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Monday, July 09, 2007

Ok so how come I can't title my post..not that I have a specific one in mind but dang on it..what if I now it's just gonna be nothing

My mini-vacation (from wed to sun) was GREAT!!! I got so much sleep I think sleep got tired of me..but for some odd reason I feel dead tired today..maybe cause I woke up at 230am and drove back to my house from huns yea great...interrupted sleep is not sleep.

I didnt do too much last week..cookout on Wed, me and hun were going to watch the fireworks but he was tired so I chilled out at home since I had the next couple of days off and he didn't. Woke up and just plain hung out at my pajamas all day..yea I washed my tail but I just put on another pair of pj's LOL.

Got up Friday, paid some bills, and ran some errands. I've been needing some new sneakers and I could some kswiss for $19.99 YES!! Gotta love that...I saw some other ones that I might go back and get but I need some for this weekend me and the hun are going to Carowinds in Charlotte, NC with some of the fam..we're meeting them down there. I love my fam but I hope they dont overwhelm him...especially after I talked to my mom about how I was feeling last week...she will be staring him down making sure he aint' hurtin her baby LOL. On top of that my cuz and her Hun are riding with us so hopefully they will get along nice cause 6 hours in the car aint no joke!

We didn't do too much this some more stuff for the house...talked about getting a flat screen for the living room, and about painting. I cooked dinner for him Friday...I think he was kinda surprised cause he wasn't there when I got there but he had chicken out..unknown to him I had already decided to I cooked what I had brough..we had baked ziti and salad which was rather good um um. He came home to a nice cooked dinner and we proceeded to hang out till he went out with his boys...Sat we slept a lil late, he went and got a hair cut and I bummed it...we ran a couple more errands like getting the car washed and what not....then got ice cream. He laughs at me cause now that it's hot outside I need ice cream in my life...LOL what can I say I love it!!

Sat night I got up with my MD/DC gang of friends and we had some drinks and went to see 1408...MANNNN dont go see it..if you do make sure you're tore up cause the ending kicked nuts...BAD!! Everyone was like awww but I think I was the loudest LOL. After that we chilled out and I didn't make it back to huns house till about 5pm cause I kept falling back to sleep LOL. He had fixed steak and I eat eggs (he doesn't) so I was about to eat them when we found out his moms bf (who I call his step dad even though they arent married) had cooked so we went over there and ate..went to circuit city, ate some ice cream and he worked on some music. I was soo heated cause I started to watch A Rage in Harlem and I feel asleep..woke up drenched in sweat and tired as if I had run from here to Africa LOL in 100 degree weather...great.

Hun informed me that I cant be gangsta with him and sing rap lyrics I sound corny LOL. I'll stick with R and B. On top of that when you get a second check out Algebra this chic is NICE on the mic!! She reminds me of India and Jill....she can be found on Youtube but I downloaded some of her songs and I'm jammin to them in the car....

Showered got back in the bed and Hun put me to sleep LOL..ok ok TMI but anywho...I woke up around 230am to drive back home (cause if you live up here you know how traffic is during the work week) got home and went back to sleep only to seemingly wake up 5min later (ok it was more than that cause I woke up at 7am) and come to work. It's lunch time which means that the day is half way over....closer and closer to the weekend. I'm actually looking forward to going to the amusement park on and hun havent' done that as of yet so it should be to feed the stomach (which me and hun jokingly refer to as Ahmari..our son lol..yea we're weird)....yes I know Jus we have problems LOl

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you are too funny....I am glad you got rest...I didn't...I couldn't get my mind to shut up...but I know that it was because so much stuff was up in the for wasn't AS restful, eventful at times, and lessons learned as usual...


July 09, 2007  

look at you. thats all i am gone say

July 09, 2007  

TC....You know the funny part is I was gonna call ya to do lunch and I was like umm great I dont have her number and I stayed in the bed anyway so I didn't get a chance to email you

Deep...Hey I do what I can :)

July 09, 2007  

Busy busy busy!

Have fun at the park! :-)

Sometimes too much sleep makes you tired.

Yall named your tummy? mmmmmmmmmkay! LOL

July 09, 2007  

and put you to sleep how???????

July 09, 2007  

He put you to sleep eh? Good to hear. LOL.

I need a weekend of rest like that.

July 09, 2007  

Aww you two are so cute. It's always great to get put to sleep *blushes and exits comment section* LOL. Have fun at the amusement park!

July 09, 2007  

'putting you to sleep' wasn't tmi damnit. it was TOO LITTLE INFORMATION. DETAILS PLEASE. ;)

and now i gotta know the ending for 1408.

July 09, 2007  

Lady..actually we named his tummy but now when we feel greedyish lol I know that's not a word we call it Ahmari lol

MisU..yep put me to sleep by doing some thangs LOL um was great

Tasha...see I know someone else would agree :) I'll post pics on Monday

Nikki...Girl I aint' got to tell know what happened as for the ending it sucked nuts I mean the rest of it was aight...but that ending made it horrible

July 09, 2007  

Sounds like you had a great weekend. That's good to hear.

July 10, 2007  

LMAO! How come whenever I read your blog, I can actually get visuals in my head.

Glad your weekend went well and that you got your rest. Can you email me some cause I need it. I didn't get the long weekend I was supposed to last week, but I'm going to this weekend.

Anyhoo, I saw that wretched movie 1408 and was mad as all heck cause it sucked something terrible. to make matters worse, we had to pay for our tix cause our boy had just taken his break.

Keep on keeping on sis!

July 11, 2007  

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