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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Getting down with Jameil

Ok so I love stopping by this chics blog first it was because I saw she went to Hampton which is like 10 min from where I grew up so I was like hmm I wonder what she thinks of hampton....then I started loving her fashion tips and pics and now it's just out of pure I am so hoping that I run into her one day when I'm in the 757 so I can confiscate one of them jazzy hats I know will be in her possession :)

1) You have a Ghandi quote as your tag. What change do you think you can make to have a lasting impact on the world? I would have to say, raising my children as my parents raised me. You never know one of them could be the next president cause I sure dont want to be it LOL. I mean I know I do some community service and what not but most of the time honestly I'm content with sitting in the back or rather doing the work that goes on behind the scene, not to say that I dont ever want to shine..I do, but I get more happiness out of seeing things go I'm raise my children and pray that they would discover a cure for cancer...or better yet stupidity LOL...let me stop.

2) Where do you want to be in 5 years? Hmm I think I did this one already but since I just turned 25, I want to be married with possibly one child and out of law school.

3) If Hun left tomorrow, would you be ok? I would be hurt yes, but depending on where he went and why I'd do my best to get over it and move on.

4) Your fam has you all up IN the church. What's your favorite Bible verse? I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. It's just something about knowing that I can do ANYTHING because I have this power inside me..I need to remember that more often.

5) Other than DC, NOVA, or 7 cities, where would you like to live and why? I'd love to live in SC (I have relatives down there and I love the sun), Atlanta...I visited there and I love the black culture down there...I've been to Miami but I dont wanna live down there people are too stuck on how you look I aint got time to be working out all the dang on time.

6) What's your dream job and what are you doing to get there? A Family attorney with my own practice working my own hours and being able to really say that I'm there for my family and not feel like I'm sacraficing my time or my clients time to do so. Well right now I work at a law firm, I'm in paralegal school and after that is done with I'm going to look for a job as a paralegal in a family law practice, work there for a couple of years and then go on to law school.

Today is one of those days, I keep saying to myself somethings that I've written in my thankful posts. Me and Hun got into it last night....he had to work last night and came home and wanted to cuddle...or rather he was holding me and I was just there. Kissed me this morning and I didnt want to get into it so I let him and he asked if I was ok, I of course said I was when I wasn't but I just dont feel like dealing with it anymore so I left the house......hmmmmm so to take my mind off of things I'm working on reading and whatnot for class..I have an exam due tomorrow it's take home so I'm gonna work on it at work and then go home and hit the bed......hopefully I'll be aight later this week.....I talked to my sissy (DeepNThought) and she got me to thinking that I really do need to understand that he has his own way of doing things and loving...we're both different..however I think we should be able to compromise..I dont think he feels the same....great

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*Sigh* Hang in there baby girl. Work out, in Florida, alladatime? Part truth to that. But I think we aren't worse than Cali. But, heck they make doctors for that. *LOL* Keep your head up.

October 30, 2007  

Pro....C'est la vie is what I keep telling myself we're both diff people from diff places trying to work together to be together but I swear sometimes it feels like I'm in this alone. I know I need to visit Cali maybe I will lose 20 by the time I get off the plane LOL

October 30, 2007  

Miami sounds great...but to me it's a fun place to visit, not a place I'd like to live. I couldn't keep my body to their "standards" either lol! Keep your head up!

October 30, 2007  

hey beautiful girl.....

it will be ok. I know it will. Finish hat exam maam.

October 30, 2007  

You and Hun will be just fine. Never let a disagreement or argument become more then it really is. You'll be fine.

October 30, 2007  

That's one of the things that will help your relationship grow..if you let it. ;)

October 30, 2007  

Gurl I have been there so many times. You really have no idea how much we have in common.

When you have some time or a couple weeks, lol maybe we can share stories.

October 30, 2007  

BB...which is exactly why I will continue to visit and not live there LOL

Deep..I know sissy it just gets frustrating :)

Diva...We will I guess only time will tell

Misunderstood....I know lol..and I'm trying to understand that

Gurl...LOL..great I will def be hitting you up

October 30, 2007  

If "Hun" left tomorrow, you'd be the reciepient of a mysterious one way ticket to New York City. :-)

October 30, 2007  

you should read love languages. thanks for the love homie!! not SC!!! stay away!! esp. if you plan on having kids. live in charlotte. near enough to SC but there's stuff going on. YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS!! remember that always and don't life get you down.

November 01, 2007  

*taking a deep breathe*
i honestly understand that feeling...its hard to just let a man be a man and do things in his own time and in his own time it will all be thing that i have learned from the older wome in my life is that relationships aren't always 50/50 (or as i would say 100/100) sometimes you'll be giving 100 and his is giving 60...there are highs and lows in love you know...its how we ride out that wave that will matter...and only you know if you can hold on for the ride

November 02, 2007  

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