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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Count it all Joy....

...even when it seems so hard to. For some odd reason I thought the Winans sang this version but I guess I'm wrong cause i can't find the lyrics...ah well, it's one of my favorites by them and if you don't know about the Winans and you love you some gospel seriously need to wake up LOL.

Counting it all joy because......

God has once again allowed me to be here in my own skin with everything working like it should :)

He's always allowing things to work out even when I don't know what the heck is going on...cause what's for me is for me :)

My sister is finally happy at her job, she's such a blessing to everyone and I'm glad she's happy

My baby sister is coming to spend a weekend with me, hopefully I'll get a chance to pound some sense into her (not literally although that might work lol)

I talked to my toot yesterday and he always makes me wanna cry when he says he loves me, he informed me that we're having cake and ice cream for his bday (June 29th lol)..he said I was coming to see him...and he's right I'll be there next weekend, funny how much I love that little one. I asked him where his little brother was and he said in his bed hahaha

I informed my mom of a situation that occurred and she said she was proud of me..I'm growing up :)

I know where I went wrong with my eating (it was that time of the month what can i say) so next time it comes around I know better LOL

I can jam at my desk, and I do mean jam...if I was alone I would be singing out loud

I have the opportunity to do some community service on sat...i miss that about college being out and about in the community.

My Hun smiled and hugged me when I told him how he makes me smile...and he does. I can just look at him and begin to cheese..he of course thinks that I'm plotting lol. A lady at his job asked him if he was going to marry me and he said I can see myself marrying her...we both want to make sure we're ready in every sense of the word..cause I don't plan on getting divorced LOL

He has informed me that I can't talk to our kids in a baby voice....great. I proceeded to inform him that I do what I want LOL

Pandora Radio...sometimes I don't wanna listen to my mp3 so this works

The wonderful weather that has been happening allllll week :) and ya know I gots the toes out haha

I saw some man checking me out....awww he made me feel cute, although he was kinda old.

I realize how blessed I am, things could be so much worse.

Constant thinks that I continue to care and I don't LOL....I am not at all phased by your tactics and that my friend is a good thing :)

Just when you think you're all alone and no one is there...God pops up and does something so awesome that you are just amazed at how truly awesome he is

For all my physical and virtual sistas...ya'll are the BOMB!!! We seriously need to hang out (and you know who you are!!!!, stop looking around wondering if I'm talking to you lol)

I've wanted some OT so I can get that camera I wanted and the boss asked me to come in early on Thurs and Fri (she knows that I like coming in early versus staying late)...wohooo do that God..he always looks out

He and I are on the same mind path as far as this house thing...we don't want to rush it, therefore creating debt and if we find a place that's for us, then cool but if not we're not just gonna live in any old thing just because it's a buyers market now...he is paying attention to things that I like as far as a house goes awwww I need that walk in closet LOL

Because each of you decided to come by'll never know how much your comments and thoughts make me laugh and think...I appreciate you so much :)

Today is gonna be a good day!

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hey have u been...from this post i can tell u have def. been blessed which is great to see....i love post and the look :-D...i kno i am prolly

May 02, 2007  

I always enjoy your Wednesdays, it's nice to know when someone esle can appreciate things in life no matter how big or small it is, it all counts. You will have a good day, enjoy!

May 02, 2007  

Since the toes are out what color polish are you wearing?

I can see you spinning around in your chair and lip syncing hard. Someone needs to get your jam sessions on You Tube and let the hijinks begin.

Enjoy your day.

May 02, 2007  

*high five* and I feel you!!!

see that whole hangout thing.. you are in my head.. I'm trying to set up something for June/July.. :) accomodations at my house.. fight for space on the floor or whatever LOL :)

*hugs* and shout and praise for the blessings!

May 02, 2007  

The Winans sing Count It All Joy... it may be billed under Bebe and/or Cece... i've heard it on their albums quite a bit...

lol @ not talking to your kids in a baby voice. i feel him on that one. :-)

glad to see things are working so well in your life... good things are bound to happen to great people! :-)

May 02, 2007  

Glad to hear things are still looking up for you and your hun.

Is Constant still trying? Boy get a hint.

May 02, 2007  

Constant needs to get over himself. I hope you get that walk in closet. Gotta love a walk in closet!

May 02, 2007  

Constant is getting on my last nerve. I love your post.. I enjoy reading them and I enjoy reading your thoughts. You make me smile reading your comments and thoughts.

May 02, 2007  

I am actually liking the wheather too...that's something that is totally UNlike me...toes out too...and red at that...

your happiness jumps OFF the happy for you!!!!
GOD is truly AWESOME I am telling you!

May 02, 2007  

hey lady tix r $25

May 02, 2007  

I'm so happy for you and excited for all of your blessings.

I can just see you at work trying to look if the coast is clear and breaking into some crazy lip-synch/dance routine lol.

May 02, 2007  

Kween...hey girl..thanks for the info I'm gonna have to see what I can do about being there :) will have a good day as well..I command it LOL

Freaky..they are french manicure and you better be glad I'm at work cause beyonce is playin now he dont' want no more, lets go little kitty kat LOL

BK...Im down just dont' make us work out to eat LOL..sike let me stop :) Let the 90 day celebration begin!!!

BLKBfly...girl he don't know that I run things LOL, I love me some winans they do have a rendition of this song but not the one I like LOL...i like it just not as much as the other one

TSG...things are working out rather nicely and nope he can't get the hint sending me an email talking about i missed his bday..and boo I have known you for almost 5 years and you've never gotten me anything..freakin loser..aight I'm done LOL

MizzJJ...He can't seem to get with the I don't care about you no more program..and I hope I get it too LOL

Deep...Well my job is done if you smile at the end of it :) He's getting on my nerves too I wanna meet him in a dark alley and not in a good way LOL

TC...WHAT?! Red not the hotness color LOL you are killin em I'm sure..he is that awesome I tell ya..he is on it!

Tasha...I'm excited too and for your :) How you watchin me LOL I have to catch myself sometimes cause I forget that the phone ringer is lower than normal LOL

May 02, 2007  

As usual, very inspiring post!

May 02, 2007  

Paula...why thank you mayum

May 02, 2007  

hey sis !

May 02, 2007  

JustMe..HEYYYYYY. Everytime I sign on to talk to you....something always comes are you, how's the little one...I might as well just stop by LOL

May 03, 2007  

"Just when you think you're all alone and no one is there...God pops up and does something so awesome that you are just amazed at how truly awesome he is,"

...I could not agree more...

May 03, 2007  

OOOH my birthday--is June 29th too!!

Send me some ice cream and cake via UPS. LOL

I hope you're having a good day. Thanks for always stopping by my spot. How come I didnt have you added to my daily reads? Iono but I do now!

May 03, 2007  

I always come thru over here for a lil inspiration....

May 03, 2007  

now that i'm done looking around... LOL... let me jus say:


how come i love this post?

how come i love experiencing your growth, one entry at a time? honestly, i see/feel/sense it every time i visit you! keep goin' lil sis... keep right on goin'...

how come i love Hun? y'all are so cute. it makes me smile to know you're happy!

how come constant is gonna make me cut his disillusioned ass? (lol)

how come i'm a day late and a dollar short, but i hope you know i love you lots!!?

peace, love and hugs...

May 03, 2007  

hurray for good times. the 29th is the bf's bday, too. looooooooove closets. and bathrooms too. those are dealbreakers for me. i need to touch up the toes. tried to get a pedicure yesterday and the less than bright girl at the the front desk goes "uh... i don't know. TRACY! DO WE DO PEDICURES?!" that's probably a no stupid.

May 03, 2007  

Slump..hey it is what it is :)

CI..LOL, I don't know how I missed you either LOL

Yazmar..hey that's what I'm here for

JB..HEYYYY!!! How come you make me cheese LOL especially when you said you love HUN :) How come I do know you love me lots!!!

Jameil....I can't do without the closet..I can't believe my toot will be 3 man time passes so fast..and I need to do the toes like NOW LOL

May 04, 2007  

Get that walk-in closet!! Hahahaha. I am glad to see your life is full of joy. Lets trya nd keep it that way

May 04, 2007  

:-)... just knowing a day is gonna be great makes it even greater, at least for me it does! I glad you know from whence your blessings come.

The song you're talking about, I can't remember exactly who, but the the original wasn't by the Winans. If I remember, I got you :-)

May 04, 2007  

Epsilonicus...I know..I need space for my stuff LOL..I'm trying to keep it that way :)

Madam...I know...good let me know cause I've been tryin to find it

May 04, 2007  

Ok Honey on Monday we may need to converse about the fight!! lol

May 04, 2007  

Well, never heard the song lol.

May 04, 2007  

my co-workers be jamming hard... and singing!! lol. i wished he didnt...

so am i gonna see u this fri? (may 11th)

May 06, 2007  

been busy working like crazy....yeah when i get back, lil'sarccastik got some crazy stories...

May 07, 2007  

i love reading your post. each time i felt low, your post put a smile on my face and lift me up again.


May 13, 2007  

Hey, I came across your blog because I was looking for that song, too. I have no idea who sings that version and if anyone knows, that would be awesome! It's more uptempo than any of the versions on YouTube. If I figure it out, I'll let you know :-)

January 26, 2009  

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