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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Interview from Epsilonicus

So I've slacking on my pimpin..not really just my writing LOL so these next couple of days will be me getting back to me :) So I realized that I could knock out a couple of posts with questions and here is another one of my favorite bloggers....EPSILONICUS. First it takes me forever to remember how to spell his name LOL and I always have to look at his page to do so. I love how he is sooo real...and I love his hair I mean how can you not love a man with locs :) Although I have seen some horrid ones LOL....he's not one of them though :)

1. What six songs sum up where you are in life right now?

a. No More Drama...I've loved that song since Mary came out with it and I try to have that around me...if you got drama go on about your business cause I can only deal with me and what's going on with me :)

b. I dont wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith. Yes I know that's not the real title but I'll call it what I want. I mean I just love living life even when I'm depressed I wouldnt want to be anywhere else maybe not in VA but you get what I'm saying LOL....I wanna take it all in

c.Wipe Me Down....ok so I love this song but I take the words and make them work for me LOL...I mean it's my year I am so on it that I'm HOT go ahead and wipe me down I'm just to fresh lol.....

d. Stand Still, by Deitrick Hadden..I love some gospel music and I listen to it most often when I'm feeling some sort of way about my life but I have gotten use to listening to it more and this song really makes me think about how you have to let God do what he needs to do, stand still and just let him handle things :)

e. This battle is not yours....of course by Yolanda Adams..the title says it all

f. Count it all joy.....BeBe & CeCe Winans....everything we go through has a reason, count it all joy even when it seems so hard to, that's when you gotta understand that yes your crying, yes your in pain but dont you know that he's preparing you for something greater by putting his precious jewel through the fire....

2. What were your career aspirations when you were a kid? Are they the same now?

I wanted to be a teacher so I could read the answer books I want to be a family attorney

3. Who was your best friend in middle school? Do you still keep in touch?

Toya..yep we've been best friends since kindergarten and I'm the godmother of her daughter..and she's pregnant now so I'll be the godmother for that one as well :)

4. What has been your favorite job you have had so far??

Working at a house for women and children transitioning from homelessness or abusive homes into the real world...I love children and I loved talking to the women and seeing their faces when they realized they could recieve a break for themselves while learning life long skills to make their lives and their childrens lives that sounded like an interview answer lol

5. How did you create your blogger name?
Well some guy told me that my skin reminded him of Honey and I'm a Libra hence HoneyLibra :)

6. What motivated you to start blogging?
One of my friends had a blog and I've always loved to write, I've even been told I should write a book one day..clearly not about my life LOL but just a fiction story so I started blogging and the rest is history.

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LOL @ you wanting to be a teacher just so you could see the answers.

November 06, 2007  

"The Battle Is Not Yours" is one of my favorite gospel songs. I can't listen to it without getting emotional.

November 06, 2007  

TSG...Hey I was a kid LOL I didnt know any better

Organized...Me either it gets me everytime so does STAND

November 06, 2007  

Thanks for sharing... now it's your turn.

(Open Invite) What do you want to know about Nitty?

November 06, 2007  

i like the "count it all joy" by tarralyn ramsey as well. take a listen ma'am.

November 06, 2007  

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