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Monday, April 30, 2007

It's always something....

I mean I pretty much had my bags packed in my head..ok well not packed yet cause I wanted to get a new suitcase but you know what I mean. Ready to go with passport in hand and on Saturday afternoon I get a phone call about an emergency that requires some dough that I have and could give up...but that would mean I don't go to the Dominican Republic. Now this phone call came from family and not extended..but immediate. I didn't hesitate..I gave it up. Which means that come memorial day weekend I will not be in the DR as planned. Yea I'm sad,but I mean my fam has always come first with me and when I needed them they don't hesitate so why should I? I will be using my passport before the end of the year is out so I'm not even worried and the Hun and I are going to the beach that weekend since I want and crave the need to be near some water on that weekend. He gave me a hug, said he knew I wanted to go and if he had the extra cash he would give it to me....I know he would and it's sweet that he even offered, but it is what it is. Sometimes in life you have to grow up....and Saturday I had one of those moments.

Friday...I got off work and headed up to change into some jeans and meet the girls at Mikes in Springfield for dinner. It was nice, we caught up with one of our homies who lives in woodbridge (which is where I'll probably be moving to by the end of the year) since she somewhat lives out the loop of things, headed home and hit the bed since I had to get up in the morning to run some errands

Saturday: Got up, and went to the get the oil changed in the blueberry since I'll be hitting up NC later this month for mothers day and I can't afford to wait to get it done, I think it was starting to burn up my gas.

UPDATE: I just talked to the chic about the DR trip and she says that if I can have the money to them by thte 15th I can go...and guess what I CAN!!! Which means i will be going to the DR!!! WOOOHOOO man I tell ya....I won't be able to spend for real right now but that beats staying in the US when I wanted to leave!!! I know I wont be at the beach with Hun but he's going to CA and NY this summer..both without me...well he's going to NY twice once with me and once without me (he just doesn't know it yet lol) and I know we'll be at the beach sometime this summer together so it's all gravy

So back to Saturday...after I got the oil changed I went back home and showered we (the roomie, her sister and her dad) headed to DC and viewed the exhibits at the Holocaust. I haven't been there since middle school so it was an experience and I've always worried why there is no museum about slavery. If not a museum at least a couple of floors in a museum. It was funny hanging out with roomies sis since I don't see her that often, although she lives down the street. She lives with her BF and I don't want to never see my friends just cause I live with my BF. Things are kinda shady in the dept cause from what I hear at first he didn't have any clothes there and one time he had to come home change his clothes and then go back to work..why do you need to do that....umm yea sounds and looks liek a duck to me...which means it's probably a duck, unless it's a wolf in ducks clothing. On top of that her hair appears to be falling out, I wonder if that's from her smoking. He's apparently bought her lots of animals (a dog, some turtles, some doves, a lizard, a snake and somthing else...I'm waiting on him to buy her a tiger)..I wondered if that was to keep her home and occupied...but that's my girl and although I don't like the situation I'm not gonna let that stop me from being there for her when she needs me. After that we grabbed some food and headed home since it looked like it was about to rain. Got bored and decided to head to DC which turned into a bust because there was a private party at LOVE and they were charging $20 for admission..we forgot to get on the guest list for H20 and Avenue and some other spots were international night. Sooo we headed home.

Sunday: I've been saying over and over that I'm gonna go to BK's class again (hey girl!!!) and this time I went. Those ladies in her class made me feel like I was so out of shape and had no rhythm which I don't really LOL..I mean I can dang to a beat but give me a routine to learn and you'll think that I'm a white girl LOL. Homegirl worked us out!!!! I learned a few things that I can do at home while watching TV and on top of that on the days that I don't go to the gym I can go to ONDemand and do some things off of there...she fixed breakfast which was great by the way (and I felt weird not helping but next time its' on lol). Her daughter really does look like a mini her least to me she does and her son has the longest eyelashes that I've ever seen, he is a cutie. It was funny watching him and his grandmother while we were waiting for BK to finish chatting. He was showing her his kicks and asking her what was wrong and she was telling him...LOL that's one thing I miss...having my grandmother around.

Came home showered and went to the HUNs house so that we could go look at townhouses. We looked at a couple and narrowed it down to three that we liked. We're going to see today if we can start the process on finding out about our first choice. It has a garage and three bedrooms, it's a condo/townhouse setup. It has a huge closet which is what I wanted...he doesn't care LOL and nice sized rooms and the bedroom has a balcony on it...hmm nice and the trees are in front of it even better..he says he's gonna get a gun LOL...great. I'm really feeling it so we'll see...and yes this means that we are moving in together probably wont be till the end of the year but we'll see. Yes, things are getting rather serious and I didn't expect it, it came out of no where...and I've always said that I would never move in with a guy and umm yea ah well, never say never I guess lol. I'm kinda skeptical about what the parents would say since they are against this whole moving in thing as a whole...but I have to make my own decisions and me and the Hun have talked about marriage and we're working towards that...he thinks it would be smart to buy something now versus renting and then buying later we'd be wasting another year we want to move down south and we can sell the place in 2 years and all that jazz. So yea alots going on LOL.

Got back from looking at houses and headed to my house to cook dinner and chill out. I tell ya I have to get use to this whole having a BF that is around alot LOL. In being honest with myself the only time I was around a BF this much was when I was in college and I was home on breaks with him...but you know breaks don't happen every month. On top of that when I was with Constant..he's in the navy so he wasn't home every month either..... so this is the first time I've ever had a BF that lives this close to me, and I see 4 - 5 times a week...great. To say that it's weird is an understatement. I find myself wondering sometimes if I'm being annoying becuase I'm so use to being alone and doing me and chatting with the BF only a couple of times a week, not everyday and him not being able to come over all the time like Hun. I'm not complaining, I'm just adjusting. On top of that we've started spending more and more together and I know that when we live together being away from one another is gonna be few and far between great. I just have to get use to it all...LOL funny that we get so use to not being treated the way that we want to and when we get it how we want it...we find it weird to adjust LOL

Off to see about your weekend....have a great's monday it's suppose to be 80 degrees here and I wore some cute sandals and felt a drop of rain on my head as I headed into the building...great

UPDATE: So I get an email about my grad application..everything has been processed and it's being forwarded to the school that I applied to. I should know in 4-6 weeks if I'm in or not...keep your fingers crossed for me.

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So, it looks like you and the hun are really getting it together. I am so happy for you. I told you this stuff you got going on over here is infectious. lol.

I am glad you get to go to DR your little heart was all set on it. I hope you have a great week.

April 30, 2007  

Deep...I need to market it LOL. I know deep I was soooo sad when I thought I couldn't go and then WOOHOOO the rainbow comes through the clouds!! Have a wonderful week too!!

April 30, 2007  

I am so happy everything worked out for you. But don't forget if something comes up...I live on a lake and room for you and hun.

Have a geat week girlie.

April 30, 2007  

got the fingers crossed for you!

marriage? REALLY?!?

i miss my granny too...

YAY!@you going to DR. you deserve a break today, so get up and get away, at mcdona...i mean, domican republic.

April 30, 2007  

Tantrum..that lake is tempting and since your so close I might have to pop over :) Have a wonderful week

Nikki..good cause I got em crossed too LOL..yea marriage I know LOL, I miss mine and I'm soo happy that I get to go and I was like yea I'm bout to getaway LOL..umm not there though you are crazy girl LOL

April 30, 2007  

LMAO.. girl what a weekend! and thank you for coming out!!! you made me feel good and LOL if that is the bomb WAIT UNTIL YOU EAT MY COOKING!!! lol

*hugs* and everything will workout.. enjoy DR get at me offline and let me know where you are going.. I went to La Romana and OMG I had a wonderful time.. I plan to go back next year!

April 30, 2007  

good luck w/ school!! u know why u were able to wait until the 15th? cause u werent selfish (which i probably would've been depending on the situation! lol) but b/c u werent, God blessed u cause he knew that's what u really wanted...

i havent been to the holocaust museum in forever... i need to check out all those museums in dc for real...

April 30, 2007  

I was thinking the samething TTD said, you weren't selfish and thinking only about yourself when you had to give the money up.

**crossing fingers in hoping you get into the grad school you want**

April 30, 2007  

See what happens when you sacrifice what you have to bail others out? God ALWAYS looks out.
I go onto on demand on my off days from the gym...pilates had me soooooooooo sore.

April 30, 2007  

See what happens when you sacrifice what you have to bail others out? God ALWAYS looks out.
I go onto on demand on my off days from the gym...pilates had me soooooooooo sore.

April 30, 2007  

BK..girl you are crazy!! I'll def let ya know

TTD..thanks and I'm sooo glad I did what I did and that I still get to go:)

TSG...I'm hoping too!!!

Mis...I know he really does..yea it does and BK says yoga does too..hmm I need to try those more often

April 30, 2007  

marriage? wow... i like how you just slid that in there. you and deep are good for slipping big relationship related things by... lol...

i thought there was a slavery museum in Cincinnati... or maybe it's a general African American museum. i'll look that up.

glad you're able to go to DR. i had a feeling (before i read the whole post) that things would work out.

good luck w/ grad school. the wait is quite annoying.

April 30, 2007  

BK...umm I didnt slip that in, it's just a conversation not anything serious :) please believe everyone will know if it gets that serious. I am soo happy to be able to go cause you know I was counting on it...and yes the waiting is horrible...4 to 6 more weeks of waiting is gonna drive me insane LOL

April 30, 2007  

your kindness was paid forward and see; you're going to DR after all. blessings are always in effect.

i hope everything works out for you with school. you and T.C are my she-roes cause my school days are over, though my enrollment in the school of life is always in session.

be good and take it easy

April 30, 2007  

im glad you stepped up, and look you are going anyways!! See GOD closes a door he ALWAYS opens a window (saying this to myself as i say this to you)

getting deep ova here...get it!!!
love and let love sweetie...its a beautiful thing!!!

April 30, 2007  

damn. you just all over the place!

well don't move before I come up that way...we gotta hit up H20!

April 30, 2007  

see how Daddy works?!!

soooo... don't forget to bring me something back!! (lol)

heyyyyy honey!!

jus flyin' thru to let you know i love ya and hope you have a fantastic week!! :)

peace, love and hugs!

April 30, 2007  

I'm glad you're able to go on your trip after all!!!

And good luck on the shacking up thing! You know we're gonna wanna see pics if you move!

Oh and about the grad thing...fingers crossed!!!! :-)

April 30, 2007  

Blu J...I am def excited and kinda on pins and needles about the whole school thing but what's for me is for me..theres no denying that :) are correct it is a beautiful thing and I'm feeling so good :)

Stilt..yea see what happens when you leave for a while LOL...what you know about H2O LOL..we can def hit that spot up that's my place with the hot dogs and hamburgers emmm emm..aight you need to hurry up and visit lol

JB...I know :) HEYYY GURL!!! Love ya lots have a wonderful week

Mistress...I'm glad too, why you gotta say shacking up LOL...makes me feel funny, of course I'll have pics I'm a camera whore LOL...and I've got all the body parts that I can afford to cross..crossed :)

May 01, 2007  

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