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Friday, April 27, 2007

WHY on FRIDAY I see folks with open toe shoes on and it's pouring down outside...and I mean pouring down as in cats, dogs, elephants, lions, tigers annnndd bears (oh my)

...did this man bust out laughing on the train while watching something on his ipod or whatever it was...ok it might have been funny but you know you don't do that in the morning someone will cut you it raining outside, come on man, it's FRIDAY!! It's suppose to be sunny, but hey I guess we shouldn't have gotten or rather I shouldn't have gotten so comfortable wearing my open toe shoes as of yet (and no I don't have them on today I have on some orange heels lol) I actually looking forward to running errands tomorrow, I have to get an oil change, go check out some luggage and possibly get a digital camera, so I'll finally be out of the house most of the day wooohooo I so not looking forward to paying bills, then again it doesn't matter what day it is I don't like payin em, but they gotta get paid :)

...did I see someone without a coat on and once again referring to statement one on this page...what the devil in hell were you thinking, coming out the house with nothing on, mess around and get pnemonia that african man from nigeria still sending me messages even after I told him that I wasn't me LOL..come on mannnnn leave well enough alone...callin me darling ain't gonna help either..I tell ya I feel the urge to eat something else for lunch than what I brought (a bistro meal with salisbury steak and carrots)..ah well that urge better go away cause I gots to keep this weight off I want this digital camera soooo BAD!! I mean so bad as in I will not pay my phone bill for another week just so I can go get it LOL...sad I know but that's how I am, when I want something I gots to have it and will hold off on other things just cause I want it..I'm even want it to so bad that I want it more than I want these shoes I saw you know that's serious

....did I leave my check card at home, and I knew I was going to Radio Shack to see if they had the camera I wanted...guess that means I'll be waiting till tomorrow..great I wish I could go home for the weekend but I'll be there soon enough, I try to stay away cause that's a DRIVE!!!

....can't I wait to eat dinner with the girls tonight, one of the homies says we've left her out (she's live in woodbridge, that's like 20 min way) so we're all doing dinner to catch up with her

...can't I wait to go to the ALPHA probate at Mason tonight...all the greeks had lines this year so I'm glad that the greek community is growing (too bad they didn't think that way when I went there LOL) I feel somewhat jazzy in my tan, brown and orange....then again I should feel jazzy all the time :) I feel like slapping somebody today...sike nah I really don't I just like that song I wondering or is it just me about Fannies new video (Fantasia)'s cute and all (I think that HAWT football player does that to it) but I'm not feeling the whole kiddie look of it I sooo glad that Young One got a car, he's worked hard and he finally got one..that's my buddy (no not like that, that part of us is over, but he's actually become one of my closest friends) I wondering why I don't feel like I miss HUN like I usually do, probably cause I have things to occupy me haha I wondering why I just said that when I know I smile just thinking that we're going to look at some more townhouses on Sunday, that's probably why I'm not missing him too much,cause I'll see him sunday this very moment am I wishing it were 5pm so I can go home LOL I wishing that it was the week that I go to the DR..then again that would mean that June is coming and my toot (my nephew) turns 3..eekkkkk he's growing up so fast..I'm getting him a car for his bday (not that kind of car, a big wheel is what it is) I anticipating getting another tattoo before I go to the DR, hmm where should I get it...the first one is sorta on my butt so I cant get this one on my lower back it would look weird, maybe on my upper back shoulder, we'll see

Have a wonderful weekend, it's suppose to be nice here in the NOVA/DC/MD I'll be out and about with my STUNNA SHADES on (sike probably not lol) who knows maybe I'll see ya in the streets!!!!!!

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(why do we get so hyped about being first...LOL) anywho...glad you are in such a good mood...i gotta take my truck BACK to the shop tommorrow because they didn't do my alignment right, got to go and meet up with a tutoring student and their parent...

but other than that I have absolutely positively NOTHING to do and I LOVE it!!!!

For once I can do nothing, i always say imma do nothing but then I do something, but this weekend imma do nothing...

and whats this about another tat...make sure you really think about where you want it before you get, "will this look right when I have on my wedding dress???" LOL just something to think about...

and pay your bills gurl! That camera will be there!!!

Have a great weekend

April 27, 2007  

TC...I have no clue I wish I could give out a gift card or something...I have nothing to do either and it feels so good other than get an oil change..and you are right I was just having that discussion with myself..I'll get the camera before I leave for DR..confirmation is something I tell ya LOL..have a wonderful weekend!!!!

April 27, 2007  

why did I just see a kid playing in a prom dress out side.

why did my niece just look at me and say she wants that dress.

why did I laugh at Stunna shades.

why do I want another tat now that you mentioned it.

Have a great big day and weekend.

April 27, 2007  

Deep...umm (DEAD at prom dress LOL) I don't exactly understand Stunna shades just thought it was cute LOL hopefully the second one doesn't hurt like the first one...have a wonderful day and a great weekend!!! When did he become the BooBoo don't think I forgot haha

April 27, 2007  

A booty tattoo? This is my first time hearing about that. I feel out of the loop. :o( You can't just ease that into a conversation like that. It's just not right. No ma'am, not right at all.

You showed that Nigerian man a bikini pic didn't you? He'll be sniffing around for awhile.

Somethings off about Fantasia but she still has some nice lips and juicy booty. Mmm booty.

Have a nice weekend.

April 27, 2007  

i happened across a Zeta probate at Spelman yesterday. they had a line of 2... i didn't stay long... it wasn't as exciting...

tan, brown, and orange... very cute!

lol @ you telling the nigerian man you weren't you... just ignore them and he'll stop (hopefully)

have a good weekend!

April 27, 2007  

I am still trying to develop an opinion about Fannie's video. The dude is hot, but the actual video is kinda cheapish looking.

Girl you betta pay that phone bill and put that camera on layaway LOL!

April 27, 2007  

Freaky...I didn't mention that (sly grin) lol yea it's somewhat on my butt I didn't show him a pic LOL..umm I wouldn't know about her booty LOL

BLK...why did we have a zeta probate with two girls the other day hmm is that the norm now LOL..yea I tried and he didn't so I had to tell him I wasn't me hopefully he won't contact me again LOL

Tasha...Yea he's hot the video is not (hmm that rhymes) I know I know but umm that cell phone ain't essential LOL..sike let me stop actually I didn't think about layaway I might have to do that LOL..have fun with the BOO this weekend

April 27, 2007  

I'm getting a tatoo on my lower back before summer get here. I've been putting it off for far too long.

That's Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chief's in Fantanisa's video. Yes he is fione!!!

April 27, 2007  

TSG...yea I have to decide I just don't wanna look like a hood rat when I get married with them all over my back LOL...and HE IS TOOOO FIONE!!! LOL..I need to move to Kansas City..ASAP

April 27, 2007  

I don't have your email addrss. Email me at

April 27, 2007  

I have two tatts one on my but and one oh kinna on my hip but more towards the front, I find them soooo addictive. I keep wanting more.

Something about Fannie is not setting right with me.

Can you squeeze your camara in and pay some on the phone bill?

Have a good weekend.

April 27, 2007 beans

Tantrum...girl it's the cell phone bill I'm thinking of just putting in on lay away to insure that it don't get got LOL...then again I need my phone so we'll see..maybe the HUN will buy it if I keep talking about it LOL

April 27, 2007  

y'all looking at townhouses?!? DAYUM...things are getting mad serious!

i'm getting my oil changed this weekend too! hold on...we ARE talking about a car and not some sexual innuendo, right?

April 27, 2007  

Why do I feel the same way you do about it raining on Friday's. The rain really SUX!!

Have a good weekend.

April 28, 2007  

I feel you on the man laughing out loud first thing in the morning. Folks are liable to think he's getting ready to do something crazy.

April 28, 2007  

I miss that MD weather. Soon enough I guess, soon enough.

April 29, 2007  

dont get the tattoo too close before u leave.. u know u cant get it wet for a coupla days..

townhomes are in the air for me & gtl as well.. we're going tomorrow after work.. im excited like u :-)

April 29, 2007  

i've asked myself some similar questions about people's attire and the recent weather...i'm still smh!

why am i lauging at nikki's comment about the oil change or it being a sexual innuendo

put the tat above your ankle or on the side of your knee. i have tats there & get comps on their locations.

so DR huh? nice place...i'm planning to go back next year with lil lady

April 30, 2007  

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