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Friday, September 14, 2007

Ohhhhhh she nassssttteeee (lol)

1. Where was the first place you ever had sex?
Well there are two places that come to mind. The first time was in high school with my then boyfriend, we had been dating off and on since I was in elementary school. I was home with my sisters (mom out of town and dad was at work on the night shift) and my bestest came over (my best friend) and I told him, my god brother and another friend they could come over. He had created a CD and it was playing in my room and we were trying to you know get it going but I couldnt' get past the pain LOL (as you can see I've always been extra). He hadnt' even put the head all the way in and I was like AHHHHH it hurts LOL so we just laid there, tried it again and clearly it didnt work hence time two. The second time (why did I type sexend time lol clearly my mind is in the gutter so you know what I'll be doing tonight LOL sike let me stop) was in college my sophmore year....I had met this guy while out with the girls we corresponded on the phone after we met for about a month and he came over one night....gave me some downtown action (one of my girls later said he knew exactly what he was doing cause he did that first lol) and I was ripe for the picking...It was in my dorm room while End of Days was on, didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would, funny thing is the next day all my girls were like you look different LOL...I will always remember that cause I was leaving in a couple of days to go home for christmas break (I even wrote about it in my journal then)

2. Does size matter? (open to interpretation boys and girls)
I mean it depends if my cooch is as deep as the atlantic something the size of a dill pickle will not do it (and I'm not talking about me personally lol) So I think that what you do with it and how you work it matters....or width LOL. Some men have mandingos (why would you even want that I mean that thang might poke your brain out, if not that it will be in your throat while he tryin to...ah well never mind lol) Whyyy did my girl say she took a bath with this dude she is getting with and she saw his thing she called it a MONSTA LOL...I was crackin up. See how I get easily distracted LOL

3. Have you ever had sex in your office or your place of employment?
I've had sex in someone else's office but not my own. The whole aspect of thinking someone will come in or hearing others around you. It was at night and he had a view of DC so it was somewhat romantic too bad I dont talk to him...if you've been reading my blog for a while that was Green Eyes..the cop that I use to talk to. Personally I'd love to do it again but not on my desk LOL...I've always laughed cause if I were a white chic (not to say others dont do this) but I would def be at a company party copying my butt LOL...then again I'd do that if no one was here anyway LOL and I knew they would NEVER find out.

4. Ever been skinny dipping?
Sure haven't and to be honest I kinda want to but I might scare the fish away so I'll stick to skinny dipping my shower.

5. Top or bottom?
Hmmm I like being on top sometimes, I love seeing his face when it's almost time and I love that he can see my face..I love looking in his eyes.....then there is this feeling that I get when he is hitting it from the back (which I'm guessing would mean I'm on the bottom) it's almost animalistic...LOL so if I had to choose (and as Hun would say I can never just say yes or no) I would say I like them both.

Bonus: Where were you September 11, 2001? What were you doing when you first heard about the twin towers? I was a sophmore in college which is about 20 min from DC so my first thought was they were gonna bomb areas around DC. I was worried about myself, my fam and friends..wondering if I knew anyone that was there or in NY...called my dad to check on my uncle, aunt and cousins....of course the lines weren't working. I pray nothing that extensive occurs again.

Have a great weekend!!!!!

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Why is it that I don't mind waiting until Friday for your TMI Tuesday because your answers are always interesting and informative. Have a good weekend.

September 14, 2007 you know I'm the BOMB DOT COM hahaa..have a wonderful weekend too :)

September 14, 2007  

Q: Where was the first place you ever had sex?

A: In a woman's vagina.


September 14, 2007  

Love that you are sharing without inhibitions:)

September 14, 2007  

girl you are a hot mess! I am going to have to answer some of these questions.

Have a nice weekend. Oh and take it easy on hun!

September 14, 2007  

Bla...LOL great just great

MisUnderstood...LOL you know how I do :)

Gurl....Ummmm I can't promise that I will LOL

September 14, 2007  


September 14, 2007  

MsBehaving..OHHHH NO LOL I didnt get to tell on you yet LOL

September 14, 2007  

"I can never give a yes or no answer." I so get 'flack' that too.

September 14, 2007  


September 14, 2007  

Pro...I can't help it I have a motor mouth LOL

DIVA...sorry LOL

September 14, 2007  

My boy "Hun" may need to purchase some (Hun)ny or something so he can take charge this evening
I'm not mad at this post at all...

September 14, 2007  

how you just gonna throw a 9/11 question in a sex meme? hahahahahah! only you honey. only you.

by the way, the "you look different" line? yeah, i got that after the first time too. except, it was HIM that said it to me as he stared at me in the mirror... ;-)

September 14, 2007  

@ honey-libra: I was gonna say that as well, but I didn't want to overstep my bounds. ;-)

September 15, 2007  

lol @ the 1st time stories. mine was a combo of both.

i'm with fallen angel... what does a 9/11 story have to do w/ sex? lol... you're too crazy.

have a great weekend!

September 15, 2007  

the size and the monsta, now that's too funny, LOL

September 18, 2007  

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