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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"You may not have everything you want...but you have everything you need"

I'm forever grateful for...

the Most High allowing me wake up this morning with the usage of all my limbs and senses

blessing those who lived through the tragedy at VT to realize that life is short and you better get your house in order

my parents who are so strong, I don't know how they do it

understanding that my parents didn't raise no fool but I have to make my own decisions

my sisters (biological and other) they all serve different purposes in me being me

standing my ground when doubt crept in about Constant really being gone.....cause Big Honey quickly proceeded to shut her down LOL

the sleep I got last night in my fresh clean sheet, and the laundry that I did when I got home

noticing that I gained a couple of pds in the tummy area....and it's not from eating or pregnancy LOL (it's that time of the month)..but it did make me realize that I can't over eat cause I don't want it to stick around LOL

for the african man that proceeded to tell me he loved me yesterday on yahoo he made my day then I had to threaten to block him if he didn't leave me alone..this man talking about he would sue me and file an injunction on me you cant do that LOL...I tell ya he made me and a couple of the friends laugh though

the sun that's shining outside and the light breeze that's's suppose to rain later but that God that I finally got to wear some open toe shoes and not feel like everyone was staring at me

for the understanding in seeing who really means me no good..realizing that some folks change for the worst is a hard thing to do

the ability to delete and move know what I mean LOL

my homie putting me on to Teedra Moses...that girl can SANNNNNNNGGGG (lol)

the anticipation of the weekend...nothing much planned just glad to be off from work

going to the DR!!!!! WOOHOOOO man I am too excited I feel like a kid on the first day of school with a new bookbag and those new shoes I've been waiting all summer to get...with the fresh notebook and the pack of paper LOL..aight let me stop

for the next out of country trip I'm planning already and haven't even been on the first...I got the passport now other than funds there is no reason I can't go INTERNATIONAL baby!!!! (then again funds will stop ya lol)

my Hun...he makes me happy this you can bet :) I could go on and on about how much he makes me happy sometimes is surreal....he's not a man of many words when it comes to how he feels but his actions say it all the time and for that I'm forever grateful

each of you...looking and feeling good..I know you are..go ahead and smile :) And even if you're having a rough one...please believe that somewhere in this big ole world someone has it worse that you...

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I feel you on going International!!!! We gotta go see what's out there chick!

April 25, 2007  

Lady...most def!!

April 25, 2007  

Love your list.

And you 2 international diva's let me know when you plan your trip to canada. I got a few extra rooms.

April 25, 2007  

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April 25, 2007  

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April 25, 2007  

isn't it always amazing that some how we have all we need, but always want more... its interesting, i haven't visited your blog lately cuz i've been lazy about blogging, but today i wrote a post about being grateful as well... and sometimes despite all that may not be perfect, its good to take a step back and look at the big picture and realize how blessed you are and how much you have to be grateful for.... take care


April 25, 2007  

Tantrum...I've never been to canada..hmmm do I hear road trip!!! LOL

DD...hey girl!! You are correct we always think we're missing out on something when we really aren't..knowing that i have what I need right now at this moment allows me to accept what I might not need but want..gotta learn patience :)

April 25, 2007  

where is your int'l trip gonna be? i may be heading back to JA. love the ability to delete and move on...amen to that!

also loved your encouragement for everyone to be happy and thankful and to realize there's also someone worse off.

have a truly blesesd day

April 25, 2007  

I want to go to Canada.

loved the list. now dont forget to take pics in DR. (I can still look at fine men.)

April 25, 2007  

Blu J...I have no clue LOL..where ever my money allows but Canada does sound like a nice place to visit hmmm have a blessed day as well :)

DNT...We'll have to plan a road trip LOL...I will DEF NOT forget I'm a camera whore as it is LOL..and I can still look too lol

April 25, 2007  

Did I hear pics? Oh yeah! Wait, you're talking about dudes. Eww! Never mind. :o(

Deleting is a good thing.

Your parents could've gotten some livestock and beads for you as a wedding present from the African guy's village. Did he ask you for help getting into the country or getting an inheritance from a rich dead relative?

April 25, 2007  

glad you are having a great day...
i am grateful to have been able to get into a demotologist office today after having a sever reaction to getting my eyebrows waxed

April 25, 2007  

Yes we should be thankful for what we have.Just blogging and came to yours.

Have a great day!!

April 26, 2007  

Freaky...LOL you are crazy..yea they could have but do I really wanna go through all that drama nah he didn't ask me all that just kept sayin he loved me

TC...glad you were able to get in and get that all taken care of :)

Gold..thanks for coming by of course I look forward you coming back

April 26, 2007  

it sounds like you are truly blessed!

lmao@the african dude. what da fug is that cat thinking? that must be a cultural thing.

April 26, 2007  

I wish I was that excited about going to the doc. I got a feeling they're going to tell me I need a new hip or some shit.

April 26, 2007  

Nikki..we all are :) Girl he was a mess I've heard they are a lil possessive LOL

Stilt..where you been at chic, I'm not too keen on the DOC but I do like free samples LOL

April 26, 2007  

Just speaking and saying hi
Diggin the post...diggin the blog
How's things in your part of VA?
lol@ the ability to delete and move tell

Would love to see you on the board


The Message board (Grown folk talk)

April 26, 2007  

I really love how you are always focusing on what you have instead of complaining about what you don't have. That positive attitude is so refreshing. Too many people don't know how to just be grateful!

Great post.

April 26, 2007  

I just started getting into Teedra Moses...."Last Day" is one of my FAVORITE songs!

She should have the fame and record sales that hag Beyonce has. She is WAY better!

Anyway I need to do a "grateful" post....most of mine are full of complaining. I don't know...complaining is really fun for me, I can't lie.

Anyway, maybe once I get some Vitamin D (aka DICK) in 12 DAYS I'll be willing to do a post like this.

Until then, I'm gonna bitch.

April 26, 2007  

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