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Monday, October 29, 2007

Back to It...

Weekend: The weekend was nice, I need to get back in the groove of things, the semester is over and so far its looking like I will be getting A's and B's which is great wooohooo. I went to see Saw 4 on Friday night and just hung around...nothing too serious..Hun had some "me time" so I hung out with some of my other friends...went to Alero on U street Sat night for some after Bday celebration with one of my girls who bday was Friday then headed to Posh where I stood in line for like 20 min waiting for a drink and no less than 5 min after I got it they decided to close the party cause someone was fighting...great nothing like a free club to get folks to fighting...passed out and hung out on Sunday before heading to a date there were some cuties....ah well I didnt' win anyone so great LOL....and here I am on Monday ready go home but I gotta go to class and do my exam that's due on Tuesday...great

Back to the Interview Questions

Questions provided by the Opinionated DIVA...I love reading her blog she is too I figured her questions would be interesting and I was right :)

1.The story of your life is being made into a movie. Who would you pick to play you (you can't play yourself) and why? I would pick Angela Bassett, I mean she's the bomb and I loved her in Tina Turner so I know she would do me justice lol....

2.If you could live in any city in the world other than your current one, where would it be and why? I can't really think of a city but a state other than VA hmm that would have to be SC I dont know what the south is calling me but as soon as I finish school I'm looking to move...I've already told Hun so he can either get with it or stay here LOL

3.If you could have dinner with a famous celebrity (currently deceased) who would it be and why? Martin Luther King, I mean he was a great man who moved the country but I'd also like to learn more about him other than what we all know like why he had affairs on his wife...everyone has secrets and I would want to know them

4.If you could be invisible for a day, who would you spy on and why? I'd spy on Hun LOL to see if he talks about me during the day sike he's pretty boring, hmm I'd spy on the president of the US, just cause I'd want to catch him diggin in his butt or something LOL..I'm crazy like that

5.Who is your favorite blogger and why? I dont have a favorite and that's honest LOL...all the ones I've met are cool and all the ones that I've talked to are cool but of course I'm pretty biased to a couple but they shall remain nameless LOL

6.You receive an indecent proposal from Flavor Flav...$5 Mill to spend the night with him. Do you accept the offer? HECK NO...unless spend the night with him equals him not kissing me or trying to grop me up...I would..however I am in no shape or form attracted to him and yes 5 mill is enticing but I dont like throwing up so no.
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"I'd spy on the president of the US, just cause I'd want to catch him diggin in his butt or something LOL..I'm crazy like that" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

PS...5 Mil, could buy all the nausea meds you need!

October 29, 2007  

For $5 million I'll ride the hell out of Flavor Flav. LOL

October 29, 2007  

Man... I gotta agree with That doggone Southern Gal!! I was NOT expecting that!!

That's right girl! You can handle some Fla-vor Flaaaaav!!! Ride em cowgirl and cash your check!!


I feel like this: With the proper amount of liquor and weed? i.e., if I get toe-up and straight up blitzed out of my mind??


Really though!

October 29, 2007  

spying on the faux-sident would be rather interesting indeed. you'd catch his sorry ass farting and carrying on like the fool he is.

$5mil + Flavor Flav? I'm not sure the money would be worth it unless he wanted to watch me do myself cause that's the ONLY way anything physical would be going down.

October 29, 2007  

I'd do that monkey's uncle for 5 mil, what a douche ain't but 2 bucks. LOL

I agree VA beautiful lived in v-beach for about 8-9 months. I saw a lil of SC nice also. great place for kids VA.

October 29, 2007  

Dont be asking MLK about his personal business!! Lol

Flava Flav looks like a gremlin. His momma does too.

October 29, 2007  


you and Opd are nuts.

October 29, 2007  

HELL YEAH for the A's that are poppin' off! psssh! dudes and their damn "me time." i guess we all need it though, right?

October 29, 2007  

Good job on the good grades and even better decision to sacrifice the money for someone you're not interested in. Now the question is, who would you sleep with for $5 million?

October 30, 2007  

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