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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"And it's not so important happy ever after, just that its happy right now." (Grey's Anatomy- Meredith Grey)

It's funny cause every week when I'm about to write this I'm always like wow what am I gonna say, what quote am I going to use where am I gonna go with this no focus this wed just what I'm thankful for....that's focus enough

for the Lord waking me up this morning, he really didn't have to do it...but he did :)

for being able to look forward to sleeping in on Monday man even if it's past 9am it will def be a good look

for the anticipation of hanging out with the girls this weekend I'm looking forward to seeing them and having some laughs

for the lady shaking that change cup at I know you need some change but I cant' help ya...sorry

for the laugh I got out of listening to Russ Parr I tell ya they are toooo funny...talking about how you trying to decide what to wear to a protest LOl talking about I'm returning them shoes tomorrow I can't wear those..then Shaqwana said you could put tape on the bottom of them LOL...great just great

for the anticipation of having my coworkers meet my babe. We're having a summer outing next weekend on a boat in the DC's like a boat tour with lunch...he's never been on one so it should be something new and I love introducing him to new things

for how he grabbed me the other day before I left telling me to give him a kiss..I love how he does that :)

for tomorrow being Thursday, even though I have class I'm still looking foward to it being the weekend...sad I know

for my bday plans falling into place...hopefully this time next week I will say that my ticket to Vegas has been bought!!!! WOOOHOOOOO

for wanting to invite my babe along on my bday trip, however it might be me and the roomie a girls weekend in Vegas during the Hoodie's goingggg DOWN!!!

for doing my homework a week early and not having to rush and do it today..gotta love getting it done early

for the new TV line up that I am sooo hyped up about LOL...the only new show I will be adding to my lineup is Pushing up Daisies or something like that it looks rather good...other than that I am sticking with my usual, Law & Order, CSI, Without a Trace, Bones, Medium, ER and of course Greys Anantomy :) Yea know it's alot but thank goodness for DVR.

for each of you going about your day..I hope and pray that it's going well :)

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I'm thankful for everything and everyone in my life!

I wanna go to Vegas!

September 19, 2007  

TSG...Your more than welcome to come along..the more the merrier :)

September 19, 2007  

Boat ride sounds like fun!
Hope ur b-day weekend is the bomb!
I'm excited about the new tv lin-up as well, of course I'm a reality fan....Kid Nation and Survivor!

September 19, 2007  

Hun meeting the coworkers. Great! LOL

Everyone has fun in Vegas! I wanna go!

September 19, 2007  

Hey Honey come on over to my place. I've laid OUT the Television Schedule, lol lol


September 19, 2007  

enjoy the b-day. loved reading your list. it made me feel grateful about somethings in my life. just discovered your blog. i am grateful for that. peace, ananda

ps: i will visit more often.

September 19, 2007  

I am thankful for being loved, and having the ability to love.

Wonderful Gratitudes, I am going to do this again!

September 20, 2007  

Be careful . . . as OJ has shown us, what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. Behave yourself.

September 20, 2007  

Awww.. lady, what a great post... Hope you buy that ticket for Vegas and have a ball.. I love that place.. Everything looks good in your world.. That's cool.. :o)

September 20, 2007  

I'm thankful for being able to visit this page even though that eye is constantly watching me.

September 20, 2007  

I just love me a positive blog post. And yeah, Russ Parr is hilarious. Co-sign thoughts of a southern gal.

September 20, 2007  

i love #1 on ur list.. so many people take that for granted..

September 20, 2007  

Hi Honey!

I'm thankful that my favorite bloggers are still blogging now that I've come off of my hiatus!

Have fun in Vegas, on the boat, and everything else!

September 20, 2007  

me and tv dont get along unless its cspan or espn

September 20, 2007  

greys starts next week!!! whooooooooo!! stick with a girls weekend. you will be so glad you did.

September 20, 2007  

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