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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blog many of us have them

"Friends are like windows through which you see out into the world and back into yourself... If you don't have friends you see much less than you otherwise might"

Each week I take the time to think about what I'm thankful for....things that are big and small..that might not seem important in the moment that they are occuring but in the long run I find that they make life what it is....wonderful.

When I first started blogging I didn't know that it would turn into all of this...friends who I converse with via email, friends I've met in person. I use the term friend just as it means..because I do consider you each of you just know some things about me that even my friends who see me on a daily basis don't give me advice and many of you tell it like it is even when I dont' wanna hear might not have seen me cry but I'm sure you can tell when I've done just today this is for you....

MizzJJ.....You know as soon as I can get to Canada I'm there. Doesn't Mocha live there too...I miss her LOL..ok so this is suppose to be about you...I love reading about life where you live and the men that you say what you want and if others dont like it...OH WELL

BK Diva...What can I say about you, other than you know that I honestly know that if I call you, you will listen there aren't many folks who I feel that way about and dont chill with them on the regular...but you best believe that after you've fed me I ain't going no where. You are a wonderful mother, friend and woman....I'm glad I got the opportunity to meet you and that your in my circle :)

Black Butterfly...You made me want to come to ATL and have drinks with you LOL..then again maybe I'm just an alchie hahaha....I wish you all the best on this new journey your embarking on your gonna be a great teacher....make sure you get some rest though and take time to enjoy those dirty south men lol (not dirty literally)

Black Mambaa...I think I have been reading you for a while..I love how you black out people's faces with smiley faces LOL that cracks me up. It's wonderful that your there for your sister...many people dont understand that folks do I was kinda digging the snack on your page but I do love the new change should kick butt at your job and ask questions later LOL

BluJewel...I consider you my blog sister and I'm forever thankful for advice that you give through your words even when I dont know that it's for me....we have yet to meet in person but I'm sure when we do...I will be cracking up and probably crying LOL...of course not in a bad way just cause I'm emotional....I love reading your poetry and about your mini me....she's so blessed to have you as a mommie

ChocolateThoughts....Another blogger I've met in person, where have you been, then again I do talk to you on google so I'm fine. Once you calm down from traveling we need to do dinner and catch up...we can hunt for men...of course not for me LOL..for you it's all about you :) I miss you, you need to update more often..or I will come find you!!

CoolAC...You haven't updated in a while but it's funny that you were down in my neck of the woods alot (757) and you also lived up here. Through your blog I got to read another one As Berry grows...she is soooo cute....come back!! LOL

Deep....Aight another one of my sisters that I will have to meet up with before the year is out, cause we def get along like we have known each other all our lives. Please dont marry Bubba LOL..sike let me stop. Thank you for just being you, how you have opened up your secret passion to us and let us get into a peek of the you.....your wonderful, your powerful and if anyone tells you different let me know and I will meet them in a dark alley..or find a crackhead to do're gonna me a great mommie :)

Dynasty....where the heck are you!! I need to know more about Hershey and the move and the new job......I miss I'm tired of going to your page and looking at those peaches LOL and not getting to read anything new!!

Fallen...You haven't updated either lately and I'm sure its for good reason, I love reading your poetry and about your everyday life....Miss ya bunches

Freaky...The name says it all bring out the freak in me..sike nah. You are seriously hilarious..if you had a show I would watch it with my clothes on and no I wont send you a picture. You put it out there and if others dont like it they can not come to freaktopia lol

GhettoEconomics...Better known as Paula D, I love reading about work, your various thoughts and it cracks me up...the picture of the baby shower cake had me dying at work....I must say I enjoy your life even though of course I'm not living it lol

God'sChild...Your name perked my curiosity so I had to stop by...I have loved reading your blog....I will admit that I dont stop by as often as I should but when I do I always catch up.

Golden....Another blog sister who occassionally sends me emails but is always in my thoughts and prayers....we seem so much alike and as a matter of face I promise we need to do lunch in the city one weekday....I'm sure our offices wont miss us (yea right) Just when I dont think I can I stop by your page and I read those words...Stay Up and I know things will get better...thank you

MindSpace...someone who has experiences my home town and knows just how peace lies there so when I talk about going back there you know just what I mean....he was a loser for what he did but hey enough about that LOL....I love your fashion commentary although I've noticed that you haven't done it in awhile. GOOD JOB on the gym visits you make me want to drag myself back out there.

GTL...I've met you and you dont blog too much anymore then again I dont go to your page much but you are TOOOOO funny....I love hanging out with you guys, you're doing big things and I wish you all the best.

HopeintheUnseen.....I love your hair, I love how you think, I love how you've let her go but you still love are too funny. I think your in Bmore for the summer maybe we can meet up at the harbor and do lunch :) of the first blogs I read, your drew me in with just being real...about your life, the men you encounter and you just have a way with words....I mean you really need to write a book!!

Januari..I love your name as a matter of fact this is a warning that I might steal it for my little girl..I'm giving you and your mom credit now (or the individual that gave you that name lol)....I cracked up at the title of your blog one day....I be quiet but when he leave I be talkin again lol...and the random thoughts are too funny

Jus....My big sis, someone who I have to read each day....even if you dont post I read the one that's up becuase it might be what I need to hear that day. Thank you for setting me straight, thank you for telling me how I'm being spoiled, thank you for your words becuase through what you are dealing with you help will probably never know how much your appreciated

JustHerWriting...Sometimes what you write I'm like dang she is deep LOL. We aren't perfect but because of some of your things that you write I know that it's ok cause a lesson comes out of it put me on to alot of things and for that I thank you :)

KoolBreeze...I love your tribe they are soo cute.. and the food on your page makes me hungry and as soon as I have a kid you know I'm sending you an email so that you can make me something :)

LaBella....You remind me so much of me that it's crazy LOL I think we were twins in another and your hun remind me of me and my Hun LOL it's funny that we both call them Hun although youve know begun to call him D lol. I love how you talk about folks in traffic cause they are a hot mess...and the little girls in your class are seriously blessed to have someone in their life like you....they need someone they can look upto other than the people they see on a daily basis....You are gonna be a wonderful Mrs. Military :) I would go so far as to say when are the little militarys coming but I hate when folks as me that so I'll digress LOL

Luvin...I need pics at least background pics LOL. I know that you are soo happy right now that smiling has become second nature and nothing can stop you not even friends who have drama or family members that are probably feeling a tad jealous because of your blessings.....come back soon but I know your enjoying just being happy right now :)

MisUnderstood...A fellow Libra....I stop by occassionally you stop by occassionally and I will admit I need to make it up there to we can hit the streets together LOL

MrMack...where are you...that's all I can say, you went to the Chi and didn't post again I hope you survived it lol

OrganizedNoise....sometimes I go down the list and I hit your spot up other times days go by and I forget to read everyone, but despite that you always send me an IM and for that I thank you. We keep missing one another but we'll hang out one day when your in town or I decide to visit your neck of the woods... is lil sarccastik, the misses and life in the A....where have you been man lol....
you use to crack me up with your stories about the lil one and the stuff she would say...I miss that :( plus you made married life sound aight lol went private and I can't read you anymore..what's up with that LOL if anyone talks to him tell him to holler at Honey I miss reading his stories.....

Missy...HOMIE!!! I have to come to the Bean again so we can get free drinks from unsuspecting men at the have to come visit again so we can party hard!!! How are you..what are you me NOW LOL

NSane...I am horrible at coming by the blog now..I know sad..I'm on my way right after I write the rest of this post....I love how you keep it real, your raw emotion and how you feel about things that you've gone through..I wish you the best in everything..... and Caun are too cute and so is your mini-me, I love how you love him and you love life...I look forward to spending the rest of my life with Hun and enjoying it as much as you are enjoying it. You keep on ticking, you enjoy life and I will admit I love the pics LOL

Princess....You are just that, I will admit I have yet to buy a book but it's coming LOL....Your blog keeps me interested and even when I forget to stop by when I do what you've written makes me want to catch myself up

Roycee....You never stop and that I can admire. You always have something going on and how you love your Dad so much is wonderful.... many women aren't as blessed as you and I to have men as our fathers who have taught up what real love, unconditional love stay on the love loving and that's not bad..even when things dont go how you want them to you still come out knowing that a lesson has been learned.

LadyNay...what can I say about you....your another one of my blog sisters that I have yet to meet....your stories about Pooka crack me up....I wish we lived closer to one another or that gas wasn't so expensive..better yet I wish I had a driver that could drive me to visit you so we could hang out only live one state away so maybe if I save for a month for gas I can come visit LOL. You inspire me with your stories about being in class cause soon I'm gonna be on that path get stressed out but you never talk about quitting and that is commendable.

SanginDiva....This girl can SANNNNGGG LOL. I love reading about your tours, seeing your pictures and hearing about your life....I'm sure your busy which is why you havent' updated LOL....hopefully you will come to this neck of the woods so I can hear you sing face to face....

SheDoesn'tCare....Ok I dont call you that, I have your real name and your number so I guess it's safe to say that I know you LOL....your in my circle and I love hanging out with you and GTL. You guys are too funny everytime me and roomie come through we have a blast!! We def need to hang out more...Bmore isn't that far I'm just lazy LOL (hmm I should hire a driver..then again that requires funds that I dont have lol) Keep doing it big girl..ya'll makin moves..T&J promotions is taking the world by storm

CI...Ok so your townhouse is FLYYYY and I'm mad I couldn't come to your party cause I would have come if I could...but I am def gonna have to come down that way and me you and Jus are gonna sip on martinis and laugh at passerbyers LOL....I love how you use to talk about your roomie and her antics which were sooo NASTY but folks like her make living with them interesting and gross but hey great stories come out of it that you dont have to see her you wont have anything to talk about..or will you lol

Kween...HEY GIRLLLL!! Ms. Diva is what I call you everytime I see you cause you always killin em doing it big sista keep doing what you dont update too often so I just have to rely on how your doing when I see you lol..or do I just not stop by enough lol

Drama....I love reading your blog and your keep me entertained. I'm glad you and He decided to make things's clear that you have love for him too bad I wont get to hear about the bouncer anymore then again maybe he'll do something soooooo good that things will change ahhh well lol

SouthernGirl...One of the first blogs I started reading I dont know how I found you but for some odd reason when my boss was talking about going to Arkansas I was about to tell her to hit you up....umm but she's a older white lady going there on business then I thought about me hopping in her luggage so we could hang out but that might give her a heart attack. Your randomness, your thought out posts all keep me hanging on...O is tooo cute. Your opinions and your bluntness some folks might find harse but hey that's how I am so I can dig it (did I just say dig wow lol)

StreamofConscienceness....I stop by once in a while and I know that's horrible but I have so many favorites. I enjoy reading about your thoughts and feelings about EVERYTHING....cause sometimes I wonder what you wonder and I think no one else thinks that way then again I know someone else does I'm just glad that I can read about someone who does came, you saw.... you disappeared. I will admit that I miss reading your blog hopefully you're out there in the dark reading and what not...perhaps you'll come back and if you do look me up :)

Tenacious....we live probably like 10 min from each other yet we've never hung out...SAD!! So I say we head to H20 on a hot summer night get some drinks and laugh at the men who find it necessary to dance with us by poking us with their you know whats LOL. Nah but for real your randomness cracks me up man and it's funny cause I be like dang I can hear her saying that and I've never heard your voice lol....if you had a show I'd watch it would probably be on BET during the after dark hours but I'd stay up to watch it LOL..matter fact you should audition for Real World..that would be too funny LOL

Mistress....WOMAN!! What can I say about you, you went private so if you're gonna click on her link I must warn you that she's no longer there....but I get to enjoy her all the same WOOHOOO. I love how you enjoy the sexuality of being a woman and you dont care who thinks heads or tails about it. You have your opinions and you dont care if folks give a rats booty about're gonna do you...others need to be like included but I'm happy to say that I'm getting there. Plus you make AZ seem so dang on pretty even when its 130 degrees outside LOL....

G....what can I say about're words always get me...they make me want to cry sometimes they make me want to laugh and they make me want to love someone so much that I lose myself in them....I enjoy reading your words, your thoughts...and you. You get me everytime I stop by even if you haven't updated....thank you for your words and letting me read them

MsBehaving....I crack up and how you think about work and the fact that you dont wear open toe shoes that makes me laugh and when you talked about the woman who use to work with you but tried to take if I could have seen a pic of your face while she was on the phone I know it would have mirrored what I would have looked like...your gonna be a fly nanna...your children are soooo blessed went private and I still get to read you but I keep forgetting that you've gone private until I look in my email box LOL...I love how you just say what you want even it means mentioning crotch and smelly socks all the time LOL...I'm stopping by to catch up right after this.

NSearch..I always forget to link you and I stop by when I remember but congrats on the pending wedding you know I want pics LOL....I love your Hot mess posts you make me laugh..thank you

KrateDigga..Also known as Anonymous..thank you for checkin up on me everyonce in a while...keeping doing what your doing....thank you for your music and if I'm ever in your urea have to show me around :)

Sooo I know this was long but I wanted to get everyone. Too bad we all can't get together and have a big blog event lol....Some days I get to read all of you other days I only get to read a few of you but that doesn't mean that you aren't in my thoughts...thank you for allowing me to enter your lives through your words and thoughts...thank you for giving me your advice, your jokes and your thoughts...thank you for sharing a piece of you with me

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Aww, that was the sweetest thing. It's nice to see how much you appreciate all of your fellow bloggers, and we all love you just as much!

July 11, 2007 prob chica you guys help me more than you know :)

July 11, 2007  

Awwwwwwwwww Lil' Sis that was a beautiful tribute. I am honored to have been included. You're a special one and dont you forget it. Keep growing and living life honestly...a Blessing is around every corner I can feel it!

July 11, 2007  


I'd like to thank the academy without you I would be nothing, thanks to my cousin pookie, nay nay, and her son...and her son daddy who kicks it with my friend oh wait..wrong speech!!!

Thanks for the recognition! Let's do drinks anytime..I am always down!!!!

July 11, 2007  

I know it took you a minute to type all that! LOL

Thanks for the blog love, it goes right back atcha.

Yah know I never really thought about only being one state away...hmmmmm maybe me an Pooka can come to you and Hun's housewarming. :-)

July 11, 2007  

Roycee....You are more than welcome, no need to thank me though I should thank you for your words and for sharing them

CI..YES you did LOL...umm yes wrong speech try again lol and you know i'm down for drinks lol

Lady...UMMM yes it did girl I was tired I was like is anyone gonna read this LOL...You are def on the invite list once we get it how we want it :) you can even sleep in the guest room :)

July 11, 2007  

honey! awww!! that's so nice! if you're in the 7 cities the first week in august, i'll be there too! :)

July 11, 2007  

OMG!! I got shouted out LOL
Thanks lady. Appreciate it :-)

LMAO @ consistently inconsistent.

Girl I'd be lying if I didn't agree with ladynay in saying typing all this up HAD to be time consuming!!!


Girl I can't for the life of me remember how I stumbled upon your page but you must know I love it here and that I'm forever lurking.

Thanks for the luv!!!!

July 11, 2007 nice! I doubt that older white lady would be able to hang with me. lol

July 11, 2007  

a shout out! i'm CHEEZING!

i am a loyal fan and always will be. you're one of the only blogs i can read even if the entry is like six pages long cuz your life is compelling. the way you write about it makes me wanna sit down, grab a glass of wine, and relax while i read it. oh, and you know i've adopted like half of your sayings. :)

July 11, 2007 sweet is that!!!! You just made my week! I read you daily and YES we shall do lunch soon, very soon...I am happy that I came across your page or you came across mines....and WE GON MAKE IT! Please believe me...

July 11, 2007  

That was very sweet of you.

July 11, 2007  

I am so honored. Thank you. But a lookahere bruh.... Why come I can't hang out wit you, jus, and ci. I am only like 15 min from ci. If yall let me come, I will cook if jus makes the martini's

This really was sweet. Bubba and I have a play date with the kids tomorrow. lol

July 11, 2007  

awww... thanks! this certainly brought a smile to my face.

there's nothing like grabbin' a little popcorn and settling down to read As the Honey Turns! lol... you always manage to crack me up or make me wonder if you're in my head b/c it seems like we're going through the same things.

oh, and anytime you're in Houston, i'm down for drinks! in between teaching and meeting new Southern men, i'm 100% sure a margarita (or two... or three) will be in order. :-)

July 11, 2007  

So sweet. I miss Mocha too. Well, I talk to her all the time, but I miss her blogging.

Honey Libra: I love how honest you always are about your life. I love reading about your little toot. He is so adorable. I like that you are taking us through your journey with Hun and not just giving us the happy moments, but the real, grimey everyday moments. When I come down that way expect to show me the hot spots!!

July 11, 2007  

I was smiling before I even saw that I made the list. You are definitely cool in my book and on the list of bloggers I can't wait to meet. Hopefully that'll happen this year (I'll be back down that way in October).

July 11, 2007  

Jameil....LOL...Hmmm I think I might actually be there then...I'll see if I am lol

MsBehaving...I do what I can :) and your more than welcome

TSG..your right she can't LOL then again you know how some of them get when they get drinks in em lol know I read you too, you are just toooo real and that's what keeps me coming back...when I hit up the A you are def on my list of go sees lol

TC...the advice and thoughts you give out make my day as well and we are def gonna have to do lunch lol

Diva..I just started reading you so you know on the next go round your there :)

Deep..Ok so I forgot that you lived that close to them I sorry!!! You know your the bomb dot com

BB....Girl I loves me some Texas men sike I dont lol but I'm def gonna put you on my list of visitors in the next year or so cause I gots to come to TX again

MizzJJ....Tell her I said hi...You know we are gonna party like some non drug doing rockstars lol

Organized....AWWWW glad I could make you smile...I know I can't wait to meet you too and it could def happen if you come the weekend of the 20th umm I'll be in Vegas any other time lol i'm here

July 11, 2007 wonderful for you to go through that WHOLE list and show your appreciation for everyone (including lil ole me). Truely amazing...I remember the first time I came here and saw that eye that appeared to have a tear forming...I was like..."what's this blog about" the answer came in that very first expression of truth, a declaration of appear naked here; you've revealed your flaws and come out refined. I thank you for allowing me to share.

July 11, 2007  

Heeeeeeeeeeeey!!! Thanks for the love! Too sweet :-)

July 11, 2007  

What a great way to start my morning! Thanks so much. I remember when I found you and became entranced by your Thankful posts. Sometimes we forget that stuff - now I do take time to be thankful.

I read quite a few of you, but I see some stuff (like I have time) that I need to now go and explore.

Thanks my sista and you know one day those pictures are gonna get me in trouble (like the day Goddess finds out she is up there) LOL LOL

peace and Blog grease -

The Magnegroes!

July 12, 2007  

JMW...AWWW I'm glad you came by and that you continue to do so

Paula....Your more than welcome

Pam..Glad I could help and your welcome and yea Goddess will probably be mad lol

July 12, 2007  

This is so true...As you know, I'm going through the situation with my little cousins and it amazed me how many bloggers reached out to me!!! The blog fam is real!

Loved this have a lot of my favorite folks listed!

July 12, 2007  

I'm so sweet and innocent I can't even stand it. :o) LOL

Um why do you have to put all these limits on us? I'm still waiting for the swimsuit picture before I hit you up for the nekkid ones. Okay, I can understand you might not want them floating around out there. So how about a web cam session? What?

Thanks for the shout out. Now I'll creep back behind the bushes and...well you don't need to know anything more than that. :oD

July 12, 2007  

OD...It really is real they keep me going sometimes when I dont even talk to my friends who work and live near me...glad you loved it as I love reading your posts too :)

July 12, 2007 sneaking in on me!! Umm yea about those pics LOL I didn't want them everywhere so I knew I couldn't send them to you lol

July 12, 2007  

I'll be there the weekend of the 13th, so mark your calendar.

July 12, 2007  

Organized...aight I have to make sure I am doing NOTHING I'll mark it down now!!

July 12, 2007  

Mmm hmm, sure. Now if I let every pic I got float around on the Internet then chicks wouldn't send me pics at all. :o(

I have ninja skills when it comes to sneaking. ;o)


July 12, 2007  

Aw shucks honey bunny. When I realized where you were going with this post, I appreciated what you had to say to your friends. I must say I was surprised to find myself on your list. You are sweet. In fact you and Nikki are the only members of my "throwback crew" Remember Adept Perception? LOL.

Anyway, I gotta lotta mo' luv for you. In fact, you'll love today's. I'll leave the light on for you.

July 12, 2007  

I'm down for a blog event!

July 12, 2007  

Am I last to comment???? MAN...

Oh well, thanks for the great post! I like my smiley faces, lmao.

I've always kicked butt, asked questions's who I am and I love me. :-)

Take care!!

July 12, 2007  


Aw shucks Honey You've just made my day :) I can already imagine that night...lemme me make sure I got my bail $ right first *lol* I'm so touched, words really can't express my thoughts :) Whenever you got time chica hit me up on email and let's meet up and dish :)

July 13, 2007  

@ Honey

When I want to be I can be pretty damn dramatic, I think I will take Bride-zilla to a whole 'nother level.

dramatic fainting and everything.

not to mention vaselining up the face to box with the caterer because the chicken isn't the same shade *lmao*

LOL...I saw my picture looking the same. perm all sweated out, dress crooked, wonky eye and all.

I know my kids will at it and be like "Dang mama were you and daddy crackheads or something?"

July 13, 2007  

That was nice of you to list all of them like that. Cool idea.

Have a good weekend.

July 13, 2007  

All i know is i better had seen my name on there......Im still debating on coming back to much has happened in my life its too much to blog about...u know i moved too..and the guy from teh bar when yall came down, he's still in the picture......thats my shelby welby...:-) u know if u coming u better hurry up cuz u know hot weather dont last too long in Boston.

July 13, 2007  

I was scrollin, and scrollin, until I finally came to me. Even tho I stop thru occassionally, I enjoy your blog and so glad I have met you in blogworld of course via Missy:) My house is and will be always open to you. Can't wait until we meet. Maybe in September for us LIBRA's. luv ya

Oh, Mistress' blog is soooo juicy, gets ya horny

July 13, 2007  

oh and same blog different name


no longer pangelo1

July 13, 2007  

awww... i loved it!! yes, we do have a good time when we hang out.. u dont always have to come to bmore.. i dont do dc often, but i'd come party w/ u & roomie. u just have to give me notice :-)

July 15, 2007  

Imagine my surprise to stop by and see that you consider me a "blog friend!" I am truly humbled and honored honeylicious! I posted something new...

July 15, 2007  

amazing post. and beautiful template.:)

July 16, 2007  

Yeah, Im mad at Slish going private too.

July 16, 2007  

gosh...I've been gone for a week and it feels like forever, my job has been kicking my butt...but reading this blog was made me smile and you can have the name..

My dad gave it to me, but just a warning I plan on naming all my children januari jr. so if your daughter doesn't mind 9 other januari's around her age, feel free too steal it.

July 17, 2007  

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