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Monday, May 07, 2007


This might be long it might not be..not too sure yet. As usual I have lots on my mind and since I blog it might all come out now or later LOL.

First let me start off by saying I'm tired..then again what's new. It seems like since they know I'm leaving at the end of the month for vacay I have to work double time. Which is somewhat good cause I've been sayin I need some OT to get that camera I want and to pay some stuff no complaining just tired.

The weekend was good, hung out on Saturday during the day with the Hun looking at townhouse and then Sat night went to Lucky Strike with the girls for the roomies bday. It was nice hanging out and catching up with them since we live sorta far from one another. After we hung out at Strike we headed down to U street since it was Cinco de Mayo to get some margaritas and stuff....danced to a lil music, sipped on some drinks and headed on home. I had to be to work on Sunday morning (good ole OT) so I was TIRED!!! Got up and made it to work at a lil after 8am and left at 130pm to go look at more houses with the Hun.

Before we even went to look at houses we had a discussion the other day about what kind of mortgage we could afford..yea we had this convo before started looking but once you look and see stuff you like you of course have to re-evaluate. So we're talking and of course when we first started this whole process I was like ohh I like this and I like that, and that one is ugly blah blah blah. He was more like well this isn't going to be the only house we live in, so it doesn't have to be huge and all this....I began to understand that. So we took another stab at looking and narrowed it down some more. I meet up with him yesterday and he is getting his roommate who is our agent to create another list and I'm like why..we don't need to look at 10 more houses let's just go with the 6 we got and narrow them from there....he keeps rambling on and on about how one house is 299,00...I mean yea but we can talk them down (we all know it's a buyers market). So I leave the room cause I felt myself getting agitated and I didn't want to cause a scene. I hate talking about stuff over and over...when I say I got it, I got it. If I'm confused and I ask about it..we can talk about it till I understand but once I say ok, then ok leave it alone. Man he kept going on and on about how our mortgage would be high if we got this and this..and I'm like what you don't understand is that we can talk them DOWN. He's like well if we get something that's 275 and talk them down that would be better...ok it would but the 275 ones have been lookin like a plumbers buttcrack...NASTY!

After the lil excursion and going through moments of silence since we were both frustrated...we talked and came to understand that we only seem to have "discussions" when we're talking about the house..great. I guess that's a good thing cause this is a huge thing, something that will affect us for the next 3-5 years. I mean we should talk about it till its dead so we'll know what we're getting ourselves into. We need to feel 200% sure about this decision, we're not in a rush and I want him to understand that...and he wants me to understand that our mortagage shouldn't be high. I get it....I got it.....good. I love the fact that he's concerned about what I want, and how far my commute would be but I can get up a lil earlier that won't kill me.

I guess once again this whole being in a relationship thing has been learning more and more about myself. I'm soo use to doing what I want, when I want and creating my own way..that now I'm like man am I really that bougie LOL. Do I really whine that much, man I tell ya. He has some good points and he admitted that so do I and we've agreed on our number once choice based on what our expenses would be like monthly for the house and hopefully we'll submit a contract on it.

So this weekend was all about compromise....he gave a lil and so did I. I told him that we have to get use to us not being all smiles all the time....I mean we're not perfect. He does stuff that annoys me and I do stuff that annoys him.....lets hope I dont hurt him though before we find a place LOL

On top of that I went to the ATM to get some cash out and my card expired I was HOT!! Come to find out they sent it to my 757 address and my mom forgot to send it to I was driving around on $3 worth of gas which is nothing and the Hun put some in the car. I was too done cause I drove right by the bank that Sat morning and could have stopped in to get some out....and after the whole arguing with him I know I wasn't good company. He was probably what is wrong with her LOL. At one point I was just like why dont you get a place by yourself he was like are you serious and I just stared out the window....then he smiles and I can't help but not be frustrated. Thats the funny part..I could be pissed off or at least want to be pissed off and he will do he did yesterday by cooking dinner that makes me love him even more.

I guess you noticed I didn't post this morning..I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to finish some work. It's necessary to make that money now LOL....which reminds me that I saw SHAFT this weekend's my duty to please that booty AHHH LOL I was dead when I heard that could have bought me for a dollar...I wonder who made that up..does it even make sense.....just like that buy you a drink song which I love but I mean would you really just buy me one drink and think I would go home with you...I need more than one and preferably some food to go with it LOL

I hate the fact that the camera I want isn't available everywhere....if the place in the 757 doesn't have it I have to order it online and the bad part is I have to wait till Friday to see if they are gonna get some in...great. It's a blue Sony Cyber shot...they have it in pink everywhere but I don't want pink I want blue bad part is the pink one also can come with additional stuff like a carrying case and a memory stick..too bad I dont' like pink like that...and yes I checked at the sony store I even went so far as to see if they had them at the circuit city in arundel mills..not a chance..great. So hopefully there will be one left on Friday for me to pick up on Sat once I hit the 757 cause I want to break it in before I go on vacay.

I still have to buy a suitcase and I'm contemplating a bathing suit, we'll see what I find this weekend while I'm in SC with the fam for mothers day.

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I need to plan a vacation.

I'm sure you and your Hun will make a good decision that will be pleasing to both of you. Nothing wrong with comporomising to keep the peace!

On the real and I'm not trying to judge or anything, have you thought long and hard about buying a house with someone who isn't your husband? I'm sure it can be a sticky situation and that's something you two need to talk about too if everything doesn't pan out for you two. **but I'm crossing fingers we'll be hearing wedding bells in the future**

May 07, 2007  

So when did yall officially decide on moving in together? I know I know I got some reading to do! LOL

I know I am fresh back in the states but I WANNA GO WITH YOU!

May 07, 2007  

TSG....I'm ready to go NOW! Yea I just want us to be fine with what we decide...yea I have thought about it...long and hard and I mean long and hard and I've talked his head off about it over and over....truth of the matter is we're working towards marriage we just haven't made it official yet....and we've agreed that if things go sour which we hope and pray they dont we'll abide by the housing contract and split the profit of the house...but trust me girl you're not judging lol..I've talked and talked and thought and thought all of this over and over...and over :) TO be honest I still talk about it and I've told him that I want us to be sure that we're on the this path together.

Lady...About a month ago or so..but I can't move just yet so he'll be there till the end of the year without me although some of my stuff will be there...YAHHH you're know I want pics LOL

May 07, 2007  

take your time and consider all your options. compromise warrants that. you guys will find what you're looking for and you'll know it's right just like that. i feel you on being tired and then some. can't wait til wed so i can get on that plane even though i'm not even close to being ready yet. *lol*

anyway, have a great week hun and stay up!

May 07, 2007  

BluJ...yea that's what I'm trying to do I dont want to rush anything at all..where are you off to did you ask permission to leave LOL..have a wonderful week and be safe!!

May 08, 2007  

Girl, do I ever understand being tired and what not. Don't worry, the perfect place will find you! Have a blessed week :-)

May 08, 2007  

well well well. looks like there was a theme for young love this weekend. Compromise..... I pray it all works out. I know it will.

May 08, 2007  

Tasha...LOL I wish I could go to sleep at work LOL, I know it's just a trying time have a blessed week too!!

Deep...yea see you know what I meant when I said I feel where you're coming from..I tell ya

May 08, 2007  

Ahhh the vicisitudes of life...
Sounds like things are going just like they are supposed to.

Thanks for stopping by and checking on a brother. Busy,busy, busy.

May 08, 2007  

SG..I do what I know how you disappear and reappear :)

May 08, 2007  

we've decided against a townhome.. they're not in our budget since we're trying to save $$$.. so we're just going to get a bigger apt.. im sure u & the hun will decide on something as well :-)

good luck finding the camera..

May 08, 2007  

I wish you the best of luck with this. Buying a home is tough-compromise is going to be the biggest feat in it all, I am sure you will make the best decision and if not keep blaming him! (Just kidding) Good luck!

May 08, 2007  

TTD...yea we were gonna do the big apt thing but out here you might as well get a townhouse after rent and what not...we'll hopefully find something..I know right I hate that the one I want is selling out Great LOL

CI...I know it's sooo HUGE and you know I'll keep blaming him LOL or keep bothering him till I get what I want LOL

May 08, 2007  

i loved this post. girl you sound like me. i had the same type of "discussion" with my darling last weekend, where I walked away frustrated. it was about religion and he wasn't understanding where I was coming from. actually he did understand but like you, we're so used to getting our way... lol. it's been all roses until now, so i'm glad we had this little "discussion". it helps to feel out how we handle our disagreements or misunderstandings. the great thing about it is that we came out on top!

May 08, 2007  

Jac...growth I tell ya aint' it soemthing cause normally I would have went off and thought about it later...but I've learned to keep my mouth closed and then talk..I'm glad we conversed as well like grown folks LOL

May 08, 2007  

lol @ "you could have bought me for a dollar"

you're a mess!!

heyyyy honey! jus get the pink camera. i like pink! and the funny thing about it is, i didn't until last year!! (lol)

anyhoo... jus passin' thru to show some love!

can you get a suitcase big enough for me to get in so i can go on vacay with you? pllleassse?!! (lol)

peace, love and hugs!

May 08, 2007  

wow. that's about all I can say. Wow. A house. With walls and windows and everything. Wow.

May 11, 2007  

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