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Monday, April 16, 2007


The weekend was nice....

My godsisters came the younger one got her hair braided by the roomie. On Friday night we took them to the Ultrabar (it's 18 and over). I think they had a blast, I know I did, then again I had some drinks in my system lol...oh to be over 21 lol

It's funny to watch guys try and talk to them, cause I'm like I remember when they were little and now they are into boys LOL...awwww

So we didn't get home till like 3am and of course she had to get her hair braided so we slept a lil late 10 to be exact, got up went to the hair store and she started gettting her hair done. Roomie had to leave to go to a baby shower so while she was gone, we all took a nap.

Roots was on and I started to watch that....MANNN that thing seemed like it was on ALLLLL Day! I woke up and it was one..went back to sleep and it was one...roomie came home from the baby shower and I promise that it had started over LOL.

We ordered pizza and what not, chilled out since lil sis was getting the hair done we couldn't do too much. The Hun came over, they love him to death LOL..they call him the funny man, I don't know why lol he's not all that funny to me (of course I'm jokin)

He wanted to show me some townhouses that he was looking at and asked me to go with him on sunday.

I sure as heck wasn't staying up all night to watch her get her hair done so I went to bed. We got up ate some pizza for breakfast LOL..and one of the lil sisters was meeting up with her dad who lives in they left and I went over the Huns house. It so rainy and nasty outside that by the time we were done looking at townhouses (5 I think) my pants legs were drenched, maybe cause I'm short too lol...but needlesstosay I was TIRED. We hung out at his house for a while and then headed to mine. Where he cooked dinner and we watched some TV.

It's funny cause Sunday was the first time that I think we've gotten annoyed with one another. For example, we were in the car and his windows were fogged up, I was like dang your windows are foggy and he was like what and I said your windows and he was like oh. So like 10 min later I was like dang these windows and he was like COME ON MAN of course I was shocked into silence LOL..and we went in the store and he was like I'm sorry for yellin but you just kept talking about foggy windows. I do tend to repeat myself and I told him that it's only cause I'm so use to riding by myself and when my windows get foggy or whatever I fix it, I'm not use to waiting. So I apologized for repeating myself and we moved on. So I repeated myself another time during the day and he once again brought it to my attention, what can I say I talk alot I can't help it. So great, we could have had a blowout but umm I ain't got time for the petty stuff so we discussed and moved on. Great

I'm tired, ready to home and want to know about my grad school app but oh well you can't rush someone else LOL. I could type alot more but I'm tired and just don't feel like it

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Post was long enough.

Could you tell the difference being in a 18+ club than a 21+ club?

Don't rush the grad school stuff. Patience is key (as I talk to myself)

I repeat stuff too :-(

April 16, 2007  

Aww, it's good that you guys were able to talk about it and move right along.

You will find out about your grad school stuff in God's time. It will all work out :-)

April 16, 2007  

Lady..I know for some reason I'm just tired and you know I love to talk LOL...actually I really couldn't there were some 18 year olds but I just drank and kept it moving too it shows our maturity..I know I'm just not so patient lol

April 16, 2007  

I was 'Roots"ed out this weekend it was on all day...then they start showing it again.

My daughter would die if I went with her to a 18 and over. LOL

April 16, 2007  

i feel you i am tired too...and everyone has questions today...can't i just sit here and pretend to be working...geeze...anywho...friday-saturday-youth retreat...Sunday i was with my hun all day as no sleep all I am truly relating...

April 16, 2007  

oh and I talk a lot too...ramble and I can relate to it being brought to your attention

April 16, 2007  

Man i'm so tired. didn't want to get up. slept later than I should since my power went off sometime in the wee hours.

F. O. X. News played with my emotions lat nite. They said Fed gov't was closed today. Then recanted 10 minutes later, saying they meant Dc Gov't. Great.

April 16, 2007  

so your windows were foggy and you weren't doin nothin? Just driving along? Same thing happened to me this weekend. I was like, dang, we are such nice ppl here we have the windows fogged up and all we're doing is talking!

April 16, 2007  

awwwww. your first annoyance.

Glad you had a good weekend. For some reason I got tired just reading it and it wasnt as nearly as full as your other weekends.

So you talk a lot. never would have guessed it. lol

April 16, 2007  

Ahhhhhhhhhh to get the hurrrr (hair) braided, I remember those days, lol. It's nice to have a man cook you dinner, he's a keeper that's for sure ;)

April 17, 2007  

Must have been nice to have the family around. And they like your hun. Awwww.

April 17, 2007  

the makings of a good strong relationship.. COMMUNICATION :) talking and moving on!!!! that has been our key for almost 5 yrs..

hope you got some rest.. I took that extra day after my trip and RESTED yesterday.. I definitely need it!

April 17, 2007  

i need a vacation back to my vacation. the weather is awful and i cant sleep. *ugh*

glad to hear you had a good weekend.

get some rest lady or you'll be all cranky and that's not good.

April 17, 2007  

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