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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vacation Time

So I'm sitting here at my desk wishing that I had taken the day off cause I just dont wanna be here...not because I'm bored but because today is my Friday meaning after today I dont have to be back at work till next wed WOOHOOOOO

I mean after that's said what else can I say :)

This weekend was fun, two graduation parties. Both friends got masters degrees I'm sooo excited for them...I love having educated friends LOL then again the ones that aren't educated are funny too lol let me stop

Had brunch with the girls so I got to see the baby belly on roomies twin sister. It was nice to hang out with them I told them we need to do it at least once a month.

Was suppose to go to KD but it rained so we invited the couple that were suppose to go with us over for dinner and we played Uno and Taboo and just was cool. They just got a house in Triangle...gotta love those blessings.

So after today you might not hear from me till Wed unless you call and harass me lol. Hopefully I have some good stories to tell.

Be safe, drive safe and drink safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Enjoy your holiday weekend! And I'm jealous about this being your Friday *goes in corner and pouts*

May 21, 2008  

Happy VACA!

May 21, 2008  

Enjoy your vacation!

May 21, 2008  

okay, got it
I will drive safe
enjoy your time off

May 21, 2008  

hey missy!

i'm not even hatin' cause tomorrow is MY friday and i'm not returing to the plantation until wednesday. so there!! (LOL)

my lil sis korie and i have breakfast or brunch every saturday to play catch-up and jus discuss stuff that no one needs to know except the 2 of us! i think you and your friends should start the once a month thing. it's extremely therapeutic... & jus plain fun! ;)

anyway. be safe! have a good time! i'll catch you on the flip-side...

peace, love, & BIG hugs!

May 21, 2008  

yay for fun and you be safe, too!!

May 22, 2008  

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