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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"It is impossible to be grateful and depressed in the same moment" (Which one will you be today?)

What I'm thankful for:

My nephew Jeremiah who i call JJ...look at him not even 6 months and already killin my lap LOL

My nephew Jai (who i call Toot) whose first day went well after he stopped crying.

My goddaughter who is getting sooo big...she's all legs just like her momma lol

My new tat which reminds me that there is always sunshine when I'm around LOL (I like to remind myself that good can be found in what seems to be bad)

My parents...they are too funny. My dad is forever the comedien.

My Hun...nothing else can be said about how much I love him :) Even though I know we drive each other insane like once a month LOL

Gotta love looking at things that remind you to smile :)

My daddy makes me laugh: Ok so I was talking to my mom and dad the other day and my dad was talking about how this man came up to him and busted out crying. My dad who isn't the crying type (unless he's in the spirit or something) was like wow what in the world, so he's like you lost someone you love and the man is like mother and my dad says well we aren't here for very long, God allows us to live and touch those who we can then we must return home you know that whole thing. So the man is like yes I know but we thought she was getting better and my dad is like oh ok and the man goes on to say she was on life support (me and my mom busted out laughing..i mean not to be mean but I thought life support meant that things weren't good) and my dad is like well it was just her time to go and he keeps talking to the man and the man says yea but I just didn't think she was gonna leave right now so my dad says well how old was she.....the man says 95 (my mom and I are DYING LAUGHING BY NOW). He looks at the man in shock and smiles but doesn't laugh and is just like well it was just her time to go. He told me and my mom he thought the man was gonna say something like 60 or something but 95 and she was on life support...homegirl been trying to check out they been keeping her around..were they waiting for her to turn 100 or something poor thing. If I'm on life support for more than a month and it dont look good please take me off...WOW. I wasn't being harsh but I was I love my daddy he is too funny....I can see them now around her bed on her bday. She done made it another year ya'll, we know she gonna see next year and home girl is slowly declining WOW....I tell ya.


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Wonderful, loving and thoughtful list.

September 12, 2007  

Anytime I get to feeling down about something, I rememeber to be grateful so I don't get to that point of depression. I think about all the people who don't have half the love, support and comforts I have and I kill that 'feeling sorry for myself' stuff.

September 12, 2007  

Nitty...Thank you :)

Shaboogie...I def feel ya, can't be depressed when you realize that there are others so much worse off than you

September 12, 2007  

Beautiful Pictures! I love stories with Pictures, Lol.

You know girl I love kids and those are beautiful children.

I was thinking of showing some of my family too. We will see.

I am going to have to get back into doing this list.

September 12, 2007  

OMG, I forgot to mention the Man. That is too funny, My grandfather passed at 91, and My Dad, said "I know should be grateful for Allll the years I had with him, But I am going to miss him so much" He was almost as bad as that man. Lol, almost Not quite.

September 12, 2007  

Gurl...Doing this list each week reminds me that I have so much to be thankful for :) YES!! man I understand that he is saddened by losing her cause you know moms are special (not to say that dads aren't) but I mean 95 WOW and she was on life support...

September 12, 2007  

Its good to be grateful, i especially like the qote about being grateful...its a wonderful thought, you can't be depressed and grateful you know...

and the babies all the babies..and love is a wonderful thing

September 12, 2007  

lol...some people just can't let go!

Your nephew looks like he could be your SON! lol

September 12, 2007  

TC...I thought it was appropriate since lately I've been trying not to get caught up in school and work and becoming overwhelmed

OD...I know right I was crying LOL...Everyone says that!! LOL

September 12, 2007  

Beautiful kids!

I like the new tat. I've been trying to think of what I want and you gave me an idea. I like the idea of the sun because whatever you are going through, the sun is going to shine again.

September 12, 2007  

I love the tat. I want one now. lol

Toot is so cute. You know, I have two nieces his age. One is going to be a neurosurgeon and the other is going to be a talk show host. lol

Why was I cracking up at the story.

September 12, 2007  

TSG...Awww thanks they make me look forward to having children of my that thing HURT!!! Then again you know I'm extra LOL

Deep...hmmm I think they should meet LOL they can be his suga mommas let me stop..he is gonna play football and buy his auntie a big house! I was crackin up too my dad is so hilarious I tell ya

September 12, 2007  

Those are some Grrreat photos Honey! Your nephews are SOOOOO adorable. [Awwwwwwwww]

I can just see you smiling all over this post (which by the way, is fantastic).

September 12, 2007  

MsBehaving...awww thanks and yep you know I was LOL

September 12, 2007  

i'm def. on the don't keep me here for years tip. life support and the outlook is vegetable? holla! i'm already gone. toot is adorable!!

September 12, 2007  

Beautiful pics but you know you're crazy for laughing at that man. I have to admit that I started laughing too when he said the woman was 95. Whoa - but I know that death is hard no matter what age of the deceased. Good to read your latest. Peace and blessings to you.

September 12, 2007  

love the photos and the story from your parents?????????????

i looooooooved it. OMG. i cannot stop laughing! this was hilarious. i am so wrong for laughing at this!!! haha... :)

September 12, 2007  

look at all those beautiful babies in your family!

you and hun look too cute for words :)

lawd@the life support story. let me go i tell ya.

September 12, 2007  

I love the pictures!!! JJ is so cute...he is such a ball of blubber!

September 13, 2007  

Jameil...Thanks I love my babies they are soooo cute!! yea that's what I say please let me leave dont try to hold on to me LOL

Msknowitall...I know it's hard but I was like wow, 95 and on life support it's easier to let her rest in peace but I'm sayin that and if my mom got sick if I could freeze her I would..let me stop

Tanyetta...thanks LOL my parents are too funny I was crackin up man me and my mom LOL

Nikki..your BACK!!!! Aww thanks lol

CI..where you been at homie!! I know right he's my chunky monkey LOL

September 13, 2007  

AWWWW! How adorable is this!!

September 13, 2007  

Hey Honey! it was good to see ya over at my spot! I know: so many blogs, so li'l time;-).

Great photos! u r blessed! i, too am a Daddy's girl - we have the GREATEST talks & LAUGHSSS!!

But don't be mad at me cuz i plan to stick around WELL into my HUNDREDS! ;-)

September 13, 2007  


*hugs lil sis*

September 13, 2007  


Your godkids are cute.....

and that tatoo is oh so lovely.....

September 13, 2007  

(singing) I believe the children are our future, teach them well and ... let them lead the way...give them a sense...of PRIDE
- Oh the genius of Coming to America - Lovely kiddos in these pics
Being Grateful is recognizing that you are in the presence of the Most High God - Depression is not being able to see that

September 13, 2007  

this was a beautiful list/post. Beautiful pictures of your family.

September 13, 2007  

OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!!! your locs are looking FABULOUS!!!! and your new tattoo is hot ma'am!

September 13, 2007  

I could have sworn I left a comment. The children are too cute. You and Hun....what can I say but AWWWWWWWW! Guess what? I have the exact tattoo on my lower back.

September 14, 2007  

Awwwwwww. Nice pics.

September 18, 2007  

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