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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thanks for the Laugh

"What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul" (Yiddish Proverb)

Thank you...

old man on the train, I was knocked out good till you kept bumping me trying to talk to the person behind you

old man on the train for talking so loud I though you were talking directly in my ear..hopefully your wife isn't deaf now

person on the train for laughing so loud I just had to shut my eyes tighter praying that the sirens would stop

5 min dream that I had while I was knocked out on the train...why can't I remember you now

old lady outside the Farragut West metro seem so angry asking for change and shaking that cup I just had to thank God that I'm blessed to not be in that situation...we're all one bad decision away from that

Farragut Triangle man for smiling at me while you swept up the leaves....nice to know that you think I look rather cute..or you just love smiling either way it benefits me lol

hotel bell man for walking past me when you did....your aftershave reminded me of my daddy and I just had to smile

old couple for walking down the street hand in hand, I pray that I'm blessed with someone to love and care about and for when I'm in my old age.

Russ Parr and the morning crew for making me crack up when Mai ling asked how she could get her behind to clap and snap back LOL..WOW

Lord, for allowing me to notice the things around me and smile

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*le sigh*

love this entry. LOVE this entry.

there are so many opportunities for us to find smiles in our daily existence. i'm glad you were able to locate a few this morning.

on another note, you fall asleep on the train?!? isn't that dangerous?

October 17, 2007  

Nikki...actually I get on at the end of the train and I usually wake up off and on to see what stop I'm at and I cant get so deep in sleep cause folks be talking and what I get about 10 good minutes which is all I need lol..if I did fall asleep and miss my stop I'd just go on back home and go back to real sleep lol

October 17, 2007  

I love this one, and I too hope for the same thing..

old couple for walking down the street hand in hand, I pray that I'm blessed with someone to love and care about and for when I'm in my old age.

Happy hump day.

October 17, 2007  

Gurl...You TOO :)

October 17, 2007  

Okay let's all sing together now......LOL this was a great post. Reminds me to be thankful that I have sight.

October 17, 2007  


October 17, 2007  

Aaaahhhhh...the DC metro. I so remember those days on that train.

October 17, 2007  

There was a woman on the train tonight who had a tatoo on her cleavage. She made me smile. . . then when I got off the train, I LOL

October 17, 2007  

a day late and a dollar short, but still...
i love this and it truly helps to remind us of taking in the simple things...

older couples, still IN love and more so IN like (because you can love someone all day long and not like them)

appreciating life, that's always a thanks

October 18, 2007  

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