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Monday, June 02, 2008

She's BACK!!

A mid the wonderful weather and getting sick I'm back from vacation.

Wish I were still laying on the beach

I didn't go to Va beach with hun...long story and honestly it might make me upset all over again so I ended up in Myrtle Beach

Let's just say now that I realized that what I thought I felt isn't what I felt at all

I realized that things might not change and I need to change them

I miss him....

If this world were mine and Angel by Anita Baker are my new favorite songs :)

My fam came up for my presentation which went rather well....I've been a Zeta for 3 months now but now I can relish in it :)

I can somewhat get my nights back lol

Joined weight watchers and so far it's aight, I just have to get in the habit of tracking everything I eat....we'll see how this goes

HEYYY REESIE!!!! I just had to do that, that's my homie lol

I'm ready for the weekend!
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wow, you pledged!
Hope you enjoyed the weekend as well

June 02, 2008  

Hey Lil Sis!!!

Ok lets get to walking.. :) LOL

June 02, 2008  

It's too hot for the beach! LOL

I know a few people do VERY well on weight watchers, quit, and gained it all back. So good luck!

June 02, 2008  

nice the color.

June 03, 2008  

hey now! just passing through to see what you're up to.

Sounds like things are going pretty well. Stay up and take care.


June 04, 2008  

Hey!! I lost 20 lbs on WW and have kept it off for like four months now though I've slacked on the program. When fall hits I'll get back on it. Once you figure out all the foods you like and their points it gets easy to keep track.

Congrats on Pledging - I can't wait for Delta to go on line again so I can pledge Grad Chapter! I gots my degree now! Will be finished with my Masters first of the year! I'm ready to make the last part of my 'when I was younger I should have' goal come true!

Good to see you doing good!

July 15, 2008  

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