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Monday, September 17, 2007

Mumbo Jumbo

I'm not sleepy but for some odd reason I want to go to sleep..or perhaps I just want to NOT be at work LOL

I'm listening to Bishop Weeks talk about what happened..all I have to say is there is more going on than what both of them are saying...I'm not God so I can't judge...they are going to have to answer for themselves....great

The alumni cookout was nice on Sat, nice weather, great food and wonderful people. I took care of the Alumni table and it was too funny cause everyone was like Honey you are still crazy LOL...great I guess that's a good thing..hopefully folks will still be saying that when I'm old and cankered haha. Man that wind was blowing I had to chase papers down a couple of time...of course I got a luggage tag and some pens LOL

After that I went home to clean and what not...headed to Huns house and hung out there. We or rather I made tacos for dinner then we went to watch his goddaughter who is 6 going on 26 LOL...I tell ya that lil girl is too funny. It's cute to watch him with her though, he calls her and I pumpkin face or apple face. He dont take no mess and she knows that. I went up there to check on her and she was like I didn't brush my teeth so I let her (I mean if she did the only harm is she has brushed them twice Hun said she probably hadn't though) and she talked my head off about wanting to watch tv but couldn't cause it was time to go to bed...good cause she has a tv in her room..she is too funny. Both of us were knocked out on the couch when her dad came back, him and Hun talked for a second then we left.

I got up and went to church on Sunday, he stayed home to work on some music. Service was nice, it's been a long time coming and I remember now why I love going. You just feel at peace when you hear certain songs, when you feel that things are going to be ok, when you know that God is always there inspite of you not recognizing it. So I am def stepping my game up in that arena too....this coming sunday I might head out to this church in woodbridge called Harvest life..I went there a year or so ago and this girl I know said she went last sunday and it was I might head out there.

Hun is too funny, he be asking me about my visitor more than I think about it. Talking about when I see you again are you gonna be fixed down there LOL I was like boy I aint broken. You should be glad she's here....the way you be asking about her. He was like I am cause I aint' ready for Ahmari yet LOL....he's so silly. When I came home from church I was all smiles when I saw his car there, cause it's sunday and you know what that means FOOTBALLLLLL....although I will watch it I can't watch it all day, so of course I had to tip on out to get home and watch my lifetime LOL. His crazy tail thought that we could flush our feminine things down the toilet...umm NO LOL..unless you wanna be calling the plumber hahaah...he's soo not in the loop then again it's kinda funny.

This week should be aight, my main boss' are gone out on client business and of course I have class, but I'm looking foward to the weekend..I mean when aren't I lol. I'm hanging out with some folks from school that are coming into town on Friday and Sat is one of girls 25th's amazing how many folks I know that are turning 25 this year...including me EEEKKKKK! (HEYYYY TTD) So I'll be partying starting this weekend all the way till the end of the year LOL...not literally but you know probably once a month cause my bday is in Oct and one of my others girls bday is also in Oct, 2 bday in Nov and one in Dec so umm yea I'll be partying like a sober rockstar LOL

Hmmm I would ask how your weekends were but I dont want you posting in my comments section so I'll just stop by and for the record LOL I didnt make up the questions from my last post LOL...I have no clue what 9/11 has to do with sex other than made me want to have more in case I die tomorrow or today LOL. Let me stop


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Sounds like you had a great weekend girl!!

September 17, 2007  

I was slow on the "visitor" thing for a second! LOL

When is your b-day again? Iza 4got :-(

September 17, 2007  

Diva..It was rather refreshing :) Looking forward to this weekend

Lady...ummm great, I'm gonna need for you to know what that is LOL October 20th...LIBRA baby :) Too bad you cant come in town for TTD's party:(

September 17, 2007  

YAAAAHH for turning 25 :-)

i went to church this weekend for the first time in a while too.. and ur right.. it does feel really good!

September 17, 2007  

TTD....I know doesn't it..and let me find out this is our year WOOHOOO LOL

September 17, 2007  

I want to be turning 25 too, shoot! Glad you had nice weekend lady. Hope your week is just as good.

September 17, 2007  

Here we call our visitor--Aunt Flo.

September 17, 2007  

You just feel at peace when you hear certain songs, when you feel that things are going to be ok, when you know that God is always there inspite of you not recognizing it. So I am def stepping my game up in that arena too....

I see you're stepping your game up. As far as Weeks and Bynum, I am now starting to believe this may be only the tip of the iceberg. Weeks pdenied fighting Bynum -- which he clearly did, but I cannot understand what is the reason behind such a obivous lie? Is it that he is holding something over her head so she will ultimately recant on the charges? The Threshing Floor (Bynum) is one of my favorite books. It would break my heart to learn Bynum is not who she claims to be.

September 17, 2007  

9/11 made a lot of people feel like they needed to live for today. alumni cookout?!?! i want one of those!! the HU alumni in charlotte know how to get down!! also... represent for the 82 babies!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!

the bynum thing-- don't beat your wife and blame it on the devil. it is your responsibility as a MAN and a man of God to keep your hands off of your wife in a violent manner. to honor her.

September 17, 2007  

good weekend

September 17, 2007  

I have no comment for Mr. Bynum.

Glad you had a great weekend.

When is your b-day?

September 17, 2007  

Gurl...I know I know I just like calling her the visitor LOL

Don...yea it def was an awakening. I have no words for him other than he looked like a chipmunk when he was talking saddens me that some folks will be turned away from the chuch because of this..hopefully not

J..I KNOW!! man that food was good em em and I hate when folks blame things on the devil 2 :)

MisUnderstood...October 20th

September 17, 2007  

I got a post in the making about Weeks and Bynum. So I save my words about them til then.

My boyfriend knows my flo like it's his. He can tell me when I'm about to come on.

September 17, 2007  

seriously I do skip your TMI posts.
Happy Monday.

September 17, 2007  

Sounds like you had a good weekend. :)

September 17, 2007  

LOL @ hun thinking they could be flushed! Glad you schooled him on that!! LOL
I'm with you on bynum/weeks... Honor your wife, NOT beat her up!

September 17, 2007  

I love stopping by your home, it's a joy to read your posts

September 18, 2007  

that juanita bynum and her husband stuff is...interesting. peep this link out of a different perspective. let me know whatchu think!

September 18, 2007  

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