and I just saw him this morning..maybe a couple of days away from him will do me good

Me and roomie meet with a personal trainer today after's on and popppiiinnnn LOL

I'm bout to be at my goal by the end of the year :)

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Awww shucks, if you keep up at the gym, by time the metal comes out the mouth you are going be super duper fly! Go head witcha bad self!

Stop feeding that man baby food! (j/k) LOL

March 27, 2007  

I tend to be really open with my feelings too. It has been too bad for me.

Ain't love Grand!

March 27, 2007  

look at you... I met with my trainer and he is too cute. I dont know how I am going to be able to work out with out staring. Maybe I need to get a not so attractive person. lol.

March 27, 2007  


March 27, 2007  

Lady...yea we shall see LOL, he wasn't feeling good he better be glad I cooked at all LOL's been aight for me we'll see

Deep..Our is aight, he's kinda big too big LOL

Negro..I'm gonna see how the funds are I might not know till the last minute are crazy..I wanna be there though money got to be right though dont wanna come back and have no car LOL

March 27, 2007  

you sound SOOOO IN LOVE!


get ya work out on...i'm right there witcha.

March 27, 2007  

its really GRAET that you are letting yourself love and letting it be known that you know...I mean honestly if you are going to do it you need to do it ALL the know!

Its a beautiful really is...

March 27, 2007  

Nikki...HEY GIRL!!! Just wanna take it one day at a time..hopefully I'll be down a lil more by the end of the year we'll see LOL

March 27, 2007 snuck in on me LOL. I get ya and at the same time it's so hard to admit it cause I'm sooo scared of being hurt again but I can't punish myself or him for what's fact I'm better because of it, but you get what i'm saying ....I ain't gonna lie and say I'm not wondering how he feels cause you know I AM LOL

March 27, 2007  

:)all caught up

March 27, 2007  

superhead is one of my most favorite Bitches, she Hoed to tha top! Hey babygirl, Long time no see ;?

March 27, 2007  

Love is in the air!!!! Working out is so fun. Especially when ur trainer is cute. It helps:)

March 27, 2007  

heyyyy honey!!

as i type this i'm sangin' usher's song, "you got it bad". (LOL) but it think it's ALL GOOD! i've said it once and i'll say it again, enjoy it! you deserve it! everyone deserves to be happy so stop overthinkin' shit! you're jus like your big sis butterfli with all that damn over-analyzing!! (LOL)

have a great evening ladybug! and check your damn email sometimes would ya??!!? (sheesh!) :D

March 27, 2007  

i always undercook broccoli so it always comes out extra crunchy.

i need to start working out. too bad i hate doing it.

my brother got braces last month or so. i'm already lifting you up in prayer b/c he said they "hurt like hell."

someone alluded that they needed me too not too long ago. good thing i didn't feed into that.

March 27, 2007  

The world is becoming a positive place, i dunno if i'm ready for that lol
I read so many great and positive posts today that i'm starting to question the negative feelings i was having about some of my personal stuff...
You just saved someone's day (maybe even my week).
I'm happy to read that you're happy!

March 27, 2007  

how pathetic is it that i wish i had even a smidgen of time to be bored????

March 27, 2007  

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