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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'm not sleepy but why do I wish I were at home right now..perhaps the rain outside is the cause of this feeling

I've gained 10 pds and I'm so upset with tonight I will aggressively begin attacking the treadmill...then again not so aggressively I'm not trying to pass out.

Why the heck are you trying to convince her that she meant nothing to you, if she meant nothing to you then you and homegirl wouldn't be having this convo on the train...on top of that why is she buying the B.S., ewwww kissing just so that mess for home

Why are you staring at me, I mean if your gonna say something then say something or else I will continue to look at you like you've lost your mind..thanks

I dont need you to ignore me right now, this is the time when I need you the most....I know your mad but shutting me out isn't going to help the situation

I can't wait to see my fam next week, hold my nephews, play with them, give em lots of kisses..they make me feel better

Why do I wish that tears really did wash away pain...permanently

Why do I sometimes wish I had the power to starve myself...I just can't do I guess that's a good thing

I have the end of the semester bug...not wanting to go to class, turning my work in via more month to go and it's all over...until next semester

This is getting darn right ridiculous....I mean come on man....WOW

I wish I could just up and move, leaving everything behind..I wonder who would miss me first.

If I could have a remote control like the one in the movie CLICK would I really use it, I wonder how it would change my life

I'm tired of caring.....sometimes I just wanna be mean...however as hard as I try it's just not there


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Wow... you sound like me.. I want to be mean and it's just not in me... I am sick and tired too... and those people on the train get me sick... I got on the train and this man pushed me and when I said excuse you he said: Leave me alone... I said: you pushed me don't make me fuck you up on the this train... then I got mad at myself for allowing him to upset me.

Loosing weight:
Morning: Wheat Toast and Lemonade, Dinner. Wheaties cereal...

November 13, 2007  

Girl!!! "Why do I wish that tears really did wash away pain...permanently" I wished that same thing so many times.

Oh, and the moving away, leaving eveything behind thing. I am SO going to do that. Been pondering that one for years but its finally going to happen at some point. I'm not exactly sure when but I'll know when the time is right to up and leave. I so need new scenery.

November 13, 2007  

Nitty...You tried that...and how much weight did you lose..what did you eat for lunch..LOL see I could get out of control with this I've wished that so many times when I've felt like crying sometimes its useless..sometimes I wish I could just up and leave

November 13, 2007  

i think we all wish the tears washed away the pain, but at least after a long hard cry you can feel better about life, or at least about yourself you know_well i do its a release for me...
stay up time, in time

November 13, 2007  

feeling you on the tears statement girly. though I haven't really cried in a while, i still know how how it feels.

i get tired of caring too and would combine it with up and moving to see who really gave a damn

eat smaller meals, healthy snacks and walk 30 mins to an hour a day and the pounds will fall off.

November 13, 2007  

I think of up and moving all the time. Sometimes it feels like I can't breathe and just need to get away from everything and everyone, so I can catch my breath.

Who knows someday it may happen.

November 13, 2007  

Cry I can't anymore, I'm just numb and tired. I go through each day just to get to the next. I might as well be a robot. I've gotten to the point of having no feelings at all so then I don't hurt. As for being mean I can be down right deadly.

November 13, 2007  

Aw, chica. It's the end-of-semester-blues. That's it. Hang in there, however, don't lose yourself. Let them go before you do that.

November 13, 2007  

That really got me thinking. About tears washing away pain. If only that happened. Better days are ahead!

November 13, 2007  

don't starve yourself! and don't kill yourself on the treadmill to the point where you can't get back on for a week. that's not even worth it. just work it out, then go back for more 2 additional times this week.

November 14, 2007  

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