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Friday, August 24, 2007

Funny Friday

Man I was cracking up in my car this morning while heading to the metro. They were doing the horoscopes on the Russ Parr show and a couple of them were TOOOO FUNNY. One Leo why is your butt so hairy that you gotta use a rat tail comb to use the bathroom then they said you gotta use a brush to comb it LOL...then about another horoscope they said you so stupid you thought you had to put the phone up your butt to make a booty call LOL...mANNNNNN i was dying LOL

Then Mai Ling got up there and was talking about tooting somebodies nails up lol they were like that is not what it means then she asked if Alfredas wanted to be her shorty LOL...then she kept saying you blck gurl you lol man toooo funny you can see someone probably thought I was crying this morning haha.

Nothing much planned for the weekend. Hun and I have been conversing and I think we're going to the movies..taking this slow and easy so we shall see. Haven't hung out with R (which is a good thing lol), hanging out with him had me all confused..he was my safety net for so long that I didn't know how to let him go or keep him at a distance. Probably watch a couple of movies that I rented from Blockbuster so this weekend will be spent doing some reading, cleaning and watching movies.

Class so far is pretty ok I think I'm going to like my Family Law class, my Research class is clearly going to be the hardest then again I haven't had my Into Legal Assisting class yet so catch me on monday and I might have a different story. It's so funny cause I haven't been in school in so long but I guess I kinda feel aight about going back but best believe since I'm paying for it this time around home girl HONEY will be in the them books every chance she gets nothing less than A's coming out the first semester! Hopefully I'm not passed out every night though LOL

In other news my lil sister (my nephews mom) might be getting her own place..she's getting public housing. All I asked is that she take one of my parents with her cause I told my mom I do not want my nephews having a rat dog (meaning a pet rat that is so big they think it's a dog and got a lease on it lol) and I dont want my JJ hanging out on the corner slanging that similac LOL my poor babies...but I'm happy for her maybe this is what she needs...I pray she succeeds. The oldest one starts school in a couple of weeks and I can't believe that he's getting so big, they grow up so fast, I remember the day he was born how I rushed to the hospital to hold him and smell him, call him my cotton cause he was sooo soft. I have no favorties but he is the first and he'll always be my toot even when he's 21 LOL. EKKKK dont wanna think about that cause that means I wont be 25 anymore at least not according to my birth certificate (in my head of course I'll be 25)

I never know what possess folks to look a hot mess..this lady I was sitting behind on the metro had a pony tail but it was like a flat pony tail on the clearly it was a weave but it looked like there were two ponytails up in i dont know I was staring pretty hard though trying to figure out what was going on.

Why did my boss give me something to do and we soon found out that it was going to take longer than we thought and then my other boss gave me something and was like well you told me you would have it done..I was like yea before we knew this was gonna take forever so great..then he goes on to say well you can do overtime..umm thanks how about it will get done....however it gets done..sike let me stop LOL. I dont mind overtime but umm I've been doing it everyday for like 2 months or so I'm tired LOL.

I wanna go out of town...on a plane out of town..dont know where dont know when but it's coming ohhh yea VEGAS for my 25th. I need to get on that plane ticket right about NOW!

Guilty Pleasure: Reba and Still Standing...I love those shows :)

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy these last few summer weekends cause you know once they come to end there's not getting them back (or any weekend for that matter lol)
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I'm dying @ slangin' similac!! And the ponytails...I don't understand them. Why is your hair one color and your ponytail 3 shades darker/lighter? If you're gonna do the Insta-Weave, at least make sure it matches before you walk out the door. Have a good weekend!!

August 24, 2007  

Mann.. Mai Ling cracks me the hell up especially when she hangs up by saying "I holla!"

I'm glad you and Hun are taking it slow.. that's always best.

I don't start school again til' next week but I plan on being in the books ALOT also.

I have been wanting to go out of town.. supposed to be going to Kentucky for labor day. blah.. it's not Vegas though!

I so LOVE Reba and Kings of Queens.

Have a good weekend Honey

August 24, 2007 and my mom were cracking up when I said that LOL Have a wonderful weekend

TMI...Hmm I just noticed your initials LOL..anywho man I was in tears when she was like u blck gurl you lol. Van and Barbara Jean crack me up..I love King of Queens too LOL..the dad is know I love raymond is kinda funny too..have a wonderful weekend

August 24, 2007  

"keeeeeep yo' head to the sky baby pi hi hi hiii" LOL
i haven't heard the Russ Parr show in a minute!! (since i left philly)

August 24, 2007  

Real..they keep me crackin up in the does Steve Harvey!

August 24, 2007  

We get Steve Harvey here..too funny.

Glad to hear you are in good spirits. You had me crackin up with the "hood" jokes...

I wanna get away for my ......we'll leave that out...birthday too.

"YOU" enjoy your weekend as well.

August 24, 2007  

happy weekend!!! :)

August 24, 2007  

You should listen to Steve Harvey's show. That is also hilarious

Slangin' Similac?? If that was all that was being slanged (sp?) the world would be a better place lol

August 24, 2007  

You crack me up! Have an awesome drama free weekend chile!!!

August 24, 2007  

I usually listen to Steve Harvey in the mornings.

You already know how I feel about bad weave jobs.

My guilty pleasure is Everybody Loves Raymond. That is one funny show!

August 24, 2007  

O I forgot the mention of weave...I can't stand if somebody puts a silky straight ponytail in and it looked like they needed a perm a year ago....

August 24, 2007  

I LOVE Reba! Barbara Jean MAKES(I guess I should use the correct tense and say made since it is now off the air,lol) the show. She and Van keep me in stiches.

Oooooo, Vegas! Now that sounds like a good idea!

August 24, 2007  

Why am I crying over here just reading about Mai Ling...I dont listen to Russ Par or the radio in general but reading that shyt had me hollering!

Have a good weekend and good luck wit HUN!

August 24, 2007  

OHHHH... I'm loving that new picture. Hey lady...I hope all's been well.

On that wanting to go out to town on a plane new job did a spur of the moment name pull of an employee to go All expence paid to Domincan Republic next month for 5 days (for two) and GUESS WHAT... I DIDN'T WIN! LOL.

August 24, 2007  

dead at slangin similac!! week in miami coming up!! can't wait!! i wanna go back to school!! i do NOT want to pay for it. lol.

August 26, 2007  

I wear two ponytails sometimes. I like volume, I'm short, lol However they are brought together on my head quite nicely.

Now I saw a woman one time with a wig on and then a pony on the wig,lol HOTTTT MESSSSS!!!


August 26, 2007  

reba is the ish! and i like still standing too..

dont u just love how ur boss TELLS u what ur going to do, as opposed to ASKING u to do it? i mean, we know it's gotta get done, but geesh.. show some courtesy about it!

August 26, 2007  

I have never seen either of those shows!

Glad school is going well and you seem to be in better spirits.


August 26, 2007  

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